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Haiti - Telecommunications : The wireless network will switch to 3G
05/10/2010 09:15:36

Haiti - Telecommunications : The wireless network will switch to 3G
In an industry as dynamic as telecommunications in Haiti, taking into account the interests of consumers, a major concern of the Regulatory Authority of Telecommunications (CONATEL), requires effective competition and sustainable. The consumer has the right to quality services, in all circumstances, exercise the right to choose and change supplier in technical and economic reasonables.

The opening of the telephone industry to competition has multiplied the opportunities for consumers of Haiti, in terms of choice of supplier and soon in terms of variety of products and services. It is precisely to instigate this availability and this competition, promote development of the digital economy and ensure that the consumer of Haiti may, each day more and more, access to new and better services than the CONATEL announces a package of four major decisions for the months of October and November in the area of mobile telephony. These decisions will shake up mobile phone available in our country, bringing new uses, new models and a new regulation.

1- The two major mobile operators (Comcel and Digicel) will be allowed to evolve their network to 3G

Operating at once, every two, until now, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication), GPRS (General Packet Radio System) and EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates For Global Evolution) baptized respectively 2G, 2.5G and 2.75G and characterized by speeds of up to theoretically 473 Kbps, Comcel and Digicel have formally expressed their desire to evolve their networks to third generation (3G), in accordance with the provisions of their contract concession by sending a request to that effect CONATEL.

Pursuant to the provisions relating to equal treatment in contracts, CONATEL, as part of an amendment or addendum, authorize, at the end of this month of October, Comcel and Digicel to introduce a network of third generation (3G) with the following characteristics:
a high transmission rate of at least:

- 144 Kbps with full coverage for mobile use
- 384 Kbps with an average coverage for pedestrian use,
- 2 Mbps with a reduced coverage area for stationary use.
- Worldwide compatibility,
- Compatibility of 3rd generation mobile services with second generation networks.

This evolution of their mobile network to 3G will open the door to multimedia applications such as video transmission, videoconferencing and access to broadband Internet.

2- Forthcoming introduction of Wireless Local Loop (WLL) by Comcel and Digicel for the provision of mobile broadband services at affordable costs

Having demonstrated last year their desire to have frequency WLL sufficient to provide mobile services to medium to high speed in the ten departments of the country, Comcel and Digicel will before the end of November heightened their vows.

Indeed Digicel has informed the regulator of the impending announcement of the conclusion of negotiations between the ACN (Alpha Communications Network) and Digicel. This transaction will give the operator in case of no objection from the regulator, the availability of frequencies required for the establishment of Network of Local Loop (WLL).

On the other hand, the CONATEL, because of contractual provisions relating to equal treatment, will grant the request of Comcel to restore the balance by the end of November, or at least as soon as the redevelopment of the band frequency of 3.5 GHz and 2.5 GHz, will be done with the help and assistance from the US FCC (Federal Communication Commission) of which a technical mission will arrive this October 11 in Haiti, will be completed.

This decision marks an important moment in the action of the regulator for the emergence of an effective and sustainable competition in the local loop to benefit users by providing a substitute for wired connections held mainly by NATCOM. It will be the culmination of work undertaken since 2009 that have a large place in consultation with the players after the finding of low levels of development of competition in the local loop in Haiti and considering that the main challenge lies in providing broadband services at reduced costs for which there is a growing demand from companies such as residential.

3- Implementation of the decision of CONATEL on networks "dual band" for the two GSM operators in the consumer interest Haiti

CONATEL, two years ago, took the decision in the interests of consumers of Haiti, to allow the two GSM operators to operate their network in both the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz.

Digicel was the only operator to demonstrate, on time, interest in the offer of CONATEL and thus will have frequencies in the 900 Mhz. To enable the operator to improve the quality of services offered, CONATEL take all necessary steps to meet before the end of November, this contractual obligation and thus assign 2X9 MHz in the 900 Mhz expanding its network and coverage areas "white."

4- Coming soon mobile payment services via cell phones

The mobile operator ComCEL SA and Unibank presented, Friday 1st October 2010 to the telecommunications sector regulator,a project to launch a financial service to prepaid electronic purse accessible from mobile phones Comcel. The two companies are partnering to offer in effect at the population, especially the unbanked layer, means allowing them to perform certain financial transactions using their cell phones.

The phone company concerned has promised to formalize its request for non-objection from the regulator, which for its part, in the shortest time will inform all concerned CONATEL guidelines relating to the service by mobile phone and therefore fix the terms and conditions, in terms of telecommunications, the arrival of mobile payments via mobile phones in Haiti.

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