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Haiti - Politic : The Executive signs an agreement with 4 opposition parties
12/01/2015 09:13:56

Haiti - Politic : The Executive signs an agreement with 4 opposition parties
Sunday at the Hotel Kinam, President Michel Martelly, signed an agreement with 4 opposition parties, Kontra pèp la, INITE, Ayisyen pou Ayiti and the Fusion des socio-démocrate. This agreement entitled "Agreement for a sustainable exit from the political crisis" merely clarify and formalize the points on which the executive and the parties have already agreed last Wednesday https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-12895-haiti-politic-12-hours-of-marathon-negotiations.html

The agreement signed this time by 4 opposition parties, remains open for signature by other political formations that wish to join the new coalition agreement.

Text of the agreement :

"[...] Aware that their country Haiti going through a major political crisis that could affect the proper functioning of the state;
Concerned about the adverse consequences that could result in a lack of consensus on a comprehensive agreement to end the crisis that takes account of legitimate demands of all sectors of Haitian society;
Concerned about recover as soon as possible, the fullness of national sovereignty by putting everything for a Haitian solution is found to the political crisis;

Eager to promote dialogue and negotiations as conflicts and finding solutions settlement mechanism;

Determined to find all appropriate measures to create favorable conditions for the organization of free, fair, inclusive, credible and sovereign;

Whereas it is essential to put in place a package of additional measures to meet the demands of the population;

Considering the acceptance by the President of the Republic of the recommendations of the report by the Consultative Commission;

Agreed to the following:

1. Acknowledge the fact that important step towards resolving the crisis has been made with the resignation of the Prime Minister and his government, the resignation of the President of the Supreme Court and the nine members of the Provisional Electoral Council and the release of several prisoners "so-called political".

2. Decide to make every effort to restore confidence in the institutions and achieve make legislative elections for two-thirds of the Senate and the deputies, for the local authorities and presidential elections before the end of 2015.

On the electoral issue in general and the Provisional Electoral Council in particular:
3. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) will be formed in the spirit of Article 289 of the Constitution to restore confidence in the electoral process and ensure the independence and impartiality of the institution. To achieve CEP members will be proposed by various sectors of Haitian civil society who have no party affiliation and no active part in the elections.

4. The public authorities, public administration and political parties will not be represented in the CEP.

4. The public authorities, public administration and political parties will not be represented in the CEP.

5. The following entities were selected to propose names to the CEP:

1. One by the Episcopal Conference of Haiti;
2. One by Reformed Worship, coordinated by the Protestant Federation of Haiti and the Episcopal Church of Haiti;
3. One by the Peasant Sector / Voodoo, coordinated by KOREPLA, KOZE PEP, TETKOLE TI PEYIZAN AYISYEN and the Confederation of vaudouisants of Haiti;
4. One by the Patronal Sector, coordinated by the Economic Forum of the private sector;
5. One by the Trade Union Sector, coordinated by NECH and CGT;
6. One by the Sector Press, coordinated by ANMH;
7. One by the University Sector, coordinated by the Conference of Rectors and Presidents of University of Haiti;
8. One by the Sector Woman, coordinated by Fanm Yo La and SOFA;
9. One by the Human Rights Sector, coordinated by POHDH.

6. Each of the above sectors will present two independent persons without party affiliation, one of which is the main choice, the other alternative choices.

7. The three sectors: University Sector, Woman Sector and Trade Union Sector must necessarily refer to the two choices of female personalities.

8. The President will name by order the new CEP with a mandate to organize elections provided for in 2 of this Agreement.

9. The new CEP will evaluate the work already undertaken by the resigning CEP will ensure the continued implementation of operational structures with transparency and will bring all necessary adjustments to achieve an impartial electoral apparatus.

10. The new government of consensus mentioned below should integrate into the general budget of the republic a budget line for the public financing of political parties as provided in the law on political parties. Provisions will also be established to finance the organization of elections and the election campaign.

11. The new government will create an environment conducive to the holding of elections in a secure environment.

12. All political parties and independent candidates must commit to respect the code of ethics developed by the CEP.

13. The resources of the State and Public Administration will not be used for partisan purposes, especially during the electoral campaign.

14. State media will offer air time to all candidates based on the importance of national coverage of their party.

15. A bipartisan commission (presidency and political parties) works in the search for a consensus on changes to the electoral law to be proposed to Parliament.

On the Court of Cassation :
16. The Government of consensus mentioned below verifies the validity of the appointment of judges of the Court of Cassation whose appointment has been considered irregular and, if necessary, request the President of the Republic and the Senate to fill positions to be filled. To expedite the process, the Senate will make choices among the candidates already considered eligible, including those that could possibly be asked to resign.

On the consensus government :
17. The signatory parties note that a prime minister was appointed by the President of the Republic without the agreement of all parties. This appointment being made, the President of the Republic, in accordance with the Constitution, will take if he wishes, the necessary measures to obtain the confidence of the Chambers. If rejected, a new prime minister will be chosen by consensus and the government formed the same way.

18. In case of new choice of consensus Prime Minister, the latter should as far as possible have the following profile:

a. Meet the constitutional requirements to fill the function of prime minister.
b. Being a woman or a man from political parties and civil society, and that inspires confidence to the different actors.
c. Having the ability to motivate and be able to reassure all sectors involved in the crisis.
d. Know well the political landscape and have the ability to talk to all the main actors, taking into account the demands of all sectors of national life.
e. Having a good knowledge of the functioning of public administration.

19. The signatory parties undertake to preserve as much as possible the spirit prevailing at the formation of the consensus government until the next election.

20. The consensus government's mission is primarily to create conditions to facilitate the holding of free, transparent and inclusive sovereign under the provisions of this Agreement.

21. It is understood that the Prime Minister and members of the consensus government will commit to not be a candidate in the upcoming elections.

On the role of Parliament :
22. The President and parliamentarians agree on a legislative agenda and ways to avoid an institutional vacuum.

On the situation of the interim executive agents :
23. The consensus government will proceed with the revaluation of the appointment of acting agents and will provide the optionally the replacement of agents that can not be accepted.

24. The current interim executive officers who have not resigned within thirty (30) days, and those who will be appointed following the posting of changes to the electoral law, can not stand as candidates in the upcoming elections.

On the structural measures :
25. It is the role of consensus government to start to implement structural measures to ensure the stability and governability of the country and to initiate immediate action to ensure good governance by focusing on :

a. streamlining of the management of public finances;
b. moralization of the functioning of public institutions;
c. creating conditions to attract investments that create well-paying permanent jobs;
d. boosting domestic production;
e. wealth creation and fair distribution to reduce poverty;
f. reform of the judicial system;
g. strengthening the response capacity of the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes.

A roadmap will be established to guide the implementation of the above structural measures.

26. In terms of the 1987 Constitution, it is desirable to initiate the consultations at the national level to build the consensus necessary for the adoption of amendments deemed necessary. The Constitution being the foundation on which our democracy must be based, it is important to respect as much as possible the rules and procedures provided for its amendment.

27. It is understood that this agreement may be amended only after formal agreement between the signatories of this.

28. This Agreement will be signed and executed by the parties, each in what concern it.

Done at Port-au-Prince, the eleven (11) January two thousand and fifteen (2015) Year two hundred and twelfth (212th) of Independence."

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