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Haiti - Culture: Launch of the initiative «Women and ink»
10/03/2013 10:31:45

Haiti - Culture: Launch of the initiative «Women and ink»
On Friday, as part of the "International Day of the Woman," Josette Darguste, the Minister of Culture, during a ceremony of homage posthumously of 8 women writers, has launched the initiative "Femmes et encre" (Women and ink) aimed at mentor and promote the women writers of Haiti.

Speech by Josette Darguste :
"[...] I am pleased to welcome you this evening as part of the commemoration of the International Day of Women. I have to thank you for having responded to the invitation despite the short delay. The time is certainly not to the great rejoicing because somewhere and undoubtedly for different reasons, we feel the loss of this great man that was President Hugo Chavez, whose memory will remain forever in the memory of those who seek a better distribution of wealth. I invite you to observe a minute's silence.

This 8 March 2013, is the International Day for Women's Rights.

The theme of this year ['A promise is a promise'] concerns me for two reasons. First, in my capacity of Woman, with all that this implies in terms of family, social, professional, and in my capacity of Minister for Women. The reasons for which I wanted to find myself with you, respond of the commitment that gives me my duty.

I wish to salute the Haitian woman, because she has the skills to build and strengthen our society.

Young women, your elders led on behalf of all the generations of battles that allow us to enjoy our legitimate rights and privileges attached to our gender. Voting rights, contraception, are probably part of a legacy evident. This March 8 reminds us that the gains of these struggles necessary and not so distant, are still fragile.

Questions such as: Why, with equal profession, the work of the woman remains paid less than that of the man ? These sensitive issues deserve to be worn in front of our society in order to establish the desired balance.

History teaches us that the rights of women, such as those of workers, depend first of laws, and then of means implemented to apply and enforce these laws. We must reject the distinction spontaneous of gender exercised in the country. We need to invest all of the social and cultural sphere.

Women, for a long time had to content with a supporting role in the artistic world. In the literature, to be published, they had to wear the mask of a male pseudonym.

Fortunately, things have evolved in the literary world. These advances will only last, if your presence continues to assert itself and grow. This is to ensure you of the support of structures of the ministry that I wanted to launch today the initiative 'Women and ink' (Femmes et encre), which revolves around the idea to interest women, using writing as a means of expression, to get together. It is not a question to unionize those who write, but rather to create a space to discuss and share the problem of female literary production.

How many works of value are still in the drawers without the author has the means to publish it ? Some books may be republished, but the facilities are lacking. Often the authors after having made ​​huge sacrifices to publish a book, find themselves with a stock in hands that they can not deliver.

This diagnosis is probably even more important for women, most of whom are struggling with the responsibilities of their role in society.

There is no doubt that in general, write and produce are often difficult steps for those who choose to write. it is for this, that the Ministry of Culture intends to support women who write by giving them the support they need.

  • More national and international renown ;
  • More visibility ;
  • A greater presence on the scene ;
  • Become better known ;
  • An active participation in national and international fairs ;
  • Facilitate exchanges and meetings with other foreign or Haitian women who also write ;
  • Integrate social and economic networks related to their activity ;
  • Facilitate the distribution of works ;
  • Give them access to public services relating to the publication (National Press, National Directorate of Book, Legal deposit and ISBN, Copyright Office, etc...)

The movement appealed to novelists, poets, novelists, playwrights, journalists (insofar as they publish in a newspaper on a regular basis), screenwriters, etc...

It will probably be difficult to allow women who write, at least for the moment, to live mainly on their creation. However, a good management and an organization well articulated can solve many problems.

The approach is a first step to recognize the quality and value of the work and the author and then to :

  • Organizing fairs, conferences, meetings, exhibitions in different cities of province ;
  • Allow women working outside the metropolitan area to integrate the circuit ;
  • Improve the quality and presentation of the production ;
  • Ensure satisfactory distribution of books to schools, universities, libraries, etc... ;
  • Honoring the authors;
  • Salute the memory of those who have enriched the literary heritage of Haiti ;
  • Organizing stage performance of certain works ;
  • Organize training seminars on the techniques of writing for young people ;
  • Identify funding sources for the benefit of the approach ;
  • Interest the public sector to take more responsibility for the benefit of authors.

These proposals are simply a canvas on which it will be necessary undoubtedly to develop more from reflections, which will have fueled encounters. This is not a literary movement per se, but a framework, that the Ministry of Culture aims to provide to the Haitian authors.

I chose to initiate this movement, by honoring tonight the women who lived for writing and, which, at the peril of their lives used the pen. I want to quote : Ida Faubert, Marie-Thérèse Colimon Hall, Mona Guérin Rouzier, Yanick Jean, Marie-Vieux Chauvet, Yvonne Hakim Rimpel, Paulette Poujol Oriol, Mireille Durocher Bertin.

That these symbols of women's writing serve as an example of passage and of opening to young writers. You are the representatives of a generation that will build, for the better I hope our literary future."

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