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Haiti - Education : Back to School, message from President Martelly
07/09/2015 09:21:20

Haiti - Education : Back to School, message from President Martelly
The President Martelly in a pre-recorded message for the Back to School 2015-2016, delivered a message to the population, the educational sector stakeholders and in particular to the 3 million students who returned this morning on the road to school.

Excerpts of the message of President Martelly :
"[...] the official launch of the new school year is in my view of particular importance, it is the last of my five-year term at the head of the country. Thus it challenges me and force me to a hard look on our achievements in education, according to my campaign commitments we held year after year to make this area a major topic of national conversation.

We know now that no leader we be able to put this under the carpet this inalienable right of young people 6-15 years. There are now 90% of the latter that are in a classroom. This improvement of over 20 percentage points of net tuition rates under 5 deserve to be highlighted.

Beyond this effort should be also noted the ncreasing access to preschool education, now more than 65,000 children under age 6 have access to this level classes in about 10,000 schools. The most important being that any new construction of public institution should include preschool classes. By this signal, we wanted during this five-year to mark the importance we attach to the framing of early childhood and the development of basic skills necessary for full development of children.

If the first years of my mandate was marked by the establishment sometimes difficult but always exciting of the Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory, we initiated the necessary shift towards the quality of learning and to improving the status of teachers.

Two orders were issued the first decrees on specific status of public sector teachers in March 2014 and the second decree to reform the functioning of educational institutions.

Operationally the government has emphasized on the need to allocate more resources to the sector concerning the budget allocated to education activities to almost 5% of GDP, unprecedented in the education sector in Haiti. Not to mention that the needs are immense, I urge you to objectively appreciate this simple fact because few countries around the world are at this level.

Should I emphasize the school textbooks provisioning efforts, and in educational kits to benefit the most vulnerable ? Should I also point out the hundreds of additional classrooms from preschool to high school going through the fundamental open in the 10 departments ?

This turning to quality is unthinkable if it was not rooted in his time, the 21st century, the century of information and communication technology, century of social social networks operating on a global scale where the first quality to find a job is to be able to connect and interact.

I welcome on this occasion the policy of implementation of an education that is based on digital and I announce here the decision to give birth to a national educational broadcasting system (Radio Télévision Nationale Éducative), the RTNE, which will provide everyone the opportunity to learn throughout life, both in the formal mechanisms in non-formal or informal.

Haitian people, parents, principal and school teachers, all school staff, students,

All I have said they are words for adults [...] I would like to tell you what I expect of you [..] I expect that every day you go to school, you learn what teachers teach you [...] every child must have 900 hours of class at the fundamental, 1.040 hours at the secondary level.

I take this opportunity to announce that there are about 3,000 new teachers who will be in the 2015-2016 budget.

But children, what I ask that is done in all schools, it is necessary that you learn to read, learn to read well, you must know to read, you have to love to read.

That is why I declare today reading in schools, a national emergency, which deserves the mobilization of the State of all sectors of national life.

It is necessary that each school day begins with a reading activity. It is reading that develops knowledge with science. Even for mathematics you need to know read well.

Children do not forget to learn to live together [...] remember that you are in the same team because we are all Haitian, we are all similar. Let's Haiti more beautiful [...] with a stronger school for all girls and all boys, a free school for all children.

I wish all principals, all teachers, all students a good academic years 2015-2016, for Haiti, country of our ancestors could become richer, more balanced, stronger.

Vive youth of Haiti
Vive Haiti
Happy school year"

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