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Haiti - Politic : 4 candidates answer a question about corruption
20/09/2010 14:41:35

Haiti - Politic : 4 candidates answer a question about corruption
Organized on the initiative of the Observatory Citizen of the actions of the Authorities in Haiti (Observatoire Citoyen des actions des Pouvoirs Publiques en Haïti OCAPH) held last Saturday the second presidential "debate" of its history. An event to which few people assisted [forty people of which Scouts [?] and where detailed answers to the questions where rare and stopped very often by power cuts...

4 candidates answered a series of questions, Jeune Jean Chavannes, Jeudy Wilson, Blot Gérard Marie Necker and Jean Hector Anacacis. A "debate" which was not one, preparation lack, undoubtedly "organized" too early, whereas the electoral campaign is not started yet and where the candidates with the presidency do not really know what to answer, obviously they were badly prepared with this event. In one of the questions "How to fight corruption?" Candidates responded :

Jeune Jean Chavannes (Alliance chrétienne citoyenne pour la reconstruction d'Haïti) said that corruption in Haiti was the fact of the State which does not respect the money of the people, stressing that the valve of corruption must be closed firstly on this level. He also spoke about the large quantity of money which the State could thus recover. He spoke about the responsibility for the citizen "who contributes to corruption through institution of the State (customs, DGI...) If he were elected, he will create an office and a direction which will regulate these aspects, specifying that office will be named "Direction de l'éthique et du contrôle du budget".

Jeudy Wilson (Fòs 2010) to resolve the corruption, proposes to build a prison [?] on the île de la Gonâve, where ministers, parliamentarians, etc. ... have their place... He claims that the prison will never be destroyed [referring to the Civil Prison of Port-au-Prince], and even if it was, "the prisoner will be expected by sharks in the sea" He said that the prison will have the name of the first prisoner to be imprisoned...

Blot Gérard Marie Necker (Platfòm 16 Désanm), think that the example must come from the country's President, referring to the experience of December 16, 1990, to this date he recalled, « even if someone had given a diamond to have one gourde from the state, it was not possible because the head was not thieves ». He is convinced that the President should not be interested «nan Fè Kòb» and that from the time the President agrees to punish and detain its own entourage [guilty of corruption], then the message will be sent and people will comply. He also believes that control measures must be exercised, qthat the superior courts of accounts should not be able to control the state because it is involved in government spending [...] it is necessary that it is there other authorities [...] which will make a triple control of expense of the State. He also thinks that the fight against corruption must pass by « judgments severe, exemplary, against all those which put their hands in the money of the State » It also underlines that « corruption is not only on the level of the State, but also at the private level [citizens], NGOs and the business sector...».

For Senator Jean Hector Anacacis (Mouvement Démocratique de la Jeunesse Haïtienne) « creating an intelligence service is the solution », stressing that corruption is the responsibility of all, that all the world is concerned and that is a collective battle that will win. Anacacis, stresses that there will « a service of intelligence on the level of the customs and in the administrations of the state... to investigate and determine where the corruption and who are the people involved » He stressed that the fight against corruption will be a potitic of transparency, participation, where the people will be informed.

Rather than commenting as usual we'll let our sole judges of the responses while asking ourselves strongly on the preparation of these candidates [on this subject].

Without prejudice to their competences only to these responses and other circumstances, let us wish that the future President of our country will control his files and that beyond the speeches it will pass to the acts. All the problems have a solution even if that can take time.

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