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Haiti - Politic : Message to the Nation of President Martelly
17/10/2014 10:02:41

Haiti - Politic : Message to the Nation of President Martelly
On the occasion of the commemoration of the 208th death anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines [1758-1806], who was assassinated in Pont Rouge October 17, 1806, President Michel Martelly address a message to the Nation.

Message of President Martelly
"Haitians, brothers and sisters,

Today it is 208 years since the Father of the Nation is dead, it is always a time of sadness, pain and bad memories, it is also a time that reminds us of the sacrifices that this man done to achieve a different view on this land.

A vision that wanted to divorce of injustice, of acts 'gwo ponyet' and social inequality.

A vision in which the land can become fertile, with the sweat and blood of slaves, so that all the children of Haiti, can live with dignity.

A vision to build a country where 'tout moun se moun', where all have the same chance, the same rights, the same privileges, whatever its social status, regardless of their means.

A vision of liberty, equality and fraternity.

Today is a day to show our respect and appreciation to Dessalines, a man who was ahead of his time, long before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

October 17, 1806, that vision has fallen. On October 17 the division, personal interests buried the body of Father of the Nation.

On October 17th the division took over the union, this union that gave us independence, October 17, 1806 has killed the dream, killed the dream and vision that Dessalines had.

More than 200 years later, because we are brother and sister because we have the same blood, because we are condemned to live together, we must finish the job, respect the commitment that was made to make us a great Nation.

I draw two lessons from this engagement.

The first lesson is in the war of independence where Dessalines had met Pétion at the haut of Cap, Petion who was his adversary in the South, he asked Pétion : 'Manman' or 'papa' which ? Pétion had replied without thinking maman, because the 'maman' for Pétion was Haiti. Since then, the chire pit' had stopped between Dessalines and Pétion and they had put together for the war of independence, to fight for their mother, Haiti.

The victory of independence, it was a victory of solidarity, gathering, gathering over the division, a victory for the union, the union of ideological opposition, a victory over personal interests, the victory of harmony on the contradiction.

Today, we must use this example to understand that this is only the gathering, that can lead us on the path to victory before all the challenges we have to overcome for Haiti stand up again.

The second lesson is that the death of one person does not make sense, the 'kraze brize', this does not allow great ideas to change lives. The death of a person is not a victory. 'Kraze brize' is not a victory.

I continue to believe that the great battle to change the conditions of life can not be a battle against a regime, can not be a battle against each other. The great battle to change lives, to put the country on the road to development, it is a battle for more ideas spring, for real change.

I can tell you with great pride that today we have a responsible state, a state that believes in its role to work in order to awaken the consciousness of freedom in the minds of all Haitians.

What type of society are we going to leave our children ? What kind of country we will leave them ? If we find no answer to these questions quickly, we are on the road to betray the dream of Dessalines yet another time.

Fortunately, it is not too late. As long as there are men and women of good will, we are able to do it, for that, we must learn to do better, show maturity, wisdom, forgiveness, unity to find the political stability to be able to guarantee peace and allow the investments are made in the country.

We need reconciliation and forgiveness, because the the sacrifice demand to encourage union, sharing, gathering instead of division and hatred.

I will continue to make the way for social justice can take magnitude, by building more schools, build roads to allow each other to meet, to increase domestic production, for there health care everywhere.

The commemoration of October 17 should give us the courage, the courage to put our forces together to say noit is necessary for this to end and say yes, we need to change that.

We must organize, we have to agree, that we gathered, that we collected our characters, our convictions, to restore the independence and sovereignty of this piece of land that calls us 'che met, che metres'.

The commemoration of this October 17, it is a time to reconcile us with ourselves, to be reconciled with each other, taking the road of the gathering for tomorrow to be more beautiful.

It is time for Haitian stop destroying the Haitian dream, it's time to unite for the children of Haiti make one, so that together we took the decision not to go back again, but contrary to advance on the path of change, progress and development.

Vive Papa Dessalines
Vive Haiti"

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