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Haiti - Social : 215th of the death of JJ Dessalines (message from Lesly Condé)
17/10/2021 09:34:22

Haiti - Social : 215th of the death of JJ Dessalines (message from Lesly Condé)
Sunday October 17, 2021, day of commemoration of the 215th anniversary of the assassination of the Founding Father of the Nation, Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines (September 20, 1758 - October 17, 1806), the Ex-Consul General of Haiti in Chicago Lesly Condé delivered a thoughtful message that we invite you to share:

Message from Lesly Condé :
"Dear compatriots and friends everywhere,

On the occasion of the 215th anniversary of the very unfortunate event that was the assassination of the founding father of the Haitian nation, I humbly bow down to the memory of this great man; while inviting you to contemplate with me the magnitude of its contribution to the history of humanity. Today, our historians pay a worthy tribute to Jean-Jacques Dessalines, and to the unparalleled courage of the men and women who chose to accompany him in this courageous adventure in the face of the powerful slave machine. But Emperor Jacques Premier was a visionary well ahead of his time and ours. His unwavering attachment to the ideals of justice and well-being for all won him powerful enemies. Following his execution, his name was banned from the vocabulary of the Nation for forty years by those who succeeded him.

To speak of the disappearance of Jean-Jacques Dessalines only two years after this brave General had led an army of slaves to victory is to evoke a page in our history which gives rise to so much pain and so much regret.

Indeed, for having been cowardly assassinated by some of his own brothers in arms even before being able to establish the bases of his brand new Nation, Jean-Jacques Dessalines was the victim of a double injustice. It might be better to say that our Nation is the great victim because when the Emperor Jacques I disappeared, his vision also disappeared. The decisions that were taken after this assassination stood in stark contrast to the philosophy of the Founding Father of the Haitian Nation. This philosophy advocated the unconditional well-being of the unknown heroes who had contributed, through their sacrifices, to the only successful slave revolt of all time. This vision cost Jean-Jacques Dessalines his life.

The man whose life we ​​celebrate today is not just a Haitian hero. It is a giant with planetary dimensions. He is a military genius and a staunch defender of human rights even before this concept was popularized and vandalized. There are heroes who are revered all over the world for their bravery and for their brilliantly recounted achievements. But above all it is about invaders and conquerors. They are honored for having subjugated their adversaries, and conquered their territories. Dessalines conquered freedom. And for having vigorously defended it against everyone, he was assassinated.

The country of Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines is facing one of the most deeply humiliating moments of its entire existence. The Dessalinian ideal from which we have gradually deviated over time, advocates absolute respect for ancestral values ​​as well as unwavering solidarity. This is the road map that Emperor Jacques Premier left us. The example of the greatest liberator of all time belongs to us, and is our lifeline.

Lesly Condé"
Former Consul General of Haiti in Chicago
(August 26, 2004 - May 25, 2018)

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