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Haiti - Earthquake : Other aftershocks could occur in the coming days
08/10/2018 09:25:13

Haiti - Earthquake : Other aftershocks could occur in the coming days
The Haitian geologist engineer Claude Prépetit of the Technical Unit of Seismology (UTS) of the Bureau of Mines and Energy (BME) informs that following the earthquake of magnitude 5.9 recorded Saturday, October 6, 2018 https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-25745-haiti-flash-saturday-night-earthquake-10-dead-and-135-wounded.html to the north of the city of Port-de-Paix, two aftershocks occurred on Sunday, October 7th.

The first occurred at 2:07 am and 23 seconds at 24 km deep and at a magnitude of 4.24, the epicenter was located at 19.96 ° N, 73.28 ° W, at sea 15 km off Jean Rabel.

The second was recorded at 4:30 am and 24 seconds at 13 km depth and at a magnitude of 3.47, the epicenter was located 20.10 ° N, 73.02 ° W, at sea 7 km from the western tip of the Island of Turtle

"There may be more minor aftershocks in the days to come," Prepetit warned.

The Seismological Center of Santo Domingo recorded no less than 15 aftershocks after the earthquake on Saturday night.

Instructions before, during and after an earthquake:

Before an earthquake :

  • Build earthquake resistant;
  • Secure your home;
  • Prepare your family emergency plan;
  • Prepare an emergency kit, easily accessible;
  • Learn about first aid. A minimum of first aid knowledge can make the difference in an emergency or disaster situation;
  • Perform earthquake simulation sessions in order to effectively learn the actions that save (exercises of evacuation in order, reflexes of protection, the first actions of relief..)

During an earthquake :

  • If you are outside during the first shocks, you must stay there by sheltering in an open space, away from buildings, power lines or any other object that could collapse;
  • If you are driving, evaluate the situation before getting out of the vehicle (some objects may fall on you, so stay in the middle of the street);
  • If you are inside a modern building designed to withstand vibrations, put yourself in a safe position (curled up on the floor), shelter under a solid piece of furniture, which will protect you from falling objects , and cling well. In the absence of furniture, protect your head and neck with your arms, in places such as near a solid pillar at the corners of the room, under the frame of a door;
  • In a building that is not built to withstand earthquakes, it is best to go out as quickly as possible while taking care to take refuge in a safe place;
  • Avoid taking the stairs, they can collapse;
  • If you're trapped under rubble, protect your nose and mouth. Strike regularly to indicate your position to the rescuers;
  • Only call for help as a last resort, keep your strength;
  • Do not stay near windows.

After an earthquake :

  • Go out calmly (with the rescue kit) and stay outside;
  • Do not take the elevator;
  • Cut off water, electricity and gas supplies;
  • If you are in the coastal zone, move away from the coast quickly and gain the heights;
  • Do not smoke inside buildings, gas leaks may have occurred. Any flame can start a fire inside your home;
  • Listen to the radio and follow the safety instructions of the civil protection authorities.
  • If you are able, help, while remaining very careful because of aftershocks that can still cause collapses;
  • Do not attempt to move injured persons without the advice of professional help unless they are in immediate danger for their survival;
  • Do not return home without the authorization of the competent authorities. Replicas of an earthquake can further damage fragile buildings;
  • Do not interfere with the work of the relief workers, do not enter the affected areas;
  • Only use your phone in case of extreme urgency.

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