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Haiti - Elections : The civil society interpellates the OAS
06/09/2010 19:40:45

Haiti - Elections : The civil society interpellates the OAS
The Collective of Organizations of the Civil Society (1), is astonished that the General secretary of the Organization of the American States (OAS), in the Press conference which it gave on Friday, August 27, 2010, at the conclusion of a short visit in Haiti a support without reserve with an electoral process irregular, whereas it was informed a certain number of disconcerting facts.

Indeed, the announcement of the visit of Mr. Insulza, the Collective, knowing the involvement of the OAS in the electoral process, has sought and obtained an interview with the Secretary General to inform him of the concerns raised the workflow and solicit the support of the hemispheric organization for elections acceptable.

The Collective gave him a copy of the proposals and statements made during recent months and recorded his concerns in a letter (2) handed to the Secretary General.

In the last third of the Senate elections, the most serious flaws that toppled some results have been committed "Centre de Tabulation" which the OAS had the technical responsibility. The Representation of Port-au-Prince and the General Secretariat of the Organization are accountable to the people of Haiti and member states on what really happened and how the organization has assumed responsibility in this issue Quarantine unjustified and ultimately hundreds of ballots.

Today, the OAS is providing technical assistance to the National Identification Office (Office National d’Identification ONI). The Haitian people are concerned about the operations that continue to ONI in the greatest obscurity. He invited the Hemispheric Organization to assume this time his responsibilities with transparency and courage.

What the Haitian people wait of the OAS, it is that it dispatches its good lawyers to come to note with which lightness, which inconsistency and which contempt of the Constitution and Haitian laws, the CEP and Cour Supérieure des Comptes et du Contentieux Administratif treated the question of the discharge of the functionary of the State who aspire to the Presidency, before shouting: "Tout va très bien Madame la Marquise". What the Haitian people wait of the OAS, it is that it defends the right to vote of the Haitian people, his right to the Democracy and Happiness and not a Government.

(1) Collective of Organizations of the Civil society (Collectif d’Organisations de la Société Civile):

The Collective of Organizations of the Civil society is composed of : Initiative de la Société Civile (ISC), Conseil Haïtien des Acteurs non Étatiques (CONHANE), Organisation des Patriotes pour Haïti (OPA), Initiative Citoyenne (IC), Centre Œucuménique des Droits de l’Homme(CEDH), Office de Concertation pour le Développement (OCODE), Action Citoyenne (AC), Centre pour la Promotion des Droits Humains et de la Démocratie en Haïti(CEPRODHD), Grand Front National des Etudiants Haïtiens(GRAFNEH), Réseau National de Défense des Droits Humains(RNDDH), Mouvement pour la Démocratie, l’Ordre et la Démocratie(MODOD).

(2) Letter addressed to: Mr. Jose Miguel Insulza General secretary of the Organization of the American States - Port-au-Prince, on August 26th, 2010

Mr. Secretary General,

The Democratic Charter of the Organization of American States signed and acknowledged by the Haitian State in Article 1 states: "The peoples of the Americas have a right to democracy and their governments have an obligation to promote and defend it. Democracy is essential for the social, political and economic development of peoples of the Americas".

But President Preval, who has sworn to faithfully observe the country's constitution and defend the democratic institutions was royally rejected these basic democratic principles. During his two terms the President Préval has never made a single election acceptable and free from dispute.

The legislative and presidential elections of 2000 made under the first term of President Preval led to the unfortunate events of 2004 and also earned the country years of turbulent politics, capitalization, depletion of all segments of the population , weakening of national sovereignty and strengthen the economic and political dependence of the nation.

The last elections of 2009 made under the current term of President Préval has been marked by the quarantine, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) of ballots in two communes to oust the opposition candidates and promote election to the Senate two candidates close to power. This outrageous maneuver was performed at the Centre de Tabulation, which the OAS was responsible for the technical.

The current electoral process does not guarantee the reliability and credibility. The preparation of the general electoral roll is in the greatest obscurity. What steps have been taken to enable displaced persons and those who have lost their national identification card, following the earthquake, to exercise their right to vote? The voters list has it been properly cleared?

The recruitment of members of departmental and municipal electoral offices, supervisors and lawyers offices litigation has been conducted in compliance with the electoral law? No opportunity was given to verify the veracity of these operations.

Many irregularities are noted in the process of examination of the admissibility of the candidatures for the Presidency and the treatment of the disputes. Violation of prescribed constitutional as regards discharge, discriminatory application of the requirements of the law, according to whether the candidate is close to the power or fears by the power.
The decision of President Préval to maintain this STOCK in favor within the framework of the realization of the next elections will plunge the country during one crisis period and of instability because of the serious frustrations accumulated in all the sectors of the company. An important part of the opposition victim of the machinations of the CEP at the time of the last elections chose to boycott the elections. The reasonable proposals made by the civil society for a change on the level of the CEP were ignored and scorned.

The Collective of Civil Society Organisations, signed hereby reaffirms its belief that fair and credible elections are the only way to succeed in the great enterprise of national reconstruction and ensure stability and prosperity. He urged the international community and particularly the OAS to exercise discretion and firmness, demanding respect for the Haitian Constitution prescribed, particularly as regards the holding of a second round if necessary. Regarding the Electoral Council, there is still time to make the change required. The OAS must exercise its influence and join forces with civil society organizations and political parties to restore confidence in the electoral process.

Convinced that you will give your best attention to what is the subject of present, the Collective of the Organizations of the Civil society asks you to approve, Mr. the General secretary, the renewed expression of its distinguished consideration.

For the Collective : Rosny Desroches, Jean Gary Denis, Jean Gardy Théodore

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