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Haiti - Social : «Kembe fèm, pa lagé, demen gen pou pi bel !» (dixit Michel Martelly)
12/01/2013 12:11:26

Haiti - Social : «Kembe fèm, pa lagé, demen gen pou pi bel !» (dixit Michel Martelly)
On the occasion of the commemoration of the third anniversary of 12 January 2010, the President Martelly delivered a speech this morning at the National Palace.

"The First Lady,
Mr. Prime Minister,
Mr. President of the Senate
Mr. President of the Superior Council of the Judiciary,
Apostolic Nuncio
Distinguished Ambassadors
Haitian people,

In a few moments when will sound the bugle call, is on behalf of each of you, in the name of the entire nation that I will ow down respectfully in memory - of all those victims this 12 January, there already 3 years

And I still hear this great cry of pain of amputees families, of dreams amputees, of amputee women and men...

To all of you who still suffer in silence and wipe your tears to all of you that January 12 will have left widows, widowers and orphans, in any case ravaged, a little more sole, a little more vulnerable, I want to express my compassion;

I want to express my regret and deplore that the Mausoleum in Memory of the disappeared has not yet been erected to Saint Christophe. I want to tell you, that I will personally invest [of himself], so that the symbolism of the place soon found its expression.

To all those who this day have torn their lives from the rubble, leaving a little of themselves, and who today sublimate their suffering, I want to express my admiration for your great courage.

To all those thrown into the street, by January 12, thrown in public places, vacant lots in makeshift shelters, vulnerable to weather and cholera, hoping the protection of the state, even if well over a million of you have found help, assistance and reintegration- 300,000 remain to help. To them, I say on behalf of the State : Patience !

And I have a moving thought for all those, who come from elsewhere, to help and serve my country before January 12, have lost their lives. Their sacrifice marks the ultimate act of love and humanism - I woiulk like in this day, to their families, their country, their friends and colleagues, express all the gratitude of the Haitian people.

And I think to Haiti, and I think to thesurvivors, to us, each of us.

Every day in your own way, having chosen to stay here, you wear probably the most complete evidence of what may be the love of Haiti, the love of the fatherland;

And I think about life and I believe in life, to the hope that it raises and the obligation that is mine and my administration to bring to the people of Haiti, despite the hazards, the ways and means of this live better.

Of this live better promised - of this immense promise of reconstruction, whose the results after three years worth to be evaluated objectively, in terms of means effectively received - and for which, on behalf of the Haitian people, I want to each donor country and especially to their populations in solidarity with our misfortunes, express my gratitude.

I can understand the healthy concern of public opinion as to the proper use of efforts made -

This pressure must be maintained!

I agree!

But more importantly, what I have just say you is that despite all its sufferings, Haiti today is, that it initiates and encourages a new order in the international cooperation based on solidarity, accountability of results, transparency, but also mutual respect.

Pèp Ayisyen,

Men nan men, nap sonjé sa nan nou ki alé yo.

Men nan men nap sonjé, nap sonjé 12 janvye.

Sa nan nou ki alé, ki alé san zatann, ki alé san vèy, ki alé san lantèman, ki alé san orevwa, san kité tras.

Yo alé san kite tras, mais yo kite nan vi nou, yon kokenn mak soufrans ke nap pote nan kè nou, ke nantere nan kè nou, ki pap janm éfasé.

Se pou tèt sa jodia, mwen mande gouvenman’m nan pou’l travay, pou’l konstwi monuman pep la ap tann nan, pou’l fè dèy manman’l, pou’l fe dèy frè’l, pou’l fè dèy pitit li, pou nasyon an fè dèy li.

Map pwofite anonse yon konkou kap lanse jodia mem pou monuman ke nap leve nan memwa frè ak sè nou yo ki ale nan dat 12 janvye 2010 la.

Jodi a 12 janvye, 3 zan aprè se sou lakou kote Palè a te ye ke nap komemore jou a.

Kek pil roche, kek pil fè, se sa 12 janvye kite de Palè nasyional nou an, de kay pèp la.

Men li kite ma drapo an, drapo d’Ayiti a, drapo ble e rouj la, li kite’l djanm.

Drapo ki kimbe nan pli li tout soufrans peyi d’Ayiti men drapo ki kale ko’l jan Ayiti pral leve a, jan’l komanse leve deja.

Peyi a ap rekonstwi wè pa wè, kòm sa dwa!

L’ap rekonstwi nan lòd, nan disiplin, nan solidarite, nan respè nòm sismik yo, nan respè environman nou, jan nou komanmse fe’l nan Zoranje, jan nou komanse fel nan Mònn Kabrit, jan nou refè eskanp figu aewopò yo, jan nap manyen batiman piblik yo.

Nan moman an map anonse ke ministè travo piblik transpò ak kominikasyon fèk soti Kòd Nasyonal Batiman Peyi d’Ayiti. Ke se swa kay prive, ti bizniss, gwò bizniss, kòd sa a fèt pou respekte. Paske nou dwe konstwi yon lòt jan pou nou pa janm viktim yon lòt fwa ankò, yon lòt eveneman tankou 12 janvye.

Menm dokiman sa a ap pare pou batiman piblik yo nan mwa Davril kap vini an.

Fok Leta pran responsabilite’l pou’l fonksyone tankou yon Leta modèn.

Fòk tout Ayisien souke kò yo pou peyi a ka leve kampe! Se nou tout ansanm ki pou fèl e ki ka fèl !

Nan memwa frè’n ak sèn’n ke 12 janvye frape, Nou pran angajman ke demen gen pou pi bel.

Kembe fèm, pa lagé, demen gen pou pi bel !"

S/ HaitiLibre

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