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Haiti - Climate : The situation by department - 2
06/06/2011 13:41:40

Haiti - Climate : The situation by department - 2
Our country is confronted since a few days to heavy rains, here's a review of the situation by department according to information provided by the National System for Risk and Disaster Management (SNGRD). This article covers the highlights and activities since Thursday, 2 June 2011 until Yesterday Sunday, June 5.

Artibonite, intermittent rain throughout the department. The monitoring of the situation continues and awareness actions are strengthened through the department.

Centre, light rain on the entire department. A 14 year old girl was the victim of a landslide in Samanah, and a woman aged 60 has lost her life while crossing the river Thomonde. The Ministry of Finance decided to provide support as a contribution to the funerals of two people.

Grand’Anse, the bad weather persists on the department. Partial rainfall are recorded at the level of all communes. No communication with the following communal sections : The Seringue, Saint-Victor, The Îles Cayemites, Boucan Noël and Carcasse. In general, rivers are still dirty but do not present great dangers. In Jérémie, alluvium are blocking several streets of downtown and some drains are blocked. In Moron, the river overflowed of its bed, a landslide was recorded in the locality of Tourbillon, road communication between Moron and Jérémie remains difficult. Several vehicles are remained blocked on all part of the circuit. This situation makes more difficult the transport of patients, especially those of cholera. At Pestel overflow flood was observed at the river Glace. To Roseau, the river Roseau is still in flood, a traffic accident has been registered on the bridge of the river Voldrogue, due to a technical failure. The car fell into the River. The record is three wounded. The Departmental Coordination has sought the intervention of Public Works, Transportation and Communications to restore communication between Moron and Jérémie. The TPTC have difficulties to intervene. A request for material, equipment and fuel was made ​​for the restoration of the access roads.

Nippes, the weather is overcast but no rain yet. To Baradères, in downtown the main street was flooded, but water levels began to fall Sunday morning. To Anse à Veau the river Grande Rivière is still in flood (confirmation of the Mayor). To Petite Rivière, the intervention of the company Vorbe et Fils has allowed to drain the river floods and residents have returned home. Situation returned to normal, but the weather remains cloudy. To Grand Boucan rain fell in the morning and the sea is calm. To Petit-Trou of the 23 families displaced from downtown, 7 are still living in temporary shelter opened to the Bureau Agricole. The 16 remaining have returned home. To Fond des Nègres the situation returns to normal. To l’Azile the rivers Serpent and Despins are still in flood and moderate winds blew over the localities of Anglade, Corail, Bertrand and Gourde and banana plantations have been toppled. To Miragoâne the sun began to shine. The displaced are taken in charge by the Mayors pending disbursement of the emergency funds. The company Vorbe et Fils, under contract with the Haitian government for the construction of the section Desruisseaux-Petit Trou de Nippes made an intervention on the road of Petite Rivière de Nippes, at the level of Tamarin.

Nord, intermittent rain in some communes of the department. No damage was reported.

Nord-est, the department has recorded a lot of rain since Tuesday, June 1, at the level of 13 communes. The roads of Sainte-Suzanne, Mombin-Crochu, Carice, Mont-organisé, Capotille and Vallière are impracticable. To Ouanaminthe the river Massacre and Djassa are in flood. The road between Ouanaminthe and Mont-Organisé is in very poor condition. In Perches the river Marion is in flood.

Nord-ouest, the weather is covered on all communes. The sea is generally calm. Rainfall are recorded on some communes of the department, including Bombardopolis, Baie de Henne, Môle Saint-Nicolas and Jean-Rabel. Early flood was recorded at the level of the river Barres and Trois Rivières.

Ouest, light rains are registered in some places, with showers more important on the border area, on the evening of June 3 to 4. At the level of the camps, no major damage were reported. The municipal agents of the civil defense have recorded cases of damaged tents. A request has been placed with the Directorate of Civil Protection and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to replace them. To Thomazeau the town is on alert. Traffic is virtually impossible for residents of Glos (Approximately 2,000 people) and Fond Chalet (Approximately 300 people) since the last rain. The waters of Lake Azueï overflowed to a great distance inland, and some houses are half under water. After the transmission of the information of communal level to the central level through the Departmental coordination, a mission was organized to evacuate the affected population. 56 families have agreed be evacuated Sunday, June 5.

To Port-au-Prince/Carrefour-Feuilles a team of brigadiers has reported a landslide and the collapse of two houses in Carrefour-Feuilles. Two people are seriously injured. To Carrfour the communal Emergency Operations Center is activated because of the cholera.

In the Zone of Palmes the situation is generally calm. This mountainous region has nevertheless, recorded more rainfall than in the plains. The Committee communal of Léogâne is on alert. Three houses (Pont-Vincent, Beauchamp and Pino Laporte) are flooded due to a major spill of channels. Activities to mark the start of the hurricane season has been postponed. To Gressier, cholera cases are increasing compared to recent daily average. The CCPC began to distribute chlorine tablets in several communities, including Merger.

Zone of Arcadins, Gonâve receives rains continuously. Maritime traffic, suspended in midweek, took over. Committees communal of Pointe à Raquette and of Anse à Galets took advantage of the activities to mark the start of hurricane season for raise awareness the communities.

Border area, vigilance is required. The town of Fonds-Verrettes continues to receive rain. The communal sections have reported nothing unusual. To Cornillon, rain keeps falling. Both rivers are in flood. Three homes have been flooded and families have been welcomed into to the Presbytery of the Catholic parish.

Sud, rainy mild to medium, continue to fall in the South. Several rivers are in flood: Les Anglais, Tiburon, Port-à-Piment, Chantal and Cavaillon. The height of water for the rivers L’Îlet, Madame Samedi and the Ravine du Sud begin to rise. In the downtown of Les Cayes, several streets (Prosper Faure – area of hospital Immaculée Conception, Pont Gombo, a part of the street Toussaint Louverture) are flooded. To Port-à-Piment the floods of the river have damaged the poles supporting the bridge. To Camp-Perrin the strret Kinat is flooded and forty-three people were housed in a temporary shelter at the National School Laporte. They should gradually leave the shelter, the situation begins to calm down. To Maniche the street Dasma is flooded and fifty people were housed in a temporary shelter at the Béthanie church. To Saint Jean du South 55 people were still housed at the National School Ti Coin, in the locality Abacou, Sunday morning. They began to return home early in the afternoon.

Sud-est, precipitation are still recorded at the level some communes of the department. The river Fesles of Marigot was still in flood Sunday morning. To Côte-de-fer winds are recorded in the hills in the communes of (Gris-Gris, Amazone and Boucan Bélier) have affected maize crops in flowering and heading stages.

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