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Haiti - Politic : Analysis and questions about the passports of Martelly
15/03/2012 12:53:23

Haiti - Politic : Analysis and questions about the passports of Martelly
The Senate Commission of Inquiry on the nationality of members of the government, yesterday 14 March 2012 presented, the progress of its work. This progress report [Addendum of the previous preliminary report] read by Senator John Joël Joseph, focused primarily on the analysis of 8 passports summited last week to the Senate by "Religions for Peace" and reflects the questioning of the Commission on the documents and practices of travel of the President Martelly, aspects, which fall within the immigration and not his nationality... This work leads finally, on speculation and more questions than answers and provides no tangible evidence, on a possible dual nationality of the Head of State... The mandate of the Commission would have changed ?

Addendum on the progress of work of the Special Senate Committee :
"...The Commission's task was to inventory the 8 passports of President Martelly, to study them, comparing them to other passports to his name in the computerized system of the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Haiti (SIEH) [...] the computerized system of SIEH only began to record information relating to documents of travelers arriving and departing from Haiti from 1999, the subcommittee has considered this in its work.

Summary analysis of 8 passports of Mr. Joseph Michel Martelly :

Passport No. 1 of Lot # 81-124640, Issue 13 November 1986 and expires December 7, 1988, so 2 years of validity, single marital status. Joseph Michel Martelly is entered Canada on May 19, 1990 since it holds a residence card in the U.S.

Passport No. 2 of lot no anomalies to report

Passport No. 3 of lot no anomalies to report

Passport No. 4 of the lot, issue April 23, 1997 and expires April 22, 2002 to the number FL 97E 373 it is equipped with 2 Canadian visitor visas, one of 24 June 1998 to 1 July 1998 and the other from June 23 1999 to 23 July 1999. Why these 2 Canadian visas since Mr. Martelly is resident in the U.S.? A resident of the United States does not need a visa to enter Canadian territory, it will be necessary to check the validity of the seal of Canadian immigration services with the date of 27 January 1998 affixed to a page of this Passport.

Passport No. 5 of the lot, issue May 14, 1998 and expires April 22, 2002. Seals on some pages of this passport FL 97E 373 indicate that it was used along with the passport No. 4 of lot. Passports 4 and 5 have the same serial number, however, the passport No. 4 was used for travel by Mr. Martelly after the booklet No. 5 was delivered to him. Example, on page 32 of the passport No. 4 appears a seal dated 21 February 2002, while on page 27 of the Passport No. 5, appears a seal of the U.S. immigration, New York dated December 27, 2000 and other seals of New York dated May 24, 2001.

Passport No. 6 of the lot, FL 00 A 650 issue 27 January 2000 expire on 26 January 2005, this Passport has a Schengen visa from 08/01/02 to 08/30/2002 and also a request for new residency card A 26 91 47 61 with the seal granted until April 26, 2005. The issue date of the original card dates back to June 25, 1985 with the city of Denver in Colorado as a gateway to the United States of North America. [...]

Note the Passport 2000-2005 FL 00 A 650 has this peculiarity, a single seal of entry into Haiti on 27 August 2004, however, it has 25 seals of exit of Haiti and 25 seals of entry into foreign territories, Canada, Martinique, USA, Dominica, Bahamas, Guadeloupe, Guyana, France.

Passport No. 7 of the lot, FL 300 93 Issue July 27, 2002 expire on 27 July 2007. The Commission wonders why it was necessary to issue a new passport in July 2005 over 2 years (30 months) before the expiry date of the preceding Passport FL 00 A 650, while it still contain 16 blank pages. In principle, any application for new passport must be submitted at maximum six months less 1 day, before the expiry date of the Passport to replace. But that's not all, Mr. Martelly continued to use the previous Passport FL 00 A 650 after the issuance of the new Passport 300 93, at least twenty trips were made with the old passport after the date of July 25, 2002 [...]

Passport No. 8 of the lot, FL 157 3103 Issue 19 January 2007 expires January 8, 2012, the Commission also wonders why it was necessary to issue a 9th passport 19 44 112 in November 2008 ie more than 3 years before the date of expiration of Passport FL 157 3103, while the 8th Passport [...] issued in January 2007 still included 4 blank pages ?

Moreover this 9th Passport No. 19 44 112 from 2008 to 2012, was not submitted to the Senate Committee. The Commission considers that the obtaining of this passport would be appropriate, to provide answers to the questions above.

Moreover, in reference to page 30 of the Passport FL 00 A 650, No. 6 of lot, June 25, 1985 is the entry date to the United States by Mr. Joseph Michel Martelly with his permanent residency card, it would be very interesting for the Commission to have the passport with which Mr Martelly made this trip because the first we have, is dated November 1986.

Other disturbing facts in the application forms of Haitian Passport behalf of Joseph Michel Martelly in 2002 it is mentioned that the applicant is married, but in 2007 and in 2008 on 2 other forms for Haitian Passport it is mentioned that the applicant is single, while his real status would be divorced, it must be remembered that the applicant was married to the United States May 15, 1987 with a U.S. citizen.

Concernig that famous voyage of 21 November 2007, the Passport FL 157 3103, No. 8 of, of Mr. Joseph Michel Martelly indicates that he traveled that day to the U.S. [...] but according to records submitted by the immigration service to the Commission the name of Mr. Joseph Michel Martelly is not on the passenger list of flights have let this day the international airport of Port-au-Prince. We await the answer of the airline, American Airlines at our request by a letter from the immigration and emigration of Haiti to be edified.

The permanent resident card to the United States of North America presented by the President Joseph Michel Martelly at the press conference on 8 March 2012 at the National Palace is another concern. According to several eyewitnesses and some television viewers, this card bears the name of Michael J Martelly, a Senator of the Republic resigned from the commission of inquiry also said on a radio that this U.S. Permanent Resident Card contains the name of Michael J or Joseph Martelly. How Joseph Michel Martelly Haitian citizen was able to enter and leave the U.S. with a Haitian passport in the name of Joseph Michel Martelly and a permanent resident card with the name Michael J or Joseph Martelly ? What is the name of the current President of the Republic, Michel J or Michael J Martelly ? The last time that Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly went to the United States with his Haitian passport, dates back to November 20, 2008 if we refer to the visitor seals that appears on it, he has traveled over the United States since ? Did he not visited Europe or Africa ? If yes with what travel documents, documents that the Commission would be delighted to possess. [...]"

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