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Haiti - Politic : The ratification of Garry Conille risk to be more political than technical...
06/09/2011 11:20:14

Haiti - Politic : The ratification of Garry Conille risk to be more political than technical...
The letter of designation of Dr. Garry Conille, as candidate for Prime Minister, was presented Monday to the Presidents of both Houses of Parliament. Prior to becoming Prime Minister, Garry Conille will have to face separately to the vote of both houses, for his ratification, if he completes this step he will have to obtain the majority on his general policy statement.

One of the obstacles that could meet the new candidate for Prime Minister's Office concerns his residence in Haiti under paragraph 5 of Article 157 of the Constitution which states that to be appointed a Prime Minister must "5) reside in the country for five (5) consecutive years"

The debates are announced very agitated around of the designation as Prime Minister, of the former Head of Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti the President William Clinton and several voices are raised already, to demonstrate: opposition or approval to the choice of President Martelly.

Professor Josué éLeon, is convinced that this is a decision that will not serve the interests of the Haitian population and is clearly opposed to the nomination of Garry Conille.

Senator Jean Hector Anacacis, promises for his part, to vote against Dr. Conille, because of the unconstitutionality of this choice. Brandishing also the Article 157 of the Constitution of 1987, he noted that Dr. Conille does not have five consecutive years of residence in the country.

Political scientist Jean Baptiste Remarais, does not see this designation of a good eye rejecting the argument, unfounded according to him, of Dr. Conille claiming that his permanent residence is in Haiti.

The Deputy Vikens Dérilus stated that the 58 deputies of the "majority" in the lower house are divided on the choice of Garry Conille, as Prime Minister...

For Edouard Paultre, head of the Haitian Council of Non State Actors (Conseil Haïtien des Acteurs Non Etatiques CONHANE) Dr. Conille "...is relatively young and brilliant [...] I think he has proven here in Haiti, he worked in various sectors, I think there are many things in his favor today, not only his personal qualities. [...] He has not really touched the politics in Haiti, which means that he is a person that is not debased by politics [...] another thing that plays in his favor is the urgent need to provide the country with a government, [...] it is of the responsibility of the men and women of the State to give to the country a government. The third thing [...] he has great confidence in the international community, which is not a bad thing [...] it is necessary that someone be able to talk to the various international sectors, the international community. Today he is this man and for my part, not only his personal qualities, his capacity for hard work, his leadership but also his experience with the international community, make of him a person who is able to reach this position."

Concerning the potential constitutional obstacles related to the 5 years of residence in Haiti of Dr. Conille, Édouard Paultre explains: "...I think Mr. Conille holds a diplomatic passport, is a senior United Nations, that means that he would have [with this passport] a statute of Haitian where he is [...] I do not know the issue of extraterritoriality, they are very specific issues in law and lawyers must decide on the issue, [...] Anyway, the parliamentarians, lawyers must decide on this issue.

We must take seriously the country, the urgency is to provide the country with a government, if not we are heading towards anarchy, [...] I do not say that we must take anyone, I do not say that we need o take people who have no ability, no experience, what I know is that the profiles of the Prime Ministers who were designated by Mr. Martelly, had profiles of those responsible, who shown their ability in this country, who worked here as a technician, businessman or as a professional, I think we should have respect with these personalities.

I appeal the parliamentarians, so that quickly, they take their responsibility, if not we will enter into anarchy..."

Article 157

To be appointed Prime Minister, you must:

1) be Haitian of origin and not have renounced its nationality;
2) be at least thirty (30) years of age;
3) enjoy its civil and political rights and have never been sentenced to an afflictive and infamous penalty ;
be owner in Haiti and practice a profession;
5) reside in the country for five (5) consecutive years;
6) Have been relieved of its responsibilities if the person has been accountable for public funds.

CV of Garry Conille, MD, MPH

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