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iciHaiti - Environment : Decade 2021-2030 «Plante ak Rekòlte Dlo», message from the Ministry
24/03/2021 10:27:31

iciHaiti - Environment : Decade 2021-2030 «Plante ak