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Haiti - Tourism : Inauguration of Tourist Corridor of Cap-Haïtien (Speech)
28/01/2013 12:08:39

Haiti - Tourism : Inauguration of Tourist Corridor of Cap-Haïtien (Speech)
Sunday, January 27, Ms. Dieudonne L. Etienne, the Regional Director North of Ministry of Tourism, attended the inaugural ceremony of Tourist Corridor of Cap-Haïtien and has on this occasion delivred a speech filled with passion, that we invite you to share.

Speech by Ms. Dieudonne L. Etienne
"Distinguished Heads and Representatives of the Minustah;
Political Authorities, Civil and Religious;
Ladies, ladies;
Dear Friends;
Capois, Capoises,

There is no people without history, there is no city without memory! Thus, as Regional Director North of the Tourism Ministry, I have the honor and pride to introduce my humble words on the occasion of the Inauguration ceremony of the Tourist Corridor of the Cité Christophienne, Cap-Haïtien Chérie ! Located on the northern coast of Haiti, the city of Cap-Haïtien is wedged between the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Morne du Cap, whose silhouette gives the site a powerful character unique.

Despite the decades that have passed, the beauty of the heritage, Historical and Tourist of the former Paris of Saint-Domingue has not changed. Thanks to its history of a rare wealth of high cultural value and its architecture, flooded with glory and economic prowess, even warrior, the city of Cap-Haitien, was proposed in 1992 on the World Heritage List of the Americas and the Caribbean. And in 1995, the Historical Downtown of Cap-Haitien, was classified National Heritage. Whether they are poets, reciters, singers, painters, musicians of all kinds and of all Orchestra, of footballers : All have already celebrated it by their knowledge, expertise and skills. The former prefect of Cap-Haitien, the late Claude Vixamar, speaker and writer of great talent had time to describe it - City of Cap-Haitien, really, you're full of charm ... with your pretty colonial style houses, and the Orchestre Septentrional sang it : a few steps not far from you, is located yet the Citadel, the Eighth Wonder of the World...-

[...] located north of the Caribbean zone of prosperity and greatness [...] and in its honor, the Orchestre Tropicana of Haiti "Cinquantièment vôtre", has taken over this famous text of Enrico Marcias "Les gens du Nord" (Northerners) hey bend back when the wind blows too hard, they get up early because there depends all their lives. We also found the pride of the city Christophienne, in the manifestation of the talent of players of our two biggest football teams, namely the Inter-Club Association and the Association Sportive Capoise.

Is there a gallery Arts where we will pass without contemplating the paintings and sculptures reflecting the splendor of the city of Cap-Haitien? And yes! Troubadours hum its unity and hospitality to all sidewalks and at any time. When sometime we reach the summit of artistic glory, we still owe him gratitude : "E kèlke swa sam ye, kèlke swa kote mwen rive, moblije diw mèsi ! Cap-Haïtien Chérrie !..." Dixit Jean Hérard Richard, aka Ritchie.

The tangible and intangible heritage of the city is and remains the source of inspiration for all artists here and elsewhere, still today, of course! That briefly, the City whose we inaugurate the Tourist Corridor this morning.

There is no people without history, there is no city without memory! Finally, we have to thank the Minister Trusteeship, Madame Stéphanie B. Villedrouin, and on behalf of the Government Martelly-Lamothe, all those who in one way or another, contributed to the project of facade refurbishing of Tourist Corridor of Cap-Haitien [...] Thank you to the UN Mission for the stabilsation in Haiti (MINUSTAH) for funding this project through to its ultimate success. To Capois and Capoises, which promise to keep clean the Tourist Corridor, by having a positive attitude and welcoming face to visitors, whether Haitian or foreign, we say thank you !

Unite and Live the Experience!"

HL/ HaitiLibre

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