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Haiti - Elections : Fraud festival of Jacmel
05/12/2010 13:39:45

Haiti - Elections : Fraud festival of Jacmel
Friday, several representatives of different political parties in Jacmel have continued to request cancellation of the November 28 elections. These speak of a "Blackout" at the departemental election office of South East (BED) where 5 days after election day, no light has been made, on the numerous incidents that disrupted the smooth conduct of the elections.

The relationship between Eleanor Mentor (President), Jean Philippe Rony (Vice President) and Antenord Warrior (Advisors at the Departmental Electoral Office of South East (BED) are very conflicting which has had serious consequences for the functioning of the BED.

Since November 28, in the evening, after its decision to close the BED, in response to spontaneous demonstrations of the various political party representatives and voters alleging fraud and irregularities, "Councillor Antenord Guerrier left the department under pretext which it was taken as an hostage and save narrowly" declared Éleonor Mentor, "I'm in the oven and the mill, at the tabulation center, since I'm the only one present. As President, I must assume my responsibilities. As for other members, they do not care" she said, while taking her distance from the local press, she refused any statement.

Brief resume of the election day on November 28, 2010
For the department of South-east, which has 125 voting centers (621 BV), in 8 electoral constituency, for 10 communes, here is a resume of the incidents reported by constituency.

Constituency of La Vallée : Commune of La Vallée :
These voting centers (CV) were closed before 4:00 pm:

Voting center St-Ange à Lavanneau (7 BV)
École Nationale Bellevue (2 BV)
École Nationale Lacroix (7 BV)
École Nationale Colin (7 BV)
École Nationale Ste Rose de Dade (2 BV)

Reason : According Anténord Guerrier, this is due to non delivery of ballots for candidates for deputies. He spoke of logistical errors of Minustah and the CEP. Consequently, the population of the 2nd constituency of La Vallée, refused to fulfill its civic duty, despite a call for the continuation of the elections, for the vote of the candidates to the senate and the presidency.

Constituency Belle-Anse : Commune of Belle-Anse :
École Nationale Kalumette with (2 polling station suspended and recommenced)
École Nationale « Nan Malgre » ( 1 voting center suspended and recommenced)

Reason : Rumors of attacks of these voting centers.

Constituency of Jacmel: Commune de Jacmel :
Members of polling station and representatives, have abandoned their positions in several voting center in the town of Jacmel before counting at the following voting center:

École Nationale de Meyer
École Nationale Charles Moravia
École Nationale Evelyna Levy
Lycée Pinchinat
Lycée Célie Lamour

Reason : The voting center of Lycée Célie Lamour, was ransacked in the night by demonstrators who erected burning barricades in various arteries of the city of Jacmel. Which resulted in the abandonment of electoral staff (Members of the polling station, security electoral and supervisors) and made it impossible to count the ballots. The demonstrators demanded the cancellation of the poll, due to massive fraud.

Constituency Cayes-Jacmel-Marigot: Commune of Cayes-Jacmel, Commune of Marigot :
2 polling station on 6, of the voting center École Nle St Roc (Pérédo) were closed.

Reason : Ballot stuffing, attack by two gunmen

The demonstration in Cayes-Jacmel, after 4pm have forced election officials (Members of the polling station, security electoral and supervisors) to leave their posts.

Constituency of Thiotte-Grand Gosier: Commune of Thiotte, Commune of Grand-gosier :
École nationale Marmirande (not counting)
École nationale de Thiotte (not counting)

Reason : Abandonment of the electoral staff (Members of the polling station, security electoral and supervisors)

Constituency of Anse à Pitre : Commune of Anse a pitre :
École nationale de Bois d’horme (not counting)

Reason : Abandonment of the electoral staff (Members of the polling station, security electoral and supervisors)

The minutes of the communes Thiotte, Grand Gosier, Anse à Pitre, Belle-Anse and Cote de Fer are the last received by the BED via the Minustah helicopter. 621 minutes should be recovered by the BED on 125 voting center, from the 10 communes of the Sud'Est. However, several polling station have not been counted. Many minutes arrived at BED without mentioning the number of voters and without the signature of closure members of the polling stations, the area, the voting center. These minutes have been quarantined.

Note : About 1863 minutes (PV) expected at BED, only 1393 (75%) were received.

15 Voting center(CV) annuled;

Jacmel (5) :
Evélina Levie (1 CV)
Lamandou (1 CV)
Lycée Pinchinat (1 CV)
Lycée Célie Lamour (1 CV)
Charles Moravia (1 CV)

La Vallée (7) :
Cité Lumière (1 CV)
Colin (1 CV)
Bellevue (1 CV)
Saint-Ange (1 CV)
La Croix (1 CV)
Dade (1 CV)
Muzac. (1 CV)

Other (3) :
Thiotte (1 CV),
Marigot (1 CV)
Cayes-Jacmel (1 CV)

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