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Haiti - Politic : Funeral Eulogy of JC Duvalier by Fritz Cinéas
14/10/2014 09:53:16

Haiti - Politic : Funeral Eulogy of JC Duvalier by Fritz Cinéas
Saturday at the private ceremony of former President Jean-Claude Duvalier, in the Chapel of the Institution Saint Louis de Gonzague http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-12262-haiti-social-simple-ceremony-for-the-funeral-of-jc-duvalier.html it's the current Ambassador of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Fritz N. Cinéas, with more than 40 year career in the foreign service of the Haitian diplomacy, who delivered the eulogy of the deceased.

Funeral Eulogy :

"My dear François Nicolas,
My dear Michèle Anya,
Madame Michèle Bennett
Ladies Marie Denise and Simone Duvalier,
Madame Veronique Roy,
Mr. President and Mrs. Avril,
Mr. President Boniface Alexandre,
Distinguished Former Ministers, Great Commis of the State Military and Civilians during the government of President Jean Claude Duvalier
Colonel Joseph Dominique Baguidy,
Dear parents, friends and collaborators of the President JC Duvalier
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It falls to me the honor this morning to bid farewell of a man with an exceptional destiny, which was both for many of us here, a father, a husband, a brother, a friend and our President. The man who at the age of 19, without wanting it or even ambition it, became, on the night of April 21 to 22, 1971, the Ninth Life President of the Republic, left us Saturday, October 4, at age of 63 years.

Born July 3, 1951 in Port-au-Prince, President Jean Claude Duvalier was the fourth child of the couple formed by François Duvalier, MD, and his legitimate spouse, Simone Ovide, nurse.

Only son of the family, the young Jean-Claude is cherished by his parents, particularly his father who broods him of his affection. The family lives in the alley Roy, a relatively wealthy area at the time. The father, MD, former Minister of Health and Labour of the Government of President Dumarsais Estime between 1946 and 1950 is, at the birth of Jean Claude, Consultant Physician at the American Health Mission, that will become hereinafter, the Interamerican Cooperative Public Health Service, a position he held until 1954, before taking the underground to political persecution.

In 1957, at the age of six years, Jean Claude began his primary education at Ecole Monseigneur Jean Marie Guilloux run by the Brothers of Christian Instruction, the best primary school in the capital. In 1959, he enter the Institution Saint Louis de Gonzague led by the same religious. When difficulties arose between the Government and the Catholic Church in 1961, President Duvalier decided, for political reasons, to place his only son in New College Bird, very popular at the time, but Jean-Claude will return to Saint Louis de Gonzague after the events of April 1963, a very sad period. All the teen years are going quietly. In 1970, his classical studies completed, Jean-Claude enter the Law School.

On the death of his father, Dr. François Duvalier, eighth Life President of the Republic occurred April 21, 1971, Jean-Claude, to the favor of the Constitution, is sworn in as the ninth President for Life of Haiti

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The man was of a good education. Those who knew him can attest. Cold temperament, he was incapable of rudeness. Courteous, he never raised his voice. Of his mouth only came out words of a quiet and civilized gentleman. Lately, his pace was already that of a thinker and his face was beginning to reflect the beauty of wisdom.

In office, he lacked energy ? Has he left lead, lead by sycophants ? Has he been caught by sneaky traps collaborators ? Has it been a tolerant ? Has he been weak against the atrocities committed by some of his friends and supporters ? Did he sometimes worried because of his young age, more to the pleasures of life as affairs of state ? Would he placed too much confidence in certain collaborators ? Would he leave too much authority to Forces ?..... it is too early for the judgment of history do the sharing of responsibilities. The head always remains, in the eyes of all, the main Responsible the mistakes made under his administration. As I know Jean-Claude Duvalier has never publicly said that such error, such error committed during his tenure of office of the state was that of collaborators eager, zealous supporters. Contrary to what the press sometimes reproduced, he publicly accepted his mistakes and apologized to the People. On his return to Haiti January 16, 2011, he made ​​this statement, reproduced by Le Figaro on January 22, 2011, I quote:

"I take this opportunity to express once again my profound sadness at the place of my compatriots who recognize, rightly, to have been victims under my government."

Insults he was overwhelmed, he owes only to Himself. History will judge.

Anyway, whatever may be said for and against Jean-Claude Duvalier, one is forced to admit that in this crowd of libels, defamation and criticism as well as praise and apologies relating to the ninth life President of Haiti whose we salute,
emotionally, the
departure this morning, we only see one side a scandalous bias dictated by passion, and the other praises, eulogies that the truth is stifled by the exaggeration of enthusiasm, of the hatred or admiration.

It is often said that politicians are worth much more for what they have tried for what they did. It is worth to recalling here, for example, that President Jean Claude Duvalier is the first to have established legal frameworks for the establishment of political parties and the office of Prime Minister, that is to say, Head of Government.

But leave it to the time that is the main factor, the task of judge him because the criticism, as said Chateaubriand, has never killed what should live and praise, either, never did live what must die.

On his shoulders dropped many charges, many mistakes he had not committed, and whose responsibility corresponds to the mantels of the flattery and intrigue that took advantage of his youth and his good faith, playing on the natural passions of a young man who loved intensely the joys of life.

Now transformed by the attributes conferred by the mystery to elected, by the sleep You never wake, You go, Mr. President, in the path of the infinite, the unknown and immortality.

My dear François Nicolas,
Dear Michèle Anya, Dear Michèle,
Very dear Parents proven,

Deign to receive, through me, the sympathies of the collaborators, friends and all those who mourn the departure of President Jean-Claude Duvalier. May the Lord receive within it, and that his perishable leftovers, by metamorphosing beyond the palpable matter, can help vivify the native soil he loved so much and that the civic consciousness continues to feed on the calcium and energy of his body for the enrichment of the land of Haiti.

Farewell, Mr. President,
We will not forget you!

Dr. Fritz N. Cinéas
Ambassador of Haiti
On 10 October 2014,
Chapel of the Institution Saint Louis de Gonzague
Delmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti"

Learn about Dr. Fritz N. Cinéas :
Dr. Fritz N. Cinéas, Ambassador of Haiti to the Dominican Republic, with more than 40-year career is the most ancient diplomat of External Affairs of Haiti.

Entered into the Foreign Service after his medical studies and of Academician of the Mexican Academy of International Law, he was successively First Secretary in Mexico and then Consul General of Haiti in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Appointed in October 1962, Private Secretary of the President of the Republic and then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Labour and Welfare. He later represented Haiti as Head of Mission in Chile in 1967 and was later Ambassador of Haiti in Mexico and Nicaragua (1969) until the death of President François Duvalier occurred in April 1971.

Appointed Minister to the Presidency in the first cabinet of the new President Jean-Claude Duvalier, it remains there until his appointment as Ambassador of Haiti in Italy in September 1973. He was transferred as Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay (1976), Dominican Republic (1979), to the United Nations as Ambassador, Permanent Representative (1981), to the Organization of American States, at the White House in Washington (1983) and then in Madrid, Spain (1987).

Assigned a second time as ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Dr. Fritz N. Cinéas heads the diplomatic mission in Santo Domingo since January 2006. Ambassador Cinéas received the rank of Grand Cross, among many decorations include of : Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, Senegal, Liberia, Chad, the Central African Republic...

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