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Haiti - Elections : Who is Jean Chavannes Jeune ?
03/10/2010 15:13:02

Haiti - Elections : Who is Jean Chavannes Jeune ?
During the electoral campaign, HaitiLibre will publish texts, portraits and biographies of each participant in the presidential race so that the voters can better know those which aspire to the presidency of Haiti. [The texts reproduced are those provided by candidates, parties or appearing on their official website and are not texts written by HaïtiLibre].

Today we invite you to discover the candidate Jean Chavannes Jeune (Alliance chrétienne citoyenne pour la reconstruction d'Haïti - ACCRHA)

Jean Chavannes Jeune (Pasteur) :
Jean Chavannes Jeune, 56 years old was born on December 28th, 1953 in Morency, the 12th Communal Section of Cayes, in the South of Haiti. He is an Organizer, Administrator, and Development Agent of 27 years of experience. Chavannes is the son of Pastor Beauvil Jeune and Anne Fontaine (both deceased). He is married to Marie Lucie Carisma (a Business Administration specialist). He is the proud father of 4 children (3 sons and 1 daughter). During the past 27 years, Chavannes has participated in the creation, administration and functioning of many organizations and institutions geared for social and economic development.

Concerning social development, his activities include agriculture, animal breeding, commerce, industry, micro-finance, etc.. At the social level, he has worked in family development, education, health and sanitary infrastructures. In particular he has founded and managed the Integrated Rural Development organization (IRD); this is one of the most present development institutions operating in 5 of the 10 Geographical Departments of the Country. IRD offers its services to the Haitian population by efficiently mobilizing the funds from the European Union, USAID, ACDI of Canada, UNICEF of the United Nations, Japan and many other big bilateral partners of Haiti.

Chavannes has structured and consolidated the social institutions of Mission Baptiste du Sud d'Haiti (MEBSH) serving Haitians of all ideology through a network of 385 primary schools, 38 secondary schools, 7 technical and professional schools, one Teachers Preparatory School, Lumiere University comprising 7 faculties, the Micro-Finance Credit Union (LUMITEC), many fixed and mobile health and dental care clinics, and Lumiere Hospital in Bonne Fin.

Chavannes has developed a particular know-how in the management of development projects and in the effective and efficient use of foreign aid for those projects. He has contributed to the development and promotion of many national and international religious and missionary institutions such as: Bible Lumiere Institute, the Extension of Radio Lumiere Network via the Internet, the World-wide Missionary Vision organization (present today in more than 10 countries and 3 Continents), the Protestantism Global Vision organization in the Haitian Milieu, etc.

During the past five years, he has created and developed an intensive civic education program at the national level implementing 2 civic education agents per Communal Section or 1,130 agents covering the Country. The Global Vision of the Protestantism in the Haitian Milieu maintains a forum of reflection on the essential role of Protestantism and Christianity and the best appropriate ways to apply it. This organization mobilizes competent and independent personalities worldwide, regardless of their religious beliefs and affiliations, it promotes Christian moral ethics.

In the particular case of Haiti, these reflections insist on the necessity to establish or give birth to a new era of peace that is founded on impartial institutions and a government that respects the principles of transparency, morality, and tolerance. The presenters in this forum meet regularly in Haiti and abroad with an increasing number of active participants each time they meet.
Chavannes has been:

  • Director of the Unit of Reprography of the France Embassy in Haiti (1974-1975)
  • Assistant Director Program Development of Rural Integrated Development (IRD) of the of Mission Baptiste du Sud d'Haiti (MEBSH) (1976-1979)
  • Consultant Engineer for the Evangelical Churches Council of Haiti (1979-1988)
  • Director of the Child Survival Program of World Relief in Haiti (1982-1992)
  • General Coordinator of MEBSH (1990-1992)
  • President of Habitat for Humanity in Cayes, Haiti (1987-1997)
  • Vice-President of the Haitian Interim Government lead by Mrs. Ertha Pascal Trouillot (1990-1991)
  • President of the Board of Directors MEBSH (1990-1995) , Co-Director of Radio Lumiere (1992-1994)
  • Vice-President of the National Committee of Habitat for Humanity (1991-1996)
  • Vice-President of the National Union of Christian Businessmen Association (1991- 1996)
  • Professor of Human Resources at the Lumiere University (1996-1997)
  • President of the Mission Baptiste du Sud d'Haiti (MEBSH) (1997-2002)

Chavannes is active in the following:

  • National Union for Promotion of animal (UNAPEL) (1986),
  • the Lumiere University Foundation (1993), and
  • the International Foundation of World Missionary Vision Association WMV (1995)
  • the Foundation and Promotion Haiti's Vision for the Third Millennium HAVIDEC (2001); and
  • the Foundation of LUMITEC Credit Union (2001)

In his pastoral, missionary, and evangelical activities, Chavannes enlarges his views of the gospel and breaks many Haitian taboos about the Protestantism. Therefore the social, moral and economic functions of the gospel have increased tremendously. This makes is possible for Chavannes' students, co-workers, subordinates, and the Haitian public in general to attain an active level of development, learning and human promotion. Under his leadership, the Institutions of MEBSH went from 175 to 487 churches. As leader of the Integrated Rural Development organization (IRD), Chavannes has developed:

