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Haiti - Politics : «We will build a single Haiti for all Haitians» dixit Jovenel Moïse
07/02/2017 14:01:19

Haiti - Politics : «We will build a single Haiti for all Haitians» dixit Jovenel Moïse
This Tuesday at the National Palace before a crowd of several thousand people, Haitian and foreign political personalities, the 58th President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse addressed his first speech to the Nation in which he preaches among other things the union between the Haitians for the progress of the country. The President has also pledged to work to ensure that the people of the diaspora who want to return to the country can do it without problems and to work today so that in five years the balance is positive...

Extract from the speech of the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse :

"[...] My compatriots, brothers and sisters,

Haitian people,

The first word I am telling you today is thank you.


Thank you for choosing me in the October 25th elections and again on November 20th [...] you made me your President [...] I am aware of all the responsibilities this entails, I take this opportunity to congratulate you because you have chosen democracy instead of anarchy. The path of Peace instead of violence, order and progress instead of disorder and brigandage that drive back our country.

My mission is to build a society, a nation that will make us proud. To accomplish this mission, we must reform our schools. School is not just about giving knowledge; one of the roles of school is to train good citizens, people ready to serve their country, people who understand that the country's interest must pass before their own interest [...]

My mission is to create conditions for every Haitian to live better.

My mission is to bring down all the barriers between the rural and urban people, the rich and the poor [...] the Haitians of the country and those of the diaspora. We are all Haitian.

We will build a single Haiti for all Haitians.

A Haiti where discrimination must not prevent the economic and social success of anyone.

A Haiti where the inhabitants do not only struggle against poverty.

A Haiti where everyone can find a better life.

I take the commitment today to work to restore Haiti's dignity. I pledge to work for the young men and women want to live in the country. I pledge to work for people in the diaspora who want to return home, can do it without problem. For the diaspora come to do business, create jobs and participate fully in the development of their country.


Haiti has returned to the path of democracy, respect for the Haitian people. Haiti is a wealth, a diamond. Why its children suffering in poverty ? It's because we refuse to unite, that's what I came to tell you. I have come to tell you that we are capable if we want it, it is the mentalities that we must change.

My dear compatriots, the day has come to put lands, rivers, sun and people together, to develop our country, I need everybody, all the old candidates, all the people who voted for me, all those who did not vote for me, as well as those who did not vote at all, we need everyone.

I need all of you so that Haiti can meet these challenges.

Haitian people, my dear compatriots, the feeling that animates me on February 7 is a sense of humility. I measure with discernment the heavy task ahead, I am aware of the long road we have traveled and of all the efforts we have made to allow democracy to conquer.

I would like to thank all those who have made this victory possible. Thank you very much.

The people have been waiting for this investiture ceremony for more than a year, and they have broken through with determination, courage and determination all the obstacles and traps set to block the march of history and democracy.

My compatriots we are finally assembled in the name of an enterprise that has been imagined for years by men and women who are passionate about the ideals of justice and freedom, and who have led the country towards human progress and shared prosperity.

I pledge to work from first to last day of my term. Today is my first day, I will start working today until the last day of 2022.

I tell you [...] Jovenel Moses, your President, the President you have chosen, at the end of his mandate, the result will be positive, I pledge before you Haitian people.


I feel a sense of pride to be Haitian, each of us, woman or man, girl or boy, have a duty to be at the height of this noble heritage that brought Haiti to the ranks of the first victorious fighters of freedom, equality and dignity without consideration of race, caste, color or fortune.

Our responsibility is great, but it is noble, it consists in embellishing and working for the enrichment and progress of the Nation. We must transmit to our children a dream-making country, which finds its place in the concert of Nations. It is a heavy responsibility that falls to us in the face of history, because the future of Haiti will be only what we will do of it, I rely on you.

The time has come to implement the change decided by the people on November 20th. Yes, the time has come to combine integrity, morality, merit, order and discipline.

Under my administration, never again, justice and Haitian institutions will be exploited for political persecution [...]"

Listen to the first speech at the Nation of President Jovenel Moïse :

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