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Haiti - Politic : Martelly shared his dream of Haiti, to the meeting of the CARICOM
04/07/2011 11:30:32

Haiti - Politic : Martelly shared his dream of Haiti, to the meeting of the CARICOM
In his opening address at the 32nd Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) [which ends this Monday, July 4] to Saint Kitts and Nevis, before the representatives of 14 Member States, the President Martelly has shared, in the first part of his address, his dream of a better Haiti and of those who inspired him, the Head of State made ​​several proposals and made commitments, while explaining the main directions of the foreign policy of his Government. We publish in two articles the key points of his address. This first article concerns the vision of Martelly for the Haiti of tomorrow.

Opening address of President Martelly - First part :

"Allow me to thank the Government and People of Saint Kitts and Nevis, for the warm welcome that they gave us, this only reinforces the feeling of admiration that I have for these people in particular and for the inhabitants of the Caribbean in general, which will never cease to praise the hospitality and especially, that of the arts which flourish in all forms on this earth, this earth that has produced not only great writers and great poets, but also great artists.

I take this opportunity to pay special tribute and deserved to Mr. Edwin Carrington, former Secretary General of CARICOM, who knew, for over twenty years, lead the boat safely of our organization. The work done by him, reflects how he is a great inhabitants of the Caribbean and we wish that he serves as a model for present and future generations.

I take this opportunity to salute my colleague from Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos and to confirm what we are interested to deepen relations between our two countries. I also welcome the presence here of Mr. José Miguel Insulza and thanks him again for the assistance provided by the OAS in Haiti.

Mr. President, Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

My presence here tonight with you, is not just a formality or a simple protocol or a simple participation in a summit of CARICOM, I know the importance you give to Haiti this is a country, this is a country that is dear to you, not only for reasons of ethno-cultural, but also for historical reasons. You have given a great attention to our country and we are grateful, although sometimes there are fleeting moments of misunderstanding. These are things that happen in all good families, who sometimes serve more to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and friendship. I'm here tonight to bring you the message of love and friendship of the Haitian people, I'm here to bring you the message of hope of the people who voted for me and allowed me to be the its spokesman spokesman tonight, with the great Caribbean family.

The Rev. Martin Luther King had a dream for the United States, I too have a dream for Haiti and its people. I dreamed of a Haiti where after my term of five years, most of Haiti's children will learn to read and write. I dreamed of Haiti, where beyond the power of resilience of the Haitian people, we can arrive to set up or lay the groundwork of an environment less degraded and better able to resist to the weather, earthquakes and the insidious action of rainfall on soil and habitats. I dreamed of a Haiti where economic growth and the sustainability of the development process will allow the Haitian people to better express its amazing creative ability, not only through the arts, but also through science and technology. I dream of a Haiti strong, beautiful and prosperous, such as dreamed by the heroes of our independence, Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Henri Christophe, Alexandre Pétion... They are the ones that inspire my vision and mission.

Some would say, that Haiti is confronted to seemingly insurmountable challenges, but everything is a question of leadership, that is to say, the ability to engage its countrymen to have a positive and constructive vision of the future. My team and me, we want to influence positively the course of the history of Haiti, and end the vicious cycle that overwhelms the country for over three decades. Our vision is a vision other than that shown by some media. We want to change Haiti for the best and we will change it. Impossible is not in my vocabulary. This change which is an integral part of our vision and our mission, we intend to do it with you, leaders and people of the CARICOM. We would like that you can accompany us throughout our mandate, so that my dream and that of the Haitian people can become reality.

[...] We have developed the habit of talking about the reconstruction of Haiti, but in fact it is, a country to build according to a new model and new standards. The task is huge, but it is exhilarating. What will be the Haiti of tomorrow ? I do not know yet the exact contours, but I know that its heart will rise from the human capital, whose I will encourage the development through the education policy which is at the centre of my action.

But this Haiti of tomorrow, can not be achieved without the input of the necessary capital, the national saving rate in Haiti, due to certain historical events and the selection of inappropriate strategies, is extremely low and we sorely lack of capital to build a Haiti consistent with the vision of the Haitian people. This is why here at the top of this forum, offered to me tonight, I launch an urgent appeal to businessmen to come and invest in Haiti and help create the wealth essential to our development and our reconstruction.

I'm trying to create, as with the private sector than with the public sector, the necessary conditions so that Haiti become, also a natural destination for the direct and foreign investments. In 2009, total direct investment totaled $400 million whose the largest part in the telecommunications sector. We hope that in a decade, with the new policies that will be implemented the annual total amount of direct investment could reach four billion dollars or even more. We believe to the investment and its ability to contribute to shaping a strong and correct vision of the future, we believe in the human and to the education policy, because it is through men, women and children well educated, based on a fundamental objective that we will be able to shape that future dreamed by Toussaint Louverture and Alexandre Pétion."

Martelly speaks about his foreign policy to the meeting of the CARICOM

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