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Haiti - Humanitarian : The Cuban medical brigade in Haiti, proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize
09/05/2021 10:12:44

Haiti - Humanitarian : The Cuban medical brigade in Haiti, proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize
121 personalities from Haiti sent members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Stockholm, Sweden a letter of support for the candidacy of the Cuban medical brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize, a letter that we are reproducing for our readers :

Letter of support :
"Honorable members,
It is with enthusiasm and a feeling of deep gratitude that we, academics and intellectuals, signatories of this letter, support before the distinguished Nobel Committee, the candidacy of the 'Henry Reeve Medical Brigades', a team of Cuban doctors specializing in catastrophes and disasters serious epidemics.

We are from a country, Haiti, constantly struck by natural disasters and on multiple occasions the 'Henry Reeve Medical Brigades' have provided assistance to the Haitian people. We do not forget their clear and salutary support for our people during the terrible earthquake of 2010 which hit our nation hard.

Whenever we find ourselves in a desperate situation due to the precarious health coverage in our country, this international contingent of doctors has responded to the call of humanitarian duty. In addition, They have been on the front line to fight the Covid-19 pandemic in several theaters of operation in Europe, as well as in Africa.

These brigades enjoy a worldwide reputation for the quality of the medical services offered to populations threatened by Covid and other health disasters such as Ebola in Africa. They are today a model of cooperation and solidarity between peoples which deserves your high attention.

In a world so shaken up by all kinds of conflicts and catastrophes which make humanity suffer terribly, we firmly believe that a prize as prestigious as that of your Academy, will reward but above all strengthen the efforts made by these women and men of honor to come to the aid of millions of human beings in more than thirty countries : 'solidarity must be illuminated in the shadow of hope'.

We thank you for your attention to our request, and please believe in the assurance of our respectful greetings."

List of names and profession of signatories :
1. Michel ACACIA, sociologist
2. Rélex ALEXANDRE, agricultural engineer
3. Darline ALEXIS, literary studies
4. Guyto ALEXIS, surgeon
5. Bogentson ANDRÉ, demographer
6. Arnold ANTONIN, filmmaker
7. Alcindor Carmel ANTOINE, manager-accountant
8. Muriel ANTOINE, manager
9. Danielle BENJAMIN, doctor
10. Léo BIEN-AIMÉ, sociologist
11. Jean Hénold BUTEAU, doctor
12. John Pycard BYRON, ethnologist
13. Charles L. CADET, economist
14. Charlotte CADET, writer
15. Jean-Jacques CADET, philosopher
16. Marie Mumose CADET, economist
17. Samir Michael CADET, accountant
18. Yves CADET, agronomist
19. Nixon CALIXTE, philosopher
20. Tony CANTAVE, geographer
21. Ruth Myrtho CASSÉUS, public administrator
22. Suzy CASTOR, historian
23. Syto CAVÉ, writer
24. Camille CHALMERS, economist
25. Michel CHANCY, veterinarian
26. Ketleine CHARLES, philosopher and feminist
27. Ginette CHÉRUBIN, architect
28. Marc-Félix CIVIL, doctor, philosopher
29. Kendson’s DANJOU, teacher
30. Jean Dorcély DÉDÉ, painter writer
31. Lise Marie DÉJEAN, doctor
32. Watson DENIS, sociologist, historian
33. Marie DERRY, kindergarten teacher
34. Theuriet DIRENY, sociologist
35. Carly DOLLIN, economist-statistician
36. Edelyn DORISMOND, philosopher
37. Héneck DORSAINVIL, physicist
38. Predner DUVIVIER, agricultural engineer
39. Kedy EDMÉ, chemist
40. Roody EDMÉ, editorial writer
41. Evens EMMANUEL, engineer
42. Savior Pierre ÉTIENNE, political scientist
43. Hénock FRANCKLIN, philosopher
44. Jean-Claude FRANCOIS, editor
45. Déner FRANCOIS, agricultural engineer
46. ​​Jean Bruny FRÉMONT, linguist
47. Jean Michel GABRIEL, sociologist
48. Gusti-Klara GAILLARD-POURCHET, historian
49. Jean Victor, GÉNÉUS writer
50. Jacques GOURGUES, education specialist
51. Jean Waddimir GUSTINVIL, philosopher
52. Allen HENRY, agricultural engineer, economist
53. Daniel HENRYS, doctor
54. Chantal HIRSCH NOEL, dentist
55. Jean Claude ICART, sociologist
56. Janin JADOTTE, statistician
57. Wilson JABOIN, public administrator
58. Dominique JANNINI-EYMA, agricultural engineer
59. Naed JASMIN, lawyer
60. Jean-Claude JEAN, philosopher
61. Chenet JEAN-BAPTISTE, jurist and sociologist
62. Davidson JEAN-BAPTISTE, chemist
63. Ronald JEAN-JACQUES, psychologist
64. Marie Frantz JOACHIM, linguist
65. Joël JOSEPH, engineer-architect
66. Lefranc JOSEPH, sociologist
67. Renardo JOSEPH, geographer, sociologist
68. Garry JOURDAN; geographer
69. William KÉNEL-PIERRE, architect
70. Montalembert Badio KERSAINT, translator
71. Yanick LAHENS, writer
72. Jean Lucien LAURATY, computer scientist
73. Carline LEGROS, sociologist
74. Clarens LINDOR, lawyer
75. Himmler LOUIMA, accountant
76. Illionor LOUIS, sociologist
77. Herby LOUISSAINT, notary
78. Lyonel LAVIOLETTE, biochemist
79. Richardson LUBIN, librarian and researcher
80. Irdèle LUBIN, social worker
81. Sabine MANIGAT, sociologist
82. Kettly MARS, writer
83. Ernst MATHURIN, engineer
84. Frantz MÉTELLUS, engineer
85. Jerry MICHEL, sociologist
86. Max MILLIEN, veterinarian
87. Ephèle MILCÉ, writer
88. Roosevelt MILLARD, sociologist
89. Jeanine MILLET, architect
90. Claude MOISE, historian
91. Alrich NICOLAS, economist
92. Dominique PIERRE, engineer
93. Gotson PIERRE, journalist communicator
94. Guy PIERRE, economist
95. Hancy PIERRE, sociologist
96. Jean-Mario PIERRE, doctor
97. Tania PIERRE-CHARLES, doctor
98. Branly OGÉ, political scientist
99. Dieusel PREDÉLUS, physicist
100. Emelie PROPHETE, writer
101. Yvens PHILIZAIRE, agricultural engineer
102. Jean Roland PRÉVILON, manager
103. Ary RÉGIS, social communicator
104. Odile REIHER, geographer
105. Jean Alix RENÉ, historian
106. Margareth RENÉ, linguist
107. Jean Claude ROZIER, lawyer
108. Christian ROUSSEAU, engineer
109. James SAINT-CYR, linguist
110. Carole SASSINE, specialist in educational sciences
111. Luc SMARTH, sociologist
112. Rosny SMARTH, ex- Prime Minister
113. Michel SOUKAR, historian and journalist
114. Ronelson STINFIL, agricultural engineer
115. Daniel SUPPLICE, sociologist
116. Jonathan SYLVESTRE, anthropologist, educational engineer
117. Lionel TROUILLOT, writer
118. Jean Robert VAVAL, sociologist
119. Gary VICTOR, writer
120. Leslie VOLTAIRE, architect
121. Lemète ZÉPHYR, translator, linguist

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