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Haiti - Politic : Speech of Martelly, overview of his first 30 days
16/06/2011 11:09:36

Haiti - Politic : Speech of Martelly, overview of his first 30 days
30 days since the President Michel Martelly was elected, in a speech to the nation, the Head of State gave an overview of his first 30 days, despite the absence of a Prime Minister ratified, without the financial resources of the State, without cabinet... Despite all the political obstacles that delay the establishment of a Government, the President Martelly said he was proud to present to the public a overview in 15 points, of his first 30 days.

"Haitian people,

It's only been one month since I was sworn in as President of the country, but trust me, I had time to see the problems and solve them as they should.

30 days without a Prime Minister, a Prime Minister who is supposed to help me set up the political agenda that I have proposed, the program that made you vote for me. Meanwhile, there were barricades which have been erected on the road to block the Prime Minister that I chose for you, but I am not discouraged for that. Since I started working, I did not catch my breath, I feel proud, I am proud to present the results of what I did during those first 30 days.

1- In the market of Gonaives, which had burned we identified donors who have already secured the money and the market will be rebuilt.

2- Savane Pistache, the security situation in the area, the people had asked me personally to build a police station for them and I reached with the private sector, to give them satisfaction. Currently the police station is being built without the government money.

3- As you know, I launched the National Fund for Education, a fund that will allow some of the children, who are not yet in school, to go to school free of charge in public schools. For three months, we have people who identify children who are in the street, who do not go to school to bring them to school.

4- Through my initiative, the repair of the road Peguy-Ville Frères, will help reduce traffic. Currently, the road is under construction.

5- I also asked the repair of Drouillard Road, which will allow vehicles to run smoothly on a good asphalt road, currently under construction.

6- I have reported the text of amendment of the Constitution, which was not the version that was passed in Parliament.

7- We have repaired eight houses and we will continue to build in the market of Furcy, with consistent= citizens in the private sector, to allow merchants to sell in other conditions of hygiene and cleanliness. Without money from the state.

8- I will "back on its feet" the Gymnasium Vincent, with the help of Friends of Haiti, with the private sector, to enable young people and children to have a place where they can play. Without money from the state.

9- After the rains of last week, I clean the ravine Bois-de-Chêne, to prevent flooding in the hurricane season, under the supervision of the presidency team.

10- In Malpasse, there was the level of Lake Azueï which was rising, I started the work, so that the flow at the border, can be resumed and that the goods pass through without any problems.

11- For the Diaspora, I managed to get an extension of TPS status, as I had promised.

12- The Project "Kay Pa m" was a project that I had built with Guiteau Mr. Toussaint, the president of the BNCmurdered Sunday night. This project would have allowed public employees and private, to have a possibility of loans to an interest rate of 8% fixed on 10 years to buy land or build a little house without problem. I promise you that this program will continue Tet Kale, I bow very low to salute the remains of Director Guiteau Toussaint and I salute his family with respect. I also promise that we will not forget all the efforts he made so that the program exists and become a reality.

13- I'm already negotiating with friendly governments, to solve the problem of food crisis in the country.

14- The case of police salaries,so that they receive their salary every month instead of every two months on their card has already been solved with the Director Guiteau Toussaint in the BNC, I'm sure that the bank will keep its commitments and although the death of the Director may give a little late, I will return to the issue with the board of the BNC.

15- In the idea to strengthen the convictions of our citizens, I invited some school classes, a quantity of students at the National Palace on Monday 14, for together make the flag raising, in order to restore its dignity, pride, the respect for our flag, the value of our citizenship to have union with peace in the country. I encourage all schools and government to do this every day.

I will not tell you about all the school inaugurations that I made, almost every day, because I didn't built them, but my presence from Les Côteaux in the South to Ouanaminthe in the North East while passing through Carrefour, Saint-Marc, Pont Sondé, Zoranger, Croix-des-Bouquets.. my presence was to renew my commitment, to give education the importance and a priority, to allow it to become free in all public schools and compulsory throughout the country.

Here's what I've done Haitian people without Prime Minister, without the control of the money of the State, you can see the quality of life I want to bring you.

I come back to tell you, that the case of Guiteau Toussaint, will not pass in "the investigation continues," (l'enquête se poursuit) the justice will do its job and I want to tell you that the justice has already arrested several people involved, we started gave results in this case and we will fight insecurity.

I believe in the participation of all Haitians in the affairs of the country and we must do it in every action we make, it is necessary that we help the police to do its job, we must denounce the bandits, he we must not tolerate the kidnappers in our areas, do not let people cut down trees to make charcoal, do not let them build in the ravines of any way that brings death in the family, we must not tolerate acts of vagrancy, abuse of women or children, it is necessary that we help our own heads, we must take care of us, we must take care of others. Do not stay seated waiting for the government to do everything for you, you must think that the state is you, Yes, the State is you, we are the State, that's what makes today, you must send the message to your Deputies and Senators, so you can have more, they must ratify the choice of the Prime Minister so that he can with me, working to make life changes."

Listen the entire speech of Michel Martelly:

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