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Haiti - «Karayib Klima» : 7 multi-country projects subsidized in Haiti
25/09/2021 10:41:52

Haiti - «Karayib Klima» : 7 multi-country projects subsidized in Haiti
As part of the "Karayib Klima" Project, the organizers announced this week that 13 grants, including 7 for Haitian organizations, have been awarded to multi-country coalitions of civil society organizations for the implementation of projects on climate resilience in the Creole-speaking Caribbean (Dominica, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin).

The 13 selected projects benefit from an average envelope of 40,000 euros to carry out a field action or an awareness campaign on the theme of climate resilience.

The funded projects fall into two categories:

Innovative field actions focusing on the experimentation of technical solutions that may affect the restoration of coral reefs, agroecology, rainwater harvesting, the creation of sustainable and short circuits or food security.

Projects receiving a grant:

1 - Haiti - Guadeloupe:
Strengthening actions for agricultural adaptation to climate change in the municipality of Beaumont (RE.AAA.CLI Beaumont)
The goal of the project is to strengthen the resilience of agroecosystems by sensitizing Guadeloupe and Haitian farmers to new agricultural habits that will enable them to cope with the consequences of climate change.

Main activities:

  • Awareness and training: Disseminate agronomic practices allowing groups of farmers to produce more sustainably and more efficiently;
  • Capacity building in agroecology: Improve planting skills while respecting the rules of agroecology.
  • Networking and transfer of know-how through exchanges and support for the development of the peasantry of Grand-Anse: Understanding agroecology and its economic, social and environmental dimensions.

2 - Haiti - Dominica:
Sustainable agroforestry and cultural tourism in Haiti: community-led climate resilience in the territory of Kalinago, Dominica and Grand Anse Haiti.
Led by a Dominican-Haitian coalition, this project aims to strengthen the resilience of farmers in sustainable agroforestry around cocoa and Larhouma while developing agrotourism practices.

Main activities:

  • Identify watersheds in the two territories, suitable for receiving targeted cultivation
  • practices (forest trees, cocoa trees, Larhouma)
  • Share the experiences and technical skills of partner organizations
  • Implement a training of trainers program
  • Provide populations with plants and support planting actions
  • Develop agro-tourism products: development of trails, development of routes

3 - Haiti - Guadeloupe:
Jaden Kréyol é Bitasyon: two complementary models of resilience
The goal of the project is to sensitize schoolchildren to climate resilience through reforestation activities and the creation of Creole gardens in the two countries.

Main activities:

  • Make available for an indefinite period an undeveloped, cultivable area dedicated to experimentation;
  • Educate and train young generations in the environment and sustainable development;
  • Improve the knowledge of the young generation on issues of climate resilience;
  • Organize a reforestation operation all around the two selected schools, one in Grand-Anse and the other in Nippes (planting a mixed fruit hedge);
  • Create a Creole garden in selected schools.

4 - Haiti - Dominica:
Cheese and tomato smile
This project aims to plant nutritious species and create solar drying workshops in order to ensure the food security of Dominican and Haitian communities while providing them with an additional source of income.

Main activities:

  • Planting and cultivation of high protein plants with specific species to prevent soil erosion and provide biomass for use as natural fertilizer;
  • Construction of 3 multipurpose dryers using 20-foot containers as community storage;
  • Development of a solar oven prototype and increased production to meet community needs and sell in other territories;
  • Transformation of planted crops: drying and crushing beans to produce flour.

Projects structured around advocacy or awareness campaigns on climate resilience aimed at young people, the private sector or the general public.

5 - Haiti - Martinique:
Understand the climate change, seize the emergency and act: Climate Fresco Workshops and Resilient Individual and Collective Strategy 2030
The goal of this project is to raise as many people as possible aware of climate resilience issues through playful La Fresque du Climat workshops in Martinique and Haiti and to train trainers in their implementation.

Main activities:

  • Organization of Climate Fresco workshops, individual workshops and Low Carbon workshops for companies and communities;
  • Training of trainers in Haiti to promote rapid expansion of workshops;
  • Translation and adaptation of content in Creole;
  • Collection during workshops of resilient practices and co-definition of adaptation tools in the Caribbean basin.

6 - Haiti - Saint-Martin - Guadeloupe:
"Konté pou on landemen ka vouè jou"
The purpose of this project is to raise awareness among populations from priority neighborhoods of these 3 countries about climate resilience by promoting their idea and making their voice heard on the issue.

Main activities:

  • Listening to experiences and perceptions: Investigation, collection and processing of more than 800 micro-stories in the neighborhoods;
  • Analyze: Multi-actor workshops bringing together members of the coalition and local partners, production of multimedia content for the general public and participatory meetings with neighborhood residents;
  • Share: Production of arguments for decision-makers, dissemination via partner platforms and local events or meetings, universities.

7 - Haiti - Grenada:
"Marine Junior Rangers Program"
This project aims to train young people through the Marine Junior Rangers program to raise public awareness of climate resilience issues in these two nations /.

Main activities:

  • Logistics, administration and HR: recruitment and training of MJR Leaders, materials and equipment, project management and reporting;
  • Creation and delivery of courses / training: special training courses for leaders and specialized activities related to environment and climate change for Rangers;
  • Awareness campaign: reinforcement on the use of social media and public speaking.

Learn more about "Karayib Klima":
Karayib Klima is a project designed and implemented by Unite Caribbean. In line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, it aims to strengthen climate resilience in the Caribbean by developing the capacities of civil society in terms of advocacy and project implementation. Karayib Klima encourages the deepening of regional cooperation by financially supporting the creation of multi-country coalitions. Karayib Klima is funded by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Energy Transition Agency (ADEME) and the Fondation de France. Twenty-seven projects bringing together more than 60 organizations were submitted during the call for projects which closed on December 13, 2020. To find out more about the project: https://www.karayib-klima.com

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