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Haiti - Politic : Resume of the Foreign Affairs Committee
27/02/2012 14:26:54

Haiti - Politic : Resume of the Foreign Affairs Committee
Resume of the Meeting

Friday, February 24, 2012, at approximately 9:30 am, the Foreign Affairs Committee, at the request of Guy Gérard Georges, the President of the Commission, held a meeting. After words of welcome the President of the Commission, along with other members, it was the turn of the guests to introduce themselves, the Ministers Laurent Lamothe of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and Daniel Supplice of Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE) along with Directors General, Nixon Myrtil for the MFA and Joseph L. Augustine of MHAVE and Mr. Ady Jean Gardy, the Chief of Cabinet of the Chancellor.

The President of the Commission stated that this meeting was intended to learn about the operation of these ministries, embassies and consulates and know how was evolving the situation of Haitians living abroad.

"This is for the Commission to collect a certain amount of information to report it to the Assembly of Deputies. It wishes to have accurate information [...] and manifests the wish to develop sincere relationships with both Ministries whoses it has the relational charge"

Regarding the functioning of embassies and consulates, the Chancellor Lamothe handed to the President two documents explaining the new Government strategy and reforms underway that privileged local services such as: the opening of Consulates on Saturday and home services for the disabled and the elderly. He said that the ambassadors have a duty of results by promoting the country and that they are able to bring at least two delegations of businessmen in Haiti [annually], through the making available of funds to achieve this goal.

"At missions abroad, we search more efficient by reducing expenses. Having Honorary Consuls on the principle of reciprocity in various countries, the appointment of individuals as Goodwill Ambassadors from their commitments and reputation. We want the Consulates become centers of strategic promotion and not places for passports delivery. In some places, like Miami, Washington, Dominican Republic, France, Belgium, Italy, homes housing the Haitian missions are the property of the Haitian state. In New York, we considering the acquisition of premises to house the Consulate and the Mission to the United Nations to reduce the cost of rent" On this last point, a deputy pointed out that at the time of Wilson Desir, the Consulate had a apartment. He asks the Minister of Foreign Affairs to investigate this possibility. Guests have asked to the Commission to contribute to their efforts, by ensuring that ministries get the budgetary support necessary to the realization of their projects.

The Foreign Ministry has announced a policy of renovation, by the rejuvenation of executives recruited in Universities of competition. In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indicated, there will soon be a competitive process, but added that Haitians living abroad, who hold a residence card or of another nationality, shall not apply to a diplomatic post, by prohibition of the Vienna Convention.

The Commission has reviewed some of the problems that confronts the Mission of Cuba and some concerns of the country's image projected by the Cuban cooperation workers when they return to Cuba, who are also highly detrimental to the Haitian students and to the Haitian community in general. Speaking on this point, the Minister Supplice pointed out that the problem with this mission, is largely a matter of distance vis-à-vis the vast majority of the Diaspora and students who are concentrated in Santiago [Cuba]. He suggested the opening of a Consulate in Santiago de Cuba. This proposal was accepted. Many consulates will thus emerge, in Santiago de Cuba, Provincial and St. Martin among others. The MHAVE is pleased of that.

It was also agreed that it will no longer necessary to send to Washington, passports issued abroad for final preparation and that various changes will be made for this purpose.

The Minister Lamothe answering to a question concerning the reforms in diplomatic missions has indicated that there was no revocation, "the executives recalled will soon be deployed in the Ministries for the country can benefit from their experiences and expertise." After providing explanations on the concept of Business Diplomacy, the Chancellor said that the latter is not his invention, but something that was found everywhere, especially in Germany and the United States and has assured Members of the Commission, that the Classic Diplomacy is always appreciated.

Ady Jean Gardy, the Chief of Cabinet of Chancellor Lamothe, treated the component of the Union of African States where he participated in the last Assembly, as representative of Haiti, saying that "The Union is composed of 54 African countries and Haiti has always had a observer status for historical reasons, first Haiti is the first country in the African Diaspora [...] and on the other hand, most current African leaders, had Haitian teachers for their training. This explains why, Haiti, while benefiting from an associated status with the UEA, enjoys the same privileges hat other member countries, except the right to vote that it does not have. The benefits for our country are also economic, with the right of access to credit of the African Development Bank, the cooperation within the framework of the promotion of Cocoa and on the political plan, more allies in the major UN decisions. Another advantage for Haiti is the use of this forum as attraction strategy vis-à-vis Asian countries and Australia."

About the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), Haiti maintains its status of observer country acquired since 2007 by adhering to the principles and enjoying the benefits such as : the increase of cooperation tripartite Haiti-Cuba-Venezuela - the increase of economic aid and structural - the benefits offered by the special plan for Haiti in the areas of agriculture, education and infrastructure, among others.

Around the delicate problem of the Haitian presence in the Dominican Republic, the MHAVE intervened to take stock of this issue, drawing members' attention to the change in the migration path which ceases to be a migration of Batey as before, to become today an agricultural migration, of construction and services. The Commission agreed that this issue needed more space for discussion and proposed to treat it later.

The last point was addressed specifically to the MHAVE and concerned its lations with the Diaspora. The Minister gave the results of his visits in the communities and especially his plan to grant an identification card to all Haitians living outside the country. He pointed out to parliamentarians, that without an identification, all citizens want to have a passport, even without real project travel. Although divided on this project, teh deputies nevertheless wish its realization as quickly as possible. While seeking budgetary support from the Commission, the Minister Supplice believe that this project could begin next summer.

This meeting took place under the sign of mutual respect, despite the news in Commission, announcing the resignation of Prime Minister. Everyone expressed the wish to continue working for the welfare of Haiti, in the same spirit.

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