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Haiti - Politic : Rouzier trials the Haitian bourgeois elite without complacency !
20/05/2018 09:42:33

Haiti - Politic : Rouzier trials the Haitian bourgeois elite without complacency !
Former Prime Minister-designate and businessman Daniel Gérard Rouzier whose candidacy was rejected in Parliament in June 2011 https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-3217-haiti-flash-politic-prime-minister-designate-rejected-update-5-14pm.html was invited on May 16th to the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, as part of a welcoming reception to US Ambassador Michèle Jeanne Sison. In his speech, he drew a straightforward portrait of the situation of the country and made without jargon, the trial of the Haitian bourgeois elite.

Extract from the speech of Daniel Gérard Rouzier :

"[...] Do not be afraid ! Do not be afraid to take responsibility! Do not be afraid to tell the truth! Do not be afraid, if necessary, to walk alone in the Light! Do not be afraid !

[...] Despite disparaging, xenophobic and misinformed remarks, I choose to judge the other on his actions rather than on his words [...]

[...] Do not be afraid and remember the words of President Borno, pronounced, almost a century ago "It is not possible," he said, "that alongside a civilized elite to the point of refinement, llive a sad mass, barely touched by the glimmers of progress. We, glimmers of progress. We, of the elite, are unjust and cruel. We have not fulfilled our duties to those people who are struggling under the sun and the rain to make the country live. It was he who pays almost all taxes. A ditch filled with shadow separates it from us. We must fill it and illuminate it, for our happiness, our peace and the fruitful conjunction of forces. Take a look at the native land, see how our economic tools, our schools, our bridges, our roads, our hospitals are. The cultivation processes are backward and outdated. Our subsoil still waiting for the pick to deliver his treasures" (end quote)

Dear friends, there is no shame in telling the truth!

Do not be afraid, you who complain about the mountains of polystyrene articles that litter all our arteries after the heavy rains. You want intelligent answers, so ask the right questions: who imports polystyrene in Haiti, where does it go, who benefits from the crime?

When the state announces that it is losing more than $ 400 million in revenue at the border and in the customs of all our ports, who are these importers who openly defraud and fuel smuggling, from where they come from, to whom do they sell? Why does the state tolerate them again?

When you denounce land insecurity, who are the spoliators? Where do the judges, the police and the clerks who come with them come from to deprive honest people?

When 83% of our compatriots who have a university degree have left the country, are we finally ready to admit that no real change can be made without them?

The questions are there, the answers too. Pa gen sekrè nan fè kola... Looking at the figures, the solutions should flow naturally.

  • The Haitian agriculture accounts for 25% of GNP. It employs 66% of the population, but paradoxically, only 5% of the national budget is allocated to it. Meanwhile, since 1950, Haiti is in increasing food deficit and must import more food each year than the previous year;
  • 4 million tons of trees are cut each year but only 500,000 tons are replanted. The results are clear: Haiti has only 1.5% forest cover ;
  • 13 households out of 14 have to carry the water they use. However, thanks to the rain, Haiti receives 560 times the water needs of the population ;
  • Haiti produces the least waste per capita of the whole area (0.70 kg per person per day), compared to 1.26 kg in the Dominican Republic and 2.04 kg for the United States. Haiti is however the most unhealthy country in the whole zone because we only collect 11% of our garbage, compared to 60% for the Dominican Republic and 76% for Jamaica.
  • Every night, 8 million of our compatriots sleep in the dark, without electricity ;
  • 5 million of us can not read or write and are in the dark, day and night ;
  • 8 out of 10 Haitians live on less than US $ 2 a day (9 out of 10 in rural areas) ;
  • 2 in 10 Haitians control 70% of the wealth of the country and even if we managed to divide them evenly among all our fellow citizens, the country would still be in the ranks of the least developed countries ;
  • More than 4 children out of 10 are deprived of basic health services and live in dwellings without toilets ;
  • About 30% of our children have never been vaccinated against an illness ;

[...] If our country is in the state where it is languishing today, if our economy still takes time to start [...] our elites, all our elites (whether economic, political, social) or religious) have a huge responsibility. They will have to understand that the system as conceived, managed and existing can only produce more misery, more inequality and more instability.

There is, in my opinion, only one solution: to understand and finally accept that every man is the author, the center and the end of all economic action and that the ills of the country are essentially a chronic lack of opportunities for all [...]

[...] None of what I have just described will be easy: We will need a courageous and salutary commitment marked by a great moral energy to build the progressive and civilized Nationto which we all aspire and to move it from a failed and assisted state to a more advanced social state in the economic, intellectual, sports, artistic and technical order. To be irrevocable, our choices must be unshakable, that is to say, based on a broad consensus.

Saving the land will not be the work of a messiah, but rather will come from the faith and empathy of men and women willing to neglect no sacrifice to lead this country differently and begin to rebuild, one man at a time, one stone at a time, one tree at a time, one moral value at a time, one gesture of love at a time..."

Learn more about Daniel-Gérard Rouzier :
Married and father of 3 children, Mr. Rouzier is CEO of Sun Auto, a leading car dealership, he'is also the President of the power plant E-Power, first project of electric power realized by the private sector in Haiti.

He made studies in management and accounting, Ivy League graduate of Dartmouth and Georgetown University, Rouzier is deeply religious. Author of "Believe, Love and Hope" through which he explains his intimate relationship with the Christ, his wife and his children, and two essays "The Power of Ideas" and "Vision or Illusion" in which he addresses important issues such as : the economic conjuncture, economic policy and political Government, sociology. Daniel-Gérard Rouzier has a strong presence in the political environment and has developed a good relationship with the Haitian political class.

His biography presents him as the owner of one of the most comprehensive libraries of Haiti and as an insatiable collector of Haitian art.

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