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Haiti - Social : 209th Anniversary of the Battle of Vertières (Speech of President Martelly) + Prime Minister
18/11/2012 09:29:53

Haiti - Social : 209th Anniversary of the Battle of Vertières (Speech of President Martelly) + Prime Minister
This 18 November 2012, on the occasion of the 209th anniversary of the Battle of Vertières, the President Martelly who is currently participating in the XXII Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government in Cadiz, Spain, addressed a radio televised message to the Nation, whose we publish the transcript.

"Haitian people,

A November 18 as today 209 years ago, the powerful liberating breath that animated the last and decisive impetus of a army of outcasts, soldiers and officers without grades, to which the colonial system denied all human qualities, would sweep the last defenses of the Napoleonic forces until then invincible. Then gave birth, in the noise of guns, bullets and grapeshot, the first Nation from a slave revolt, that the world history recorded. Thus, awoke a morning of the beginning of the world, thus was born a sovereign state, sovereign and responsible, able to meet its beliefs, values​​, a State able to define its institutions and to forge its own destiny.

To evoke this glorious day, we recited in class 'Vertières magnificent victory, triumph of the black, death of slavery' these paraphrases resounded as ringtones of clarions, and galvanizez the young souls and give them the civic pride. Their musicality overlapped the enthusiastic spirits that declaiming them, that listen them and all the little Haitian schoolchildren, felt François Capois aka la Mort disengaging from his horse dead to shout 'Forward, forward'.

209 years after this dawn of new era, what have we done of this sublime investment, that placed in us our founding fathers ? Head down, eyes full of shame, we are forced to admit that we have bequeathed the legacy, which was given to us. Trumpets have become silent, the bells are only there, that for hammering the knell, the knell of disappointed hopes, knell of our pride debased, knell of our personality of people astray.

Fortunately, that we can rely today, on our determination to make this stop, it is necessary, it is necessary that under the skies of Haiti rings again the bugles of victory. You want itso intensely, Haitian people, you joined my message of national recovery, and you have chosen me to lead your destiny. You raised me to the first magistracy of the State, so that the national community divorce of resignations, of sinking into the mire of short-sighted interests. You raised me to the helm of affairs, so that we regain the brilliance of Capois la Mort, recovering from his fall and brandishing his sword to lead his troops.

Knowing that our genes hold preciously the impulses of his courage and determination, like him I cry now 'Grenadier to the assault, forward and to the assault', because we have to win all the Vertières, that stand before us.

That is why we must win the Vertières of the education for all, of the widespread employment, of the rehabilitation of the environment and the establishment of the rule of law. So we must dare, dare to face together and defeat them, by following the great teachings of our history.

Beliefs that animated our ancestors should now animate our strength and determination to work, to work tirelessly for the consolidation of social cohesion and of the national unity, to finally put the Haitian people at work and Haiti on the reconstruction projects.

Already, our walk, topple barriers, the performance of the second entry of October of my Presidency, free school for more than one million children aged 6 to 12, free school transport, make eloquently feel, the dynamics in the management of national affairsa movement leading to the constant overflow is engaged and will continue at the pace of continuous improvement, until is achieved the objectives of Universal school that the Nation give me.

The day after my inauguration to the first magistracy of the State, I am committed to restoring all the institutions provided for in the Constitution and nothing, no one, can not undermine my impetus to reconcile the sovereignty dearly won by our fathers, for the best interests of the common Homeland.

My dear compatriots,

In this November 18, date included in the palmares of humanity and enshrined in the Constitution in force, as the Army Forces Day, I reiterate to the Nationand the whole world my commitment to continue working to develop the Police Force National Constitutional, obviously by inspiring me, of the widely expressed desire by all sectors of national life, of gradual withdrawal of foreign forces and a support by the Haitian government, of ssential functions of defense and national security, performed until now by the UN force. For this purpose, the Ministry of National Defense was created, also 10 young Haitians are being trained in civil engineering in military schools in Ecuador, and in January 30 others will follow.

These new provisions are tangible proof of my determination reaffirmed, to subscribe to the injunctions of the Law Mother, by impulsing the creation of a new public force, while not calling into question our first and constant resolution, to strengthen the National Police, to work to its professionalization and to the modern equipment of its specialized units.

Haitian people,

In strict compliance with our laws and our Constitution, we must now draw the fortitude that will enable us to repeat again Vertières. We must always remember that it is from a fraternization materialized, from a common discipline accepted, that the son of Haiti have achieved the exploit of defeating the dehumanizing structures of slavery. In a firm step and determined I invite you to move forward with me in the wake of these achievements of our glorious history, to restore to our people its pride, honor and the splendor to our Nation, as well as its place in the concert of great democracies of the world.

My compatriots,

If you see that I'm not there with you in a date, which is also important in the history of our country, it is because I took my pilgrim's staff to fetch investment opportunity everywhere to have means to create jobs, so that all Haitians can have work and participate in the development of their country.

I salute you on the occasion of the historic day of 18 November and I tell you that the battle to improve the living conditions of the Haitian people will not stop. This is what makes that I am determined to put in place a public force, so that security and peace prevails throughout the country. For people who have money are not afraid to come and invest, so that we can remove the children of country from unemployment, hunger, darkness, misery and ignorance.

People who are against the Peace and stability are the enemy of democracy. People who are against the Peace and stability are the enemy of development, are the enemies of the country, the enemy of the people.

It is only in peace and stability, we can put the country on the track of development. Our ancestors gave their blood in the battle to give us freedom and an independent country. Ourselves today, we must make peace to build the democracy in a Rule of law where there is justice and respect for others.

I will never tired to repeats, that it is in the way that our ancestors have traced, that we must seek the people's victory, and for that we need a strong state, I mean a State, that is to the advantage of everyone who gives results and who is serving the interest of the people. Yes, we want a government that fights corruption, that creates jobs and enables young people to realize their dreams with respect and dignity.

The difference should not divide us, it should instead enrich us to find the strength and light to construct this Haiti we all dream of. In the same spirit of unity that has allowed our ancestors to achieve victory of Vertières, this victory that we celebrate today, I ask you to put together, so that democracy does not become a weapon, or an instrument, so that one does not break the others, but, so that we make of it a tool, a tool to rebuild our country in peace, in safety, while sending our children to school, giving food to everyone, creating opportunity to provide work to all, so that Haiti can really change.

Haitian people,

The time has therefore come for us to open a new chapter in the history of this great land, it is imperative that we relearn to live together in harmony and peace to focus us on what unites us, brings us closer and unites us in order to go together towards the new Haiti, this Haiti that we maintain all in our dreams for ages.

And in this day of communion with our great ancestors, I invite you all to drink from this source of citizen transcendence, that is the battle of Vertières and swear that you will dedicate yourself in all compartments of the national life, to prove that you are the true heir and custodian of this emancipatory gesture.

Following the example of the valiant of Independence, walk together of a step sure and conquering, towards this Haiti regenerated, that all of us especially today ambition to establish.

Vive Vertières, Vive Haiti

Thank you"

Message of Prime Minister on the occasion of the commemoration of the Battle of Vertières

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