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Haiti - Covid-19 : Daily Bulletin March 18, 2020
18/03/2020 11:35:41

Haiti - Covid-19 : Daily Bulletin March 18, 2020
Wednesday March 18, 2020, the number of people infected worldwide with Covid-19 since the start of the epidemic amounted to 198,193 (laboratory-confirmed cases, official source), up 14.995 cases (+ 8.19%) by report the day before, https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-30290-haiti-covid-19-daily-bulletin-march-17-2020.html (only 48 more cases in China including the national cure rate (up) is currently 85.9%).

Since the start of the epidemic 81,961 people have been cured of Covid-19 (+ 2.8%), which is 2,232 more than yesterday.

The number of people infected worldwide is currently 108,278 (+ 12.42% compared to the previous day).

7,954 people have died from Covid-19 worldwide (+ 11.12% compared to yesterday) since the start of the epidemic, 796 more than the day before (7,158).

Since the start of the epidemic outside China 117,092 (+ 14.64%) confirmed cases, 14,952 more cases than yesterday have been reported to date, in a total of 155 countries. Note that the 10 most affected countries (Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Netherlands) represent 83.5% of all cases.

4,713 deaths have been reported outside China and the 10 countries mentioned above account for 94.76% of all deaths.


United States :
6,496 active confirmed cases (+ 39.7%) compared to the previous day, ie 1,835 more cases. States affected by Covid-19 (active case): New York 1,708 cases (+ 78.47%), Massachusetts 218 (+ 10.09%), Florida 217 (+ 35.6%), Georgia 146 (+ 20.66%), Pennsylvania 115 (+ 45.57%), Illinois 161 (+ 53.3%), Louisiana 196 (+ 44.1%), California 699 (+ 28.49%) among others... Since the diagnosis of the first case, 114 deaths have been recorded in the USA (+ 34.1% since the standby)

Canada : 596 active confirmed cases (+ 9.56%), including 175 in British Columbia (+ 84.2%), 97 in Alberta (+ 31.08%), 184 in Ontario (+ 6.9%) and 74 in Quebec (+ 48%). 8 deaths reported in Canada : 7 in British Columbia and 1 in Ontario.

France : 7,695 active cases (+ 15.6%), ie 1,040 more cases and 148 deaths (unchanged).

Argentina: 74 active cases (+ 23.3%)
Bahamas: 1 active case (unchanged)
Brazil: 318 active cases (+ 37.07%)
Chile: 201 active cases (+ 29.68%)
Colombia: 64 active cases (+ 20.75%)
Cuba: 5 active cases (+ 25%)
Ecuador: 109 active cases (+ 94.6%)
French Guinea: 11 active cases (unchanged)
Cayman Islands: 1 active case (unchanged)
Jamaica: 10 active cases (-23%)
Martinique: 15 active cases (+ 7.14%)
Mexico: 78 active cases (+ 59.18%)
Panama: 68 active cases (+ 25.93%)
Peru: 116 active cases (+ 63.3%)
Dominican Republic: 20 imported cases (unchanged), the Covid-19 does not circulate.
Suriname: 1 active case (unchanged)
Trinidad & Tobago: 5 active cases (+ 25%)
Venezuela: 3 active cases (+ 94.1%)



French Embassy, reduced services :
Following announcements by French President Emanuel Macron, the French Embassy in Haiti has suspended the issuance of visas since Tuesday March 17, 2020. This concerns all types of visas: Schengen and DFA, ordinary passports and official passports. The Consulate invites applicants to postpone their administrative procedures.

Furthermore, with regard to the issuance of identity cards and passports, only the issuance of passes will be ensured to help French nationals passing through or in difficulty in Haiti to return to France, if they are deprived of travel document and only by direct flight.

Fermeture des services consulaires :
En raison de l’évolution du Covid-19 et des risques de contamination, le consulat d'Haïti à Santiago en République Dominicaine informe que ses services seront suspendu à partir de ce mercredi 18 mars jusqu'à nouvel ordre. Le mardi 24 mars les passeports disponibles au Consulat pourront être livrés, la date de réception des nouvelles demandes vous sera communiquée ultérieurement. En cas d’extrême urgence pour un titulaire de passeport déjà disponible au Consulat, l'intéressé peut appeler au 809-344-77-26. Le Consulat rappelle que le numéro d'urgence est le 809-671-4526 24/24, et exhorte les ressortissantes à prendre les mesures de précaution nécessaires tout en suivant les consignes des autorités sanitaires dominicaines pour diminuer le risque de contamination.

