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iciHaiti - 5th «Konbit Pou Chanjman» : List of selected organizations
19/09/2021 11:21:16

iciHaiti - 5th «Konbit Pou Chanjman» : List of selected organizations
Launched on May 22, 2021, the 5th edition of "Konbit Pou Chanjman" has once again aroused the interest of several hundred organizations across the country. The Foundation is delighted to see an 87% increase in the number of applications received and among the 591 applications, 87 of them will be visited by the Digicel Foundation team accompanied by the members of the Board of Directors.

All these visits are part of the evaluation process and above all make it possible to determine the relevance of the project, the relationship between the organization and the community, but also the real needs of the latter. These various community projects are essentially focused on agriculture, access to water, livestock and fishing.

Initially, 15 projects were to be funded for a total of 15 million gourdes. However, due to the recent earthquake there is a greater need to carry out projects and therefore 5 community projects have been added. Thus, 20 projects will be funded this year to the tune of 1 million gourdes each.

List of the 78 organizations selected for the second phase :

Association for the Socio-Economic Development of the Desolate Savannah (ADSESD)
Association of Managers and Farmers for the Development of Innovative and Integrated Agriculture in Artibonite (ACADAI)
Association of Peasants of Dubedou (APD)
Association of Planters for the Development of Declin-Montaca (APDDM)
Changing the Orphan Life of Jesus (CVOJ)
"Mouvman Fanm Deside pou Avansman Katriyèm Seksyon Desalin" (MOFADA4SD)
Organization of Women Decided for the Development of Newfoundland (OFDDET)
Solidarite Fanm Desalin (SOFAD)

"Asosiyasyon Irigan Sistèm Irige Kwafè" (AISIK)
"Asosyasyon Gwoupman Fanm Mayisad" (AGFM)
Association for the Canalization of Aids to the Handicapped of Thomassique (ACAHT)
"Gwoup Aksyon Kominotè pou Devlopman Komin Sèkalasous" (GAC / PDC)
"Mouvman Pèp Naran" (MOPENA)
"Mouvman Tèt Ansanm Pou Devlopman Komin Cerca-La-Source" (MOTADEKC)
"Oganizasyon Fanm Devlope Dufayi" (OFDD)
Solidarity of Non State Actors of the Center (SANEC)

Community Action for the Development of Haiti (ACODEH)
Association of Young Progressives for the Development of Grand'Anse (AJPDGA)
Haitian Food and Nutritional Security Concord (CHSAN)
"Konbit Peyizan Granvensan" (KPGV)
"Koperativ Tèt Ansam Lescav" (KOTAL)
"Oganizasyon Gwoup Fratènite Fanm Abriko" (OGFFA)
Organization of Planters for the Development of Apricot Agriculture (OPDAA)
Organization of Dedicated People for Development (OGEDD)
Organization for the Development Communal Section of Désormeaux (OPDSCD)
Network of Young Educators in Human Rights (RJEDH / Pestel)

Association of Fishermen of Grand Boucan des Nippes (APGBN)
Association of Fishermen of Petit-Trou de Nippes (ASPEP)
Collective of Farmers of Paillant (CAP-Nippes)
Combite Farmers for the Advancement of Brossard (COPASEB)
MEBSH des Baradères Church (EMB)
“Konbit pou Devlopman 5th Seksyon Baradè” (KD5eSB)
Asylum Youth Organization (OJA)
Gathering of Azilian Peasants (RPA)
Union of Fishermen and Merchants of Anse-à-Veau (UPMAV)
Vision of Consistent Citizens for the Advancement of Bois-Gérard (VICICOLAB)

Association of Unified Women of the Great North River (AFUG)
Association for the Development of Haut Limbé (ADEHL) (2 Projects)
Community of Aid to Women and Children of Haiti (CAFEH) (2 Projects)
Organization of Peasants for the Development of the Bois-Pin Section (OPDSB)
Pilate Balloon Workers' Organization (OTBP)
Aid to Haitians (SH)
Social Vision for the Development of Haiti (VISODHA) (2 Projects)

Action, Technology Transfer to Farmers (ATTA)
Association of Carice Planters and Breeders (AGPEC)
Farmer Support Unit for Haitian Rural Development (CEPDRHA)
"Koperativ Gwoup Plantè Savanèt" (KGPS) (2 Projects)
"Mouvman Altènatif Sosyete Pa Nou" (MASOPA)
"Oganizasyon Pechè Lorèt Fort-Liberté" (OPLF)
Union of Peasants for the Development of Sans-Souci (UPDS)

"Asosyasyon Fanm nan Deni" (AFD)
Association of the Farmers Union Ruelle Bois D’homme (AUPRB)
"Asosyasyon Lide Devlopman Nou" (ALDN)
Association of Planters of the Irrigated Perimeter of Baie-De-Henne (APPIBH)
Research and Support Group for Sustainable Innovative Agroecological Development (GRADAID)
Movement of Agricultural Technicians for the Development of the Northwest (MTADNO)
"Oganizasyon Iry An Mach Pou Devlopman Nodwès" (OIAMPDN)

"Asosyasyon Sosyal Fanm Vanyan pou Devlopman Komin Monwi" (ASVFDKM)
“Fòs pou Defans Dwa Peyizan Ayisyen” (FDDPA) (2 Projects)
Mixed Institution the Brothers of Abraham (IMFA)
“Pèp Ayisyen Leve Kanpe pou Sove Ayiti” (PALESKA) (2 Projects)

“Fowòm Sitwayen Nan Sid” (FOSSID)
Les Cayes Botanical Garden (JBC)
Organization of Women in Action for the Development of Bézin (OFADEB)
Organization of Visionary Christian Women for the Development of Chantal (OFCVDC)
Organization of Progressive Women of Ile-À-Vache (OFPIV)
Pradine Youth Organization for Community Development (OJDCP)
Organization for the Development of Lahatte (ODHA)
"Mouvman Peyizan Odwa" (DFO)
Small Agricultural Farm (PFA) (2 Projects)
Grouping of Peasants for the Development of the National Territory (RPDTN) (2 Projects)

National Christian Action for Integrated Development (ACNDI)
Gray-Gray Children's Development Center (CDEGG)
"Inyon Jèn Aktif pou yon Nouvèl Sosyete" (IJANS)
"Kòdinasyon pou Devlopman Pèch ak Agrikilti nan Awondisman Bèlans" (KODEPAB)
"Konbit Inite Izaje Bèlwòch" (KIBWO)
Organization of Vulnerable Children of Thiotte (OEVT)
Grouping of Farmers for National Development (RPDN) (2 Projects)

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