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Haiti - Social : Civil Society paints a grim picture of the situation in Haiti
29/11/2012 10:32:00

Haiti - Social : Civil Society paints a grim picture of the situation in Haiti
For some time the organizations of the Civil Society and the Human Right organizations, attracts the attention of leaders and the Haitian community in general, to the serious problems that affect the Haitian society. In a letter signed by several organizations, the Civil Society Initiative (ISC), presents a grim picture, alarmist of the situation in Haiti...

"[...] Today the situation moral and institutional of the country reached such a degree of degradation that the nation is faced with two options :

Or there is a collective consciousness, likely to cause a recovery of the domestic boat, or we sink all in a spiral of chaos, likely to cause a recovery in domestic boat, or we sink all in a spiral of chaos, which will not only end our sovereignty already well under way, but to our existence as people.

- Crime reached all spheres of national life, involving some members of the business sector, part of the police, and even civil servants stationed at National Palace.

- The criminal economy, drug trafficking and of children, kidnapping gaining ground in our country.

- Insecurity is a business for some, including senior members of the police.

- Assassins took in flagrante delicto are released in a scandalous and indecent way, because of their links with the political authorities.

- Some officials in the three branches of government, refuse to assume their responsibilities in relation to the rule of law and democratic norms in the electoral process.

- Those who have a duty to respect and enforce the Constitution and laws of the country, rape them cheerfully. The right of the people to choose their leaders is trampled and the elections forwarded to the Greek calends.

All this degradation institutional is made on a background of human insecurity, physical, nutritional and environmental, in steadily increasing.

- Three people are murdered every day in the metropolitan area, fighting of gangs begin to remember the dark days of Operation Baghdad.

- Half of the population is at risk of food shortages

- The population is desperate, the anger is brewing in academia, as in the masses, the middle class seriously affected by poverty, already starting to show his dissatisfaction with higher taxes and the waste of public resources.

The situation is extremely serious, however all is not lost, some members of the Superior Council of the Judiciary have shown determination and independence to defend democratic principles at the selection of members of the Electoral Council.

Voices are raised with courage to tell the truth and force leaders to assume their responsibilities. Whatever that led him to act in this case of kidnapping, defraying the chronic [Case Clifford Brandt], the police did it. It returns to the justice to play its role, by making triumph the word of right, with impartiality and fairness against this scourge that undermining our society.

An initial list of veeting is output, this should be pursued with care and fairness, morality, to restore the credibility to the National Police.

The time has come for all healthy layers of the population to mobilize to say no to the criminal economy, the culture of impunity, the promotion of banditry and crime.

That nobody gets an illusion, we are all concerned and threatened, nobody is immune, the innocent are called to be victims, criminals and their allies will sooner or later pay heavily their actions.

The time has come for the Haitian Nation to change course, the real moral elite, professional and economic associations, must out of their torpor, their silence and their resignation to promote in the Haitian society the values ​​of integrity, justice, good governance and to aroused in all spheres of activity in the country, political, economic, social, a competent leadership, honest, responsible and patriotic.

The recovery time has come, later it will be too late.

The signatories of this statement undertake to initiate a national awareness campaign to increase the morality of our society."

Organization signatory of the letter of theISC :
Civil Society Initiative (ISC), Ecumenical Center for Human Rights (ECHR), Haitian Foundation for Private Education (FONHEP), Centre for Analysis and Research in Human Rights (ACHR), National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH), Organization of Patriots for Haiti (OPA), Community, News and Youth for Haiti (CNJH), Office of Consultation for the Development (OCODE).

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