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Haiti - Travelers alert : Very high, indiscriminate and unpredictable risk of kidnappings
09/06/2022 10:40:04

Haiti - Travelers alert : Very high, indiscriminate and unpredictable risk of kidnappings
Travelers of passage and French living in Haiti, the Embassy of France in Haiti, reminds you of the risks incurred and the associated recommendations

Crime in Haiti:
Criminal violence is very high, especially in the two main cities of the country, Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien, where firearms circulate in abundance. Although the local population is the main affected, foreigners can also be the victims.

Periods of renewed acts of robbery are observed in all areas of the capital, at any time of the day, including in Pétion-ville. Single women are particularly targeted, especially when the vehicle is stationary in a traffic jam. It is therefore recommended to avoid driving alone and not to leave objects (handbags, packages, etc...) visible in the car. For outings, it is recommended to favor restaurants, cafes, bars and shops with closed and guarded parking, to exercise the greatest vigilance and discretion, to prohibit ostentatious signs of wealth and not to walk on foot under any circumstances. case.

Kidnapping :
Kidnappings agaisnt ransom take place regularly [more than 200 in May 2022 https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-36857-haiti-news-zapping.html ]. Foreigners can be the target. It is therefore strongly advised to follow the following recommendations:

  • Avoid taking isolated roads or streets and stay on major traffic routes. Do not rely on the routes suggested by orientation applications and guidance systems;
  • Limit travel and avoid traveling alone as much as possible;
  • Parking your vehicle in protected areas
  • Do not use public transport and local taxis and do not walk on the road or sidewalks;
  • In case of aggression, do not offer any resistance and do not make any gesture, movement or action that could be considered as a form of resistance;
  • Always ensure that your vehicle is in good working order and does not risk a breakdown along the way (have enough petrol in your tank);
  • Always drive with windows closed and doors locked, do not leave valuables visible inside vehicles;
  • Always keep an eye on your immediate surroundings. In the event of a suspicious situation, try, as far as possible, to reach a protected location and report the situation/incident to the French Embassy in Haiti.

Armed robbery at the exit of Port-au-Prince airport :
Faced with the frequency of armed attacks, sometimes fatal, on the way to the airport, targeting travellers, including family visits, it is strongly recommended:

  • Organize your reception by relatives or people you trust;
  • To ensure the utmost discretion on the purpose and terms of his travel, as well as on your final destination address;
  • Not to carry valuable clothing, accessories or luggage;
  • To limit the transport of valuables and sums of money in cash to a minimum, favoring bank transfers.

Before your departure, it is recommended to prepare a specific storage for the currency which will be used to pay the tourist tax, the luggage trolley and a possible porter, so that it is not possible to be identified as having on itself a large sum of money.

Assaults following withdrawal of money :
Due to the frequency of these attacks, you are reminded that it is important to handle your means of payment with care and with the utmost discretion. Cash withdrawals from certain bank branches and ATMs located in public places are to be avoided, due to the risk of violent attacks.

Risks associated with transport :
Road transport is the leading cause of death in Haiti and serious accidents are frequent.

It is generally dangerous to drive by car in the country, particularly in the provinces. Drivers are unpredictable, compliance with traffic laws is uncertain, roads are not always in good condition, particularly during the rainy season, and there are many obstacles.

The use of public transport (collective taxis, tap-tap, vans, minibuses, etc...) is to be avoided.

It is strictly not recommended to use an individual taxi. It is preferable to use chauffeur-driven vehicles provided by trusted service providers who have been recommended by close or well-known people.

Vessels serving tourist islands generally do not meet safety standards. It is recommended to ensure that they have all the necessary safety equipment.

Demonstrations :
Port-au-Prince, like the big cities of the country, can be the scene of demonstrations, sometimes very sudden and which can give rise to violence. These are regularly accompanied by roadblocks on the main roads. The National Police of Haiti (PNH) is in charge of maintaining order. It is recommended to stay away from gatherings, to take shelter in a protected place as soon as disturbances break out and to ensure that you always have access to provisions for a few days in order not to have to move.

Reminder of general recommendations:

  • Handle your means of payment with care. Cash withdrawals from ATMs located in public places and bank branches are to be avoided absolutely, because of the very high risk of aggression.
  • Do not put up resistance in the event of an armed attack, remain calm and courteous in all circumstances.
  • Renounce the use of motorcycle taxis and walking, especially at night.
  • Always lock the doors of your vehicle. Driving at night is strongly discouraged. If such a trip were necessary, it is recommended not to be alone in the vehicle, to drive with great caution, to inform those around you of the planned route and to schedule a telephone meeting upon arrival at your destination.
  • To stay away from crowd movements and demonstrations.
  • To always inform your contacts on site so that they can organize a reception, due to the shortcomings of the bus and taxi services at the country's two international airports.
  • To be vigilant with regard to tourist offers including mountain hikes. It is not recommended to camp or bivouac in mountainous areas ("mornes") considered as lawless areas.

French people visiting Haiti are strongly encouraged to register on the Ariane platform

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