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Haïti - Reconstructions : Declarations at the Security Council
06/04/2011 17:15:59

Haïti - Reconstructions : Declarations at the Security Council
The President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos has assured the rotating presidency of the Security Council this April 6, 2011. The Colombia has one of the 10 non-permanent seats of the Council for a period of two years. The permanent members with right of veto are the United States, Russia, France, Britain and China.

Alongside the Colombian president, also attended the foreign ministers of Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, of the Dominican Republic and Cuba, and former U.S. President Bill Clinton, UN Special Envoy, the outgoing President of Haiti, René Préval and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos :
The President of Colombia has reminded that is to the Haitians to lead the reconstruction of their country, assisted by the International Community "We have achieved our goals with the current system of cooperation" declared Santos "Peace is not built by increasing dependency."

Santos has proposed to strengthen the UN mission in Haiti, with more civilian rather than military. The President has talked about sending more engineers, recalling the priority task of removing the debris so that Haitians are beginning to remember their country as it was before the earthquake If you have a mission of UN operations in Haiti, why not use it to meet the immediate needs ?" questioned Santos.

The President of Colombia said that the Haitians must "privilege the means" and the international community must help to rebuild homes for "resolve the situation of thousands of people still living under tents."

Santos also said that 60% of youth of the nation can not continue to rely on assistance sporadic "What will to happen for the children of Haiti when donors will leave ?"

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon :
The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during his presentation of the situation in Haiti in front of the members of the Security Council, urged the next president to erect the consolidation and the reform of the rule of law as a priority "Rule of law reform must be a top priority for Haiti's next President."

"The people of Haiti are looking to the next Government and parliament to deliver. As a signal of its commitment to change, the incoming parliament should complete the process of amending the constitution before the next president is inaugurated", he pointed out.

"The international community must also seize this opportunity to make a fresh start. Assistance should empower Haitian actors and institutions, not prolong their dependency." For Ban Ki-moon, the reconstruction is one of the most important priorities. To date, only a little over 20% of the 10 million cubic meters of debris have been cleared.

Ban Ki-moon said that "only large-scale investments in Haiti's water and sanitation system will protect against another outbreak. And the withdrawal of some humanitarian agencies from cholera treatment centres and camps risks creating a shortage in the provision of services." He recalled that "the Cholera Appeal is 45 per cent funded, and the overall Haiti Appeal received only 10 per cent of the requested funds. Additional financial support is urgently needed. Strong coordination between UN agencies, the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission and the new Government will also be crucial", he estimated.

The UN chief also noted that the Haitian economy was "is on its knees. Public institutions are barely able to deliver essential services. Millions of Haitians remain dependent on the assistance of non-governmental organizations to meet their most basic needs. Too many women and girls live in fear of sexual violence", he hammered.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton :
The special envoy for Haiti and former President Bill Clinton, has called the new government of Haiti to maintain the current level of cooperation between national authorities and donor countries "Now that a new President is elected and a new administration will start working, it is more important than ever to continue with the cooperation promoted by President René Préval. "

He stressed that the attempt made in Haiti in order to coordinate the work is "something that had never happened before with other disasters" and indicated that this cooperation has allowed the IHRC, put in place for the reconstruction of the country, to approve "more than 87 projects that will help millions of Haitians" once completed. Bill Clinton stressed the importance that these tasks are carried out in greater transparency so that donors know what is done with their money.

"The idea is to take the development plan of the Haitian government and to ensure that all approved projects are consistent with," said former U.S. President, for which, it is important that all these projects be achieved in the idea of ​​strengthening the institutional system in Haiti. Recognizing that this requires funding, he indicated that 37% of the money pledged to the donors conference in New York in March 2010, had already been paid and said that the donations are "very important to accelerate the reconstruction and support the various projects launched by the Government of Haiti through the IHRC". "My position remains that Haiti's future must be decided by the Haitian people", welcoming the various government plans put forward regarding the housing construction, the education and health.

Haitian President René Préval :
The outgoing President of Haiti, Rene Préval, in his speech before the Security Council, has invited "future leaders of Haiti to lead a government of peace, openness, inclusiveness, open to dialogue, in the respect of the rights of association and of freedom of expression". He also asked to the future members of Parliament "to adopt a positive attitude of cooperation" even if they are critical with the government. He also asked the UN and in particular to the Security Council, to undertake "a reflection on the effectiveness of interventions in his country, after nearly eleven years of military presence in a country without war" referring to the successive international missions that the country has seen since the 90s.

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