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Why HaitiLibre ?

Why HaitiLibre?

By creating HaitiLibre, we pose the base founder of a new generation of media. Apolitical participative decoding, remaining the most effective tool to unify, in diversity, the opinions of all and each one. We know that the success of this citizen initiative, represents an immense challenge, which we believe can meet with your participation. HaitiLibre was born of a finding, of needs and hopes.

Information invades our daily lives, newspapers, radio, TV, Internet, tens of thousands of telegrams and reports flock every day in newsrooms before spreading in the media and in our homes. Synthesized, summarized the key, hearings, profitability and various other interests ... the information is reduced to its simplest expression. This is the era of fast-News, ready to think.

To compensate this superficiality, some prefer to refer to the analysis of experts, journalists, sociologists, political scientists, statisticians, philosophers, religious ... and many other right-thinking ... Forgetting the causes and interests represented. After the Fast-News information, here the predigested information...

Analysis of the news can not be reserved for an elite, a media or any institution, in fact, each sees the news through a filter that is: its culture, its education, its socio-economic, political beliefs, religious or personal, his civic commitments or concerns.

The information disseminated by our Haitian medias, meanwhile, is strongly influenced by the commercial aspects, the pressure from various interest groups, fear of political retribution is not as threats of death or kidnapping. In addition, do not hide it, our media in this country suffer from a glaring lack of qualified resources and must, moreover, effetuate their mission of information in a post earthquake situation, which adds a lot of daily stress.

If press freedom exists in Haiti, it is expressed in veiled terms. The information is reported, but rarely commented or questioned, the information is not always substantiated or verified and sometimes feeds rumors. Information closer to a police report or a pathologist than a real journalistic work.

As Haiti approaches the phase of reconstruction, more than any other period in our history and for many years to come, we need to know what is really happening in our country, information, misinformation or rumors? Issues, interests and hidden from the international financial institutions (IMF, WB and others). What leeway for our leaders? Decisions and their consequences, contradictions, lies and conflict of interests, economic and social impacts on the population. Who handles that? Who decides what and why? What our country can win and he can lose...

Our needs, our expectations are huge and the answers to our questions are incomplete or nonexistent.

HaitiLibre is not a news relay, HaitiLibre not trying to express or induce through its files any line of thought or ideology, but rather trying to highlight the hidden aspects of the News, contradictions, interests, any manipulation of actors who pretend or contribute to the reconstruction of our country. Assumptions, speculations are just tracks that we run, tracks to be explored to validate the relevance or not.

Sometimes provocative, cynical or ironic, our files are not there to please but to serve as a catalyst to stimulate healthy reactions, emergence of the debate of ideas, promote the expression of critical thinking, promote freedom of expression , share the information or perceptions of each, initiate a participatory process that is the essence of HaïtiLibre.

The news of Haiti, local, national, international, government, civil society, economy, health, violence, environment, education, religions are all subjects the targeted by HaitiLibre, we intend to address them without taboos, frankly and freely.

HaïtiLibre wants to be the voice of the people of Haiti.
Together, take up this challenge.


Writing Team
Managing Editor : Joseph Marcellus

Journalist : Simon Latortue
Journalist Boniface François
Journalist : Théodore Benoit
Journalist : Paul Isidore
Journalist : Claudy Bélizaire

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