  • Many training programs for Veterinary Agents, Healthcare Agents, Forestation Agents, Polyvalent Agents , Alphabetization Agents
  • The Program for National Children Promotion operating presently in 87 Centers at the national level and benefiting 3,000 children annually
  • Medical insurance covering 5,000 primary school students
  • Programs of wells forage for drinkable water
  • Programs of production of bio gas
  • The construction of many hydro-agriculture barrages and irrigation systems in (Islet Masse, Ouanaminthe, Fond des Blancs, St-Georges nan Zephyr, etc.) and the valorization of hundred of Km² of soil that become fertile
  • The construction of hundreds of Kilometers of agriculture roads
  • The constructions of hundreds of Kilometers of inter communal roads in Plaisance/Bonne Fin, Cayes/Port-Salut, Cayes/ Camp-Perrin, Cayes/Chantal, Cavaillon/ Baraderes, etc.)
  • The Construction of thousands of social houses in many Geographical Departments.

Chavannes is currently:

  • President of l'UNAPEL (since 1986)
  • President Lumiere University (since 1993)
  • the International Promoter for World Missionary Vision WMV (since 1995) and HAVIDEC (since 2001)
  • Vice-President of the International Harbor of Saint-Louis in Cayes (since 2001)
  • Director General of IRD ; Member Ex-officio of Lumiere Medical Ministries of South Carolina (since 2001)
  • President of the National Prayer Commission (since 2001)
  • President of the Seth Pierre-Louis Foundation (since 2001)
  • President of the Haitian Protestantism Global Vision (since 2001)
  • Professor of Church Development, Leadership and Church History at the Lumiere Bible Institute (since 2001)

Educational Background:

  • a Master in Public Administration (University of Washington, 1976-1979, Seattle, USA)
  • a Diploma of Specialized Studies in Offsetting and Reprography (Institut Fran-cais du Livre, 1974, Paris, France)
  • a Master in Theology and Religious Organizations Administration (Seatle Pacific University, Seattle Washington, USA)
  • a Post Graduate Diploma in Theology, Sociology and Development Administration (Columbia Bible School North Carolina, USA)
  • a Diploma in Civil Engineering (Institut Superieur Technique d'Haiti, ISTH, Laureate in Road construction technique, Promotion of 1972-1976)
  • a License in Development and Communication (Wheaton College, 1983, Chicago Illinois, USA)
  • a License in Theology (Lumiere Bible Institute, 1976, Cayes, Haiti)

He has been honored of a Doctorate Honoris Causa in Divinity by the Atlantic University of Bahamas affiliated with the University of Virginia (USA). He teaches at the Lumiere Bible Institute (Cayes, Haiti), and at the Lumiere University (Port-au-Prince). He has published a series of documents on Training Technique, a manual on Training and Civic Education, he co-authors Politik se zafe tout pitit Bondye (Politics is the Business of all God's Children). Soon to be released: Innovative Integrated Rural Development Experiences (Co-author) and the Evangelical Messages of the New Millennium.

Jean Chavannes Jeune is a modern Pastor, an Evangelist, and a Missionary promoting a new gospel, i.e. a gospel in action aiming at the betterment of lives on earth while preparing for eternity. Through him the Haitian practical and social perception of evangelism sets out for the conquest of the world with great strives.

Chavannes speaks and writes fluently in Haitian Creole, French, English, and Spanish. He is a Founding Member of the Political Party Christian Union for the Reconstruction of Haiti (UNCRH). In accepting his nomination as Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Haiti, he resigned from all the functions that he had held until now.

He is leading the Haitian political campaign of 2005-2006 as the head of a Coalition regrouping 6 Political Parties named UNION POUR LE SAUVETAGE D'HAITI (UNION) or Union for the Rescue of Haiti. He wants to make available his know-how, his dedication, his organizational, managerial and leadership experiences to the service of his beloved country of Haiti.

Chavannes has a full comprehension of the challenges of this new millennium and has over the years masters many domains that Haiti and its inhabitants need to move forward. He is motivated to attract competencies and efficacy to public service. He yearns to bring public service to all Haitians no matter where they live and to reinforce their patriotic flame. His handling of millions of Americans dollars in aid, loans, and gifts via successful development projects proves his experience and his capability to accomplish such gigantic task in the next 5 years.

The opening of the Haitian territory to the outside world investment, the restoration of the State Authority, the promotion of moral values in politics, the promotion of justice and equity, the rewarding for work and effort, the reinforcing of the productive sector, the promotion of family, the respect of individual liberties, including those of women and the youth, the political tolerance and expansion of culture, technology and knowledge are his contributions that his presidency will bring to Haiti. A reconciled country with itself and his worldwide allies and friends, pakized with economic growth, employment, and equality for all to succeed, that is all that Chavannes is defending and that is what motivates him.

HaitiLibre invites the candidates approved to forward to us for publication, their portrait or biography as soon as possible.

HL/ HaitiLibre

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