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Haiti - FLASH : Jocelerme Privert, provisional President of Haiti
14/02/2016 03:57:24

Haiti - FLASH : Jocelerme Privert, provisional President of Haiti
Saturday, after several hours late, at 4pm the National Assembly has been held at the very beginning the Senator Riché questioned the safety of the provisional President to be elected, so he asked the disarmament of deputies, senators and the public. After much discussion on the agenda, from the lack of protocol for the installation of the provisional President; the presence of Senator Privert in the room, whether he was there as a senator, candidate or President of the Assembly; on the possibility of a vote separed by room, followed by a discussion on the term assembly, quorum and branch... Then the meeting was finally suspended to resolve various different internal... related to item 1 of the agenda (of 12) which was the adoption of the agenda. Despite the behind closed doors, discussions continued on the type of vote... Finally at 7pm the agenda was adopted by consensus !

Then the President of the National assembly gave his speech in which he "invited parliamentarians to vote for one of the candidates, each of you will make that historic gesture in good conscience."

Then Deputy Caleb Desrameaux, Secretary rapporteur of the special bicameral commission responsible for preparing the election of the provisional President of the Republic of Haiti, had read the report of the said commission, where we learn that "the Commissioners decided that the files (of candidates) do not totaling a maximum of 10 pieces will be rejected [...]

The Committee emphasized to the attention of the Assembly that only 3 records meet the criteria these are the records of : Edgard Leblanc Fils, Jocelerme Privert, Dejean Belizaire [...] ccordingly the special bicameral commission to prepare the election of the provisional President of the Republic of Haiti recommended to the Assembly to proceed to the election for the 3 candidates mentioned above to the position of provisional President of the Republic of Haiti for a period of 120 days [...]"

The commission recommended an indirect election, by a simple majority of the votes cast and at the uninominal one round.

The report was then put under discussion, with discussions on a vote in separate room or not, the type of vote... etc...Then Senator Riché asked to check whether the 15 documents have well been provided by the 3 candidates, and if the 15 are valid. Receiving support from members of the Assembly, was questionedthe total of 10 documents... throwing doubts and suspicions about the work of the commission. The commission agreed to provide the parts but to a small group and behind closed doors.

By consensus, a commission of 5 members (3 deputies, 2 senators) was created, to check the work of the Special Bicameral Committee, whose report was put to the vote.

At 9pm , the President of the National Assembly announced a suspension of the session.

Then each candidate was given a period for a brief presentation of his person and of his vision in the context of the agreement of February 7, 2016 https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-16533-haiti-politic-the-details-of-the-agreement-from-a-to-z.html

The vote

1st round

Finally took place the vote by secret ballot on which members of the congregation had to write their choice for the provisional President of Haiti between Edgard Leblanc Fils et Jocelerme Privert, and Dejean Belizaire, after counting at 0:43, senators and deputies voted as follows :

23 senators and 92 deputies voted

Edgard Leblanc Fils : 10 to the Senate / 46 to the Chamber of Deputies
Jocelerme Privert : 13 to the Senate / 45 to the Chamber of Deputies
Dejean Belizaire : 0 to the Senate / 0 to the Chamber of Deputies
White vote : 0 to the Senate / 1 to the Chamber of Deputies

Jocelerme Privert winner in the Senate of the Republic, Edgard Leblanc Fils winner at the Chamber of Deputies, the election is repeated because it is a separate room election.

2nd round

Edgard Leblanc Fils : 9 to the Senate / 24 to the Chamber of Deputies
Jocelerme Privert : 13 to the Senate / 64 to the Chamber of Deputies
Dejean Belizaire : 0 to the Senate / 2 to the Chamber of Deputies
White vote : 1
Vote null : 1

For history was marked on a ballot "merde" and another "el presidente Jocelerme Privert"

Sunday at 3:33 am Jocelerme Privert, 62, was elected as provisional President of Haiti, and immediately sworn in at 3:44 am

"I swear before God and the Nation, to faithfully observe the Constitution and laws of the Republic, to respect and enforce the rights of the Haitian people, to work to the greatness of the Fatherland, to maintain the National Independence and territorial integrity."

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