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Haiti - Politic : Martelly speaks about his foreign policy to the meeting of the CARICOM
04/07/2011 13:47:25

Haiti - Politic : Martelly speaks about his foreign policy to the meeting of the CARICOM
In the second part of his opening address at the 32nd Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the CARICOM which ends this Monday, July 4] to Saint Kitts and Nevis, the President Martelly, made ​​several proposals and made commitments, while explaining the main directions of the foreign policy of his Government. This second article outlines the essential points of his address.

"Madam Secretary ai of CARICOM,
Dear Colleagues,
Distinguished Representatives of the CARICOM nations,

During this meeting, we will not only talk about our country and its future, we will take this opportunity, we will also offer you our full vision of the CARICOM, as it will be expressed through our foreign policy over the next five years. For us, the CARICOM is, above all, a place which must serve of consistent and sustainable link between our nations within the greater Caribbean.

The idea of ​​a Federation of Caribbean islands, has sprouted in the 19th century, in the minds of some Haitian writers, such as Anténor Firmin, who advocated before its time - the unity of the Caribbean, not to mention the greater Caribbean - if we start from the idea that are part of the Caribbean, all countries bordering the Caribbean Sea. The CARICOM is composed of 14 States, representing almost half of the States of the Western hemisphere. It is at the heart of a regional organization, like the Association of Caribbean States and undoubtedly, it will also be a force to be reckoned within the new community of states of Latin America and the Caribbean.

CARICOM has yet another positive point to its credit, it represents the integration scheme, the most advanced in the hemisphere, all these positive aspects, make that the CARICOM represent, next to other integration schemes, such as the Association of Caribbean States, the system integration of Central America, a very important element in our regional and multilateral policy. In this regard, my country will continue to provide policy support in favor of a sustainable management of the Caribbean Sea and its ecosystems, and the fight against global warming. It is such approaches, beyond the economic, monetary and financial, that will be the force of our region. We should think in terms of programs, through which the Caribbean nation, will become a geopolitical entity which will have a decisive influence in the conception and implementation of the global order of the 21st century.

In this sense, I would not hesitate to propose the establishment of a comprehensive program that could be called "Union for the Greater Caribbean." As part of this program, the CARICOM, the SICA, the CALC, the OAS, the UN and the ACS could work together on a common term, that would serve as catalyst to our fundamental expectations. The real force of the Caribbean, also lies in its multifaceted and multidimensional culture, it will also be at the heart of our regional diplomatic efforts, because we should cultivate, with force, the cultural approach that I cherish in particular, if we want really a strong Caribbean.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The force of the Caribbean and of the CARICOM, also lies in its linguistic diversity. In this sense, I recommend that the Intergovernmental Working Group on the revision of the Treaty of Chaguaramas, to add to its agenda, the issue of linguistic diversity within our community and the integration of French as official language and of working, within the Secretariat and other bodies of the CARICOM. The integration scheme of the CARICOM, which is the most advanced of our hemisphere, is also the only one in the world where English is the only official language, while more than 50% of its population is French or Creole speaking . We hope that our friends and colleagues will understand our concerns and will support this legitimate request. I have to meet soon with the Secretary of the International Organization of la Francophonie, Abdou Diouf and ask him to see how his organization could work positively and effectively on this issue with the CARICOM Secretariat.

We will also give a considerable attention to the issues of climate change, prevention and management of natural hazards. Our region, more than all others, is threatened by the impacts of climate change, which represents a danger in the medium term, for our marine and terrestrial ecosystems, but also the habitat and food security of our people.

Another issue, which will be part of the policy of Haiti within the CARICOM, is that of the regional and hemispheric security, already, we affirm our support and that of the Haitian Diplomacy, in all initiatives taken by the CARICOM in terms of regional security, whether in the field of fight against organized crime or the fight against illicit traffic of drugs. Particular attention will also be given to the fight against illicit trafficking of small arms. As regards the fight against international terrorism, the Haitian government will support all measures taken by the CARICOM, within the framework of the implementation of Resolution 15-40 of the Security Council of the United Nations and other United Nations resolutions and of the Organization of American States and relative.

We also propose, for our part in the problem of regional security, to strengthen the capacity of the National Police of Haiti and the system of coast guards, so that Haiti can meet the international and regional standards concerning the security. The issue of the multidimensional security will in this sense, at the heart of our action in this area. My Government support and will continue to support all decisions adopted by the hemispheric community and the CARICOM, for the strengthening of teh regional security. The cooperation between institutions and Haitian authorities must be strengthened. In this context, I will fully apply in the territory of Haiti, the principles and recommendations of the Declaration of San Salvador on citizen security and the Lima Declaration on Security and Peace in the Americas, which were adopted in 2010 and 2011 by the General Assembly of the Organization of American States.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We will also give during our mandate, a paramount importance to the integration process of Haiti in the Caribbean Single Market. The previous Government has already taken steps in the procedures to harmonize our standards with those in force at the level of the CARICOM, and the certification process of the Community products by the CARICOM, whether in agriculture, industry or services. Haiti has a very large economic potential, which once freed from certain restrictions, can become a reliable and consistent partner for the other 13 Member States of the CARICOM. In this sense, we are willing to work with institutional investors of the geo-economic space of the CARICOM, so they can actively participate in the economic growth and sustainable development of Haiti.

I want to thank the CARICOM, to have granted a tariff and a non-reciprocal preferential access for certain Haitian products to the the CARICOM market. According to information provided to me by the competent bodies, a first shipment of goods was shipped from Gonâve on the basis of this provision. This proves once again that my country is ready to certify the products of Community origin, this is an important and necessary element within the framework of the implementation, by my Government, of certain components of the CARICOM market.

I would also point to your attention that in 2009, the Haitian Parliament has ratified and harmonized about 40% of the Haitian tariff to the common external tariff of the CARICOM. We will consider with you how Haiti and the CARICOM, will be able to launch and boost trade in goods, on the basis of these modifications and establish a schedule of implementation for the remaining 60%.

During the third CARICOM meeting in Cuba, held in September 2010, a decision was adopted concerning the creation of the fund CARICOM Haiti for the reconstruction of Haiti. Significant steps have been made ​​in the realization of this fund. I will give formal instructions in order to restart the negotiations with the Caribbean Development Bank, on the current status of Haiti in this bank. However, I leave to my immediate staff, the care to better soak of the objectives of this fund, which most certainly will join the vision and mission for which the Haitian people voted for me.

I hope that the necessary adjustments will be made as soon as possible, to see with you, how you can help me achieve this dream of real change for Haiti and its people, that haunts me for many years.

Another issue close to my heart is that of visas. I hope that my countrymen will not have anymore problems when they travel in a country of the CARICOM, because of visa not obtained.

I also wanted to deepen the cooperation with the University of West Indies (UWI) in order to strengthen the education system in Haiti.

I can not conclude, without bringing to your attention that the Republic of Haiti would like to organize the Conference of Heads of Government of the CARICOM in the first half of 2013. As you know, Haiti had to preside this meeting in 2010, but had not be able to achieve it because of the earthquake of January 12, 2010. I hope you will support this request.

Thank you for your attention."

Martelly shared his dream of Haiti, to the meeting of the CARICOM

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