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Haiti - Economy : Haiti wins 10 places in the index of perception of corruption
10/12/2012 10:16:27

Haiti - Economy : Haiti wins 10 places in the index of perception of corruption
Sunday at the 10th International Day of fight against corruption celebrated around the mobilizing theme "Acting against corruption today" proposed by the United Nations to sensitize the world in general on the issue of corruption and notify in a special way to all the actors involved in this fight the emergency of actions to curb this scourge and reduce the risk of blocking on the construction of a more just and humane world, the Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe in his speech for the occasion, declared :

"[...] This is an opportunity for me to reiterate the commitment of my Government to respect the international commitments made in the context of this struggle to continue the implementation of the National Strategy for the Fight Against Corruption, while highlighting the new challenges that we face together with the effective participation of all the powers of the State, of the private business sector and civil society actors, each playing its full partition.

It is, indeed, urgent in the Haiti of today to act against the corruption that continues to deprive the Government of the Republic of resources to provide appropriate responses to extreme poverty, illiteracy and other deprivations that affect human capital, our main production factor.

It is therefore with a feeling of personal satisfaction that I evokes on the occasion of the celebration of this day, the results still symbolic, but how encouraging concerted action of the committee inter-institutional of fight against corruption, money laundering, tax evasion and smuggling involving the Directors General of the Unit for Combating Corruption (ULCC), the Central Financial Intelligence Unit (UCREF), the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI), of the General Administration of Customs (AGD), of the National Police and Government Commissioners near the Courts of First Instance of the various courts of the country. I encourage the Committee to continue its mission tirelessly highly patriotic."

[The index of corruption perception scores countries on a scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). Even if no country has a perfect score, two thirds of the country obtained a score of less than 50, indicating a serious corruption problem. Haiti improves its position in the index gaining 10 places and is now ranked 165 out of 176 with a score of 19 (position 175 in 2011 tied with Iraq). Dominican Republic 118 of 174 with a score of 32 (position 129 in 2011). Cuba 58 of 174 with a score of 48 (position 61 in 2011)]

"Because it is simultaneously necessary and urgent to tackle impunity more than secular, which feeds corruption and parlayed corruption, it is appropriate for me to invite the Legislative Power to fulfill its role by providing the judiciary provisions necessary to accomplish their mission. In this sense, I invite both Houses of Parliament to consider, in the shortest possible time, a number of projects and bills brought before them, relating to the prevention and punishment of corruption, capacity building of the Unit for Combating Corruption, the access to Information and Protection of witnesses and whistleblowers.

I would like to take this opportunity in this day to also highlight the need to implement measures to prevent corruption. In this sense, I invite agents of oversight institutions such as the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes, the National Public Procurement Unit for Combating Corruption and the General Inspectorate of Finance to redouble enthusiasm for the task and especially to apply rigorously and without qualms the texts governing such institutions.

In the same vein, I invite the representatives of private business to think about the steps to follow to achieve in the short term, at the conclusion of a genuine pact of integrity. Because corruption is primarily a behavioral problem, we will not succeed in the short term to change the bad perception projected, if each of its side is not aware on the necessity of its contribution to this change desired by all.

As for the representatives of the Civil Society organized, I applaud their commitment to the fight against corruption and their constructive criticism and positive suggestions as a contribution to the development and implementation of public policies for proper management of the res publica. I urge them to think about the possibilities to optimize this contribution.

Fighting corruption can not be the work of only an institution, of a power of the State or a sector of society. This is the affair of all sectors without exception. It is our responsibility to all to constitute a beam, a rejectionist front against this scourge and to tell us that later it will be more difficult to overcome it. Also, we need to join hands and join with all men and women of good will for : Work against corruption today."

Following the publication of the results of the new classification, Antoine Atouriste, the Director of the Unit for Combating Corruption (ULCC) declared "[...] This index makes us think about our situation, so that all of us together, we act to reverse the trend, to achieve to make Haiti conducive, to create an ideal environment for investment [...] we found that many countries are now behind Haiti. At least for Haiti, there is a minimum of effort that has been made since the last 8-10 months, there is really a all-out crusade that is ongoing and supported and I must say it in all sincerity by the Government in place, otherwise I would not have been as comfortable today.

But I still have concerns, there are sectors that never join us in the battle [...] I urge honorable senators and deputies, who promised in March to pass a law that will allow us to have one of the largest instrument in the fight Haiti against corruption [...] on the eve of New Year, to make this beautiful gift to the Haitian people [by voting] that instrument, which will allow the ULCC and the Haitian judicial system to do its job. [...]"

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