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Haiti - Politic : First speech of Aristide
18/03/2011 17:05:38

Haiti - Politic : First speech of Aristide
The former President, dressed in a dark blue suit, descended the aircraft in smiling, accompanied by his wife Mildred and his two daughters who cried of emotion. He received a ceremonial welcome from the Secretary General of the Haitian Presidency, Fritz Longchamp, in the presence of some 50 people who came to welcome him. A little later the former President Jean Bertrand Aristide went to VIP lounge of the airport, to give his first speech at a press conference.

"My sisters and brothers if you could lay your hands on my heart you would be able to feel how he beats more quickly to say bravo, bravo thank you, thank you" remembering not to forget the victims of the disaster of japan.

"honor respect, honor for you, and respect in memory of the 300,000 victims of the earthquake" thanking the President Zuma, Mbeki, Mandela, his brothers and sister of central Africa from Jamaica and South Africa "Even if Haiti is far from Africa, we will never forget the roots of our culture, we always tell our children and grandchildren to remember where our ancestors come [...] Unity makes strength, the division makes the weakness [...] my sisters, my brothers, as you know the beautiful rose of the recognition of the country, Haiti, will always flourish for true foreign friends that we have, who are here with us, or in various other countries..."

Then he greeted his sisters and brothers of Cuba and especially the Cubans physicians who are engaged in the fight against cholera.

"My brothers and sisters if you could lean your head on my heart, you will hear how it beats faster, you would hear the way he sings a song of consolation for Haiti. Haiti our mother who needs to breathe oxygen from the dignity..."

"...since the earthquake, if I could transform the rooms of my heart, in rooms of the house, I already know how much room would find that all the victims, to stop sleeping in the street, in the mud [...] humiliation... [applause] Yes, the humiliation of a Haitian, is humiliation for all Haitians. When the dignity of a haitian is wounded, is the dignity of all Haitians who bleeds. Our blood is the blood of Toussaint Louverture, we can not betray our blood. My sisters, brothers, today the delivery of the return was made ​​under the shadow of Toussaint Louverture. When they kidnapped him for exile him, in June 1802, he had already said there are many roots of freedom and that they are well planted, cut the trunk of the freedom is one thing, but never all the roots can not be eliminated..."

"...Today, under the shadow of Toussaint Louverture, we are happy to come and stand with all young people, you, the new generation who wanted an education in the dignity without exception... the problem is the exclusion, the solution is the inclusion. The exclusion of Fanmi Lavalas is the exclusion of the majority. The exclusion of the majority equal to cut the branch on which we sit. The problem is the exclusion, the solution is the inclusion of all Haitians without bias, because Tout moun sé moun"

"For the honor of Jean Jacques Dessalines we just bring our little help, if the little ball of education is centered on the ground of the dignity, we put the exclusion outside and in this way, the new generation will start to benefit of the wealth who sleep in the bowels of Haiti : gold, copper, uranium, bauxite, silver ... The calcium carbonate which is Paillant, Miragoane exceeds 23 billion U.S. dollars. Oil reserves are probably larger than we think ... Haitians ourselves, we are the greatest wealth..."

"For seven years we have communicated remotely, today we are here to spread peace all around, all the time [...] Yourselves Haitians who love peace, we condemn all forms of violence, so that the education of the youth can lead to mental peace and peace in the belly. [...] We're here, to go where there is misery, hunger, unemployment, insecurity... Haiti is very sick, from February 29, 2004 until today, the disease became more serious... The biggest hope for Haiti are the Haitians , the biggest cure for Haiti is love... [...] If the outbreak of the crocus depends on the rays of the sun, the outbreak in Haiti depends on the Sun of our love"

"My role is to serve you in love, your role is to live so that Haiti does not die, the role of a patriot is to love his country ... [applause] "

Aristide then left the airport aboard of a armored vehicle through a crowd of several thousand supporters came to welcome him, waving in a festive atmosphere, signs in Creole: "Welcome back to President Aristide," President Aristide you are a symbol for the Haitian people" before joining his home in Tabarre.

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