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Haiti - Politic : The Haitian diaspora wrote to the Haitian authorities
11/06/2011 13:07:26

Haiti - Politic : The Haitian diaspora wrote to the Haitian authorities
Following the remarks of the administration Martelly to merge the Ministry of Haitians Living abroad (MHAVE) with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), in a correspondence [whose we obtained a copy] sent to President Michel Martelly, to the President of both houses of the Haitian Parliament and to the Prime Minister designate , more than one hundred citizens, professionals, entrepreneurs, personalities and Diaspora organization require the maintenance and the restructuring of MHAVE.

Ad Hoc Committee for the Safeguarding of the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad

Miami, Florida

June 8, 2011

Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly, President of the Republic
Senator Roudolph Joazile, President of the National Assembly
MP Sorel Jacinthe, Vice President of the National Assembly
Mr Daniel Rouzier, Prime Minister-designate


Hereby, we ask that the Ministry of Haitians living abroad, an institution acquired and obtained at the price of harsh tests, be strengthened rather than weakened.

We, members of the Haitian Diaspora, express our concern over the decision contemplated to eliminate the Ministry of Haitians living abroad (MHAVE), and make a Directorate within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE). This body, responsible for the management of inter Haitian relations has 23 years of existence with the various institutional experimentations, prior to be elevated to adequate to meet its mission. What constitutes a basis for the diaspora.

In 1988, under the Government of Prosper April, the "Office of Haitians of addition - sea" (COHOM) linked to the DEA is created to provide guidance for expatriate Haitians. His head had the rank of Minister.

In 1991, under the Government of Jean Bertrand Aristide, this entity is referred to as "The 10th Department Secretariat" and is attached to the Presidency. Its mission is to "lay the groundwork in order to structure and organize the Haitian community overseas".

In 1994, the MHAVE sees the day but could never benefit from budgetary support for its proper functioning. During the Alexander/Latortue interim Government (2004-2006), it is lowered to the rank of secretariat of State for six months after his ministerial status, following the interventions of organizations of the diaspora.

Despite the avatars of the Ministry of Haitians living abroad, it is an important structure whose existence is governed by several factors:

1. The MHAVE first plays a role of interface
i. Between the diaspora and Haiti
ii. the diaspora itself, between its different members, its different groups, different realities.

2. The existence of the MHAVE is a recognition of the importance of the diaspora in the socio-economic structure of the country.

3. The MHAVE a role for "Multi Ministerial" because it's a cross-body that represents all the services of the Haitian State to the diaspora.

The MHAVE has made a priority, despite the difficulties it faces of integration and the participation of the diaspora. The MAHVE enables the strengthening of the structures of co-development whether at the political level, the Creole tourism, cultural activities, or participation in international conferences focused on economic development or investment related to the global diaspora communities. The MHAVE by its "omnipresence" outside Haiti was able to establish a dynamic which enabled the Haitian living a abroad to identify a structure State Haitian which binds it to the country of origin regardless of its attachment points. It allows promotion of Haitian in diaspora, by facilitating access to financial, economic, humanitarian and human resources. These are the elements that show the importance of the presence of the Ministry of Haitians living abroad.

Want to eliminate the Ministry of Haitians living abroad tomb at the wrong time, considering that Haiti and its diaspora are still under the yoke of the trauma of the earthquake of January 2010. The contribution and participation of expatriate at all levels to alleviate the suffering of our compatriots are known to all, as the role how important that could play the MHAVE in these difficult times has through community meetings organized outside.

According to Development Bank Inter American, at the time or transfers fell or remained stable in the region of the Latin America and the Caribbean, those of Haiti rose by 20%. In 2010, they reach nearly US $2 billion, only from the United States. This, by the efforts of the diaspora to respond to the post earthquake in Haiti situation. This well sum that substantial is used only for the needs of our population base consumption. The reality of our diaspora is that significant other resources exist, which, once identified, or mobilized could release capital for investment needs in the economy.

Encourage the diaspora to be welded to the country rather than maintain it outside the spheres of national decisions. Nothing to assess interactions between, for example, the Jewish diaspora and Israel, we can make us an idea of the potential of our Haitian diaspora.

These past 20 years, the diaspora has become a "vital support" for any aspiring to the Presidency, the Senate, the deputation, or the municipal elections in Haiti. These exchanges, and through the support received, our men and women politicians realized the potential of the diaspora, and often the necessity of creating a sustainable institutional partnership between the diaspora and the Haitian State. Strengthen this aspiration instead of weakening it. The absence of the MHAVE would be the weakening of this aspiration which render difficult the normalization of relations between Haiti and its Diaspora, and strengthen the climate of mistrust between the Haitians from the inside and outside. This can affect how the diaspora chooses to bring its support to the reconstruction efforts, as well as the "technology transfer" and a supply of his "skills" to his native land.

In conclusion, we ask you to give us that the MHAVE reinsurance, will continue to exist as a Department. This reinsurance we could focus on the institutional challenges facing joint between the MHAVE and the diaspora as a way for example:

1) A restructuring of the Department that should arise from the Organization of the States General of the Diaspora (EMR) in Haiti.

2) The ministerial guidance to the efforts of the Haitian diaspora global Organization guaranteeing our dynamic involvement in the reconstruction of the country.

3) The continuation of important projects already incurred by the MHAVE with local and international partners including UNDP transfers skills (TOKTEN) programme and IOM for a mobilization unprecedented in the human and financial resources of the diaspora.

4) Implementation of the Act on multiple nationality, the Organization of the vote, abroad for the 2016 presidential election and the obtaining of legislative representation in diaspora.


No Direction in one Department would be able to meet these challenges, or even managing permanent in a clearly defined policy of inter-haïtiennes relations for 4 million people in more than 20 countries around the world. We count on your good offices to dispel the doubts that have invaded the other part of the nation, at a time or it was even once sought and is prepared as always, to support public initiatives in Haiti.

Together we can all, alone cannot be nothing. The union must be. Are delivering on our currency, join us, let's together for the good of our beloved Haiti.

Cc: Mr. Jean Max Bellerive, Prime Minister
Edwin parison, Minister of Haitians living abroad

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