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Haiti - Elections : Who is Michel Martelly?
16/09/2010 10:41:20

Haiti - Elections : Who is Michel Martelly?
During the electoral campaign, HaitiLibre will publish texts, portraits and biographies of each participant in the presidential race so that the voters can better know those which aspire to the presidency of Haiti. [The texts reproduced are those provided by candidates, parties or appearing on their official website and are not texts written by HaïtiLibre].

Today we invite you to discover the candidate Michel Martelly party "Repons peyizan"

Michel Martelly

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Martelly and was born in Port-au-Prince on February 12, 1961. His mother, a de Pradines had music in her blood, but she may not have known her son would follow the family tradition and become very successful.

The Martelly’s were an honest and hardworking family; early on Michel was taught the value of work and discipline; at home he learned respect, sharing and hard work.

He attended Collège Roger Anglade, Saint Louis de Gonzague and Centre d’Etudes Secondaires, where he completed his studies and passed his Baccalaureate State exams. The young man’s charisma attracts with an inviting smile and friendly face, then the renegade surprises by challenging the rules; this complex persona attracted the attention of both his classmates and his teachers.

This natural entertainer and friendly teenager charmed and seduced. A piano and a microphone were the only tools needed for him to become very well known. He would have to leave Haiti high school and travel to the USA where he studied and worked in construction.

That was the genesis of the musician–comedian and national live wire, who says into a microphone what others dare not think aloud, and who became a smashing success in an business where many talents have been condemned to poverty and disappointment. With amazing energy, the Sweet Micky character became a celebrity way beyond our borders, at times sounding fresh at other times courageous, and always counting on the effect of surprise; this entertainer sought to amuse and captivate the public while he preached Love, Peace and Progress.

1987 was his lucky year, he rediscovers a longtime friend, Sophia Saint Rémy, from Gonaives. Today, twenty-three years later, they still share a profound bond. From their marriage were born four children: Michel-Olivier, Michel-Alexandre, Michel-Yani, and Malaika-Michel, to whom, despite his hectic schedules, Michel has been a wonderful father.

They began to work as a team, she was the agent and Michel the act; they trekked the whole country, every state, every town and village. From the most sumptuous palace to the most humble abode he brought joy and was in complete communion with the Haitian spirit. From this professional experience, he has gained a profound knowledge of the country.

Grateful for their luck and thankful for the success, the Martelly’s did not remain insensitive when surrounded by such poverty and misery. This feeling of civic duty and a sense of social responsibility were channeled into different charitable activities that finally became the Pink and White Foundation, FREB.

Using discretion as their ally, they started making a difference in the lives of people who no longer counted in this society. A tremendous amount of work was accomplished, tons of food staples were distributed and thousands of cooked meals were handed out; however, little publicity was allowed, a rather quiet dignity and timid generosity shrouded these activities, “Haitian suffering is not for sale” Michel has been known to say; “Haiti is too rich to be poor!” another famous phrase. He condemned the system obsolete explaining that it has totally lost its’ social consciousness; it is inefficient and cannot even serve the most destitute citizens. We believe that to change will require being painfully unpopular, but change is inevitable.

The Sweet Micky entertainment group collected successes and was popular everywhere regardless of social economic belonging. The man who captured our hearts in rhythm and made us sing the same tune and dance together now leads a movement of social harmony around one flag, one vision, one slogan: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

Open to consensus, Michel Martelly is convinced that the time for change has come. The Haitian socio-political scene suffered cracks beyond repair. We must rebuild and this time with better standards and with more ambitious performance criteria. We must rebuild, of course, but not only physical reconstruction efforts, we will also restructure the systems of governance, of ethics and the principles governing living together as a people. We will activate a revival of Haitian mentality for productivity in Agriculture, as well as in Culture and Tourism. Most importantly, we will begin by making true the dream of an Educational system that provides high quality training for all ages and all social economic groups. Because Haiti’s true treasures remain in the potential for development of human resources and the diversity of investment possibilities that can create rapid economic growth.

The vision of a Martelly presidency is one of a leader who knows how to take to bull by its horns and win the battles he undertakes. President Michel Martelly will bring us into a new era of pride, success and progress.

HaitiLibre invites the candidates approved to forward to us for publication, their portrait or biography as soon as possible.

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