L'Ambassade d'Haïti en République Dominicaine avise le Public qu'en raison de l'évolution du COVID-19 (Nouveau Coronavirus), la Section consulaire de l'Ambassade est fermée jusqu'à nouvel ordre.


State of emergency:
Tuesday evening March 17, President Danilo Medina in a speech to the Nation announced that Wednesday will be submitted to Congress the declaration of a state of national emergency, to close the country's borders, land, sea and air, for the next 15 days from Thursday, March 18 6:00 am For the time being, foreigners' evacuation planes are still authorized to land. Only ships carrying food, fuel, medicine and essential supplies are allowed to dock in Dominican ports.

In addition, "Commercial activities are suspended for the next 15 days, except those dedicated to basic activities for the population: supermarkets, grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, banks and commercial establishments dedicated to the sale of Raw or cooked foods, among others. Schools and Universities also closed until April 13. In addition, certified private laboratories are authorized to carry out the Covid-19 test, under the strict supervision of the Ministry of Health, following established protocols and immediately reporting all detected cases to health authorities.

All national and international events, shows, cultural, artistic and sporting events, as well as activities in bars and clubs are suspended for 15 days. In the case of restaurants, only the collection and home delivery of food is authorized. Public and private medical service centers and medical laboratories are also allowed to operate normally.

The High-level Presidential Commission will announce in the coming days other additional measures to come into force during this state of emergency.


The Consulate General of Haiti in New York, given the Covid-19 pandemic, remains mobilized but must adapt its system, for this purpose, it will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to comply with the instructions American health authorities.

According to CNN, the United States and Canada are on the verge of limiting border crossings to essential travel only. The agreement, which is expected to be released within 48 hours, has not yet been finalized.

The New York Times (NYT) reports that President Donald Trump plans to immediately deport to Mexico all migrants who enter the country irregularly because of Covid-19. The United States will repatriate migrants without any period of detention or due process. This new measure, according to the NYT, should be announced in the next 48 hours.

Donald Trump plans to build temporary hospitals to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic; the US military could be involved in these constructions.


Limitation of sale of paracetamol :
the Medicines Agency (ANSM), worried about the risks of storage by individuals, announces that the sale of paracetamol recommended to combat the symptoms of Covid-19, is restricted in pharmacies and suspended on the Internet since Tuesday March 17. The sale will be limited to one box per person without symptoms or two boxes in case of fever or pain.

Increase in the fine for breach of confinement :
On Wednesday, a decree was published in the Official Journal, which stipulates that the lump sum fine of 135 euros for non-compliance with the confinement instructions is raised to 375 euros and takes effect immediately.

Limitation and certificate of travel :
The derogatory travel certificate that you must have with you and that you will find on this address to download and print : https://fr.scribd.com/document/452007797/Attestation-de-Deplacement-Derogatoire#from_embed must be redone every time you go out since it is dated. If you do not have a printer, the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner confirmed that it was possible to reproduce them by hand on free paper and also to present a digital version of the certificate on his smartphone.

Christophe Castaner announced after the Council of Ministers that a second certificate is now mandatory to justify his business trips to France, which must be completed by the employer.

Closure of certain markets :
The public markets which have a lot of stalls and offer products and non-food items are forced to close.

Tips :
Basic advice protect yourself and avoid the spread of Covid-19 as much as possible, in case of introduction in Haiti :

  • Always cough or sneeze into your sleeves or elbow, never on the other person's face or in your hands;
  • Use tissues to wipe your hands or face and then throw them in the trash and then wash your hands;
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap or alcoholic water. You can also use a "sanitizer";
  • Avoid close contact with someone with flu-like illness and invite them to seek treatment;
  • Avoid contact with vulnerable people if you are sick;
  • Avoid greetings like handshakes and kisses;
  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth;
  • Avoid large gatherings as much as possible;

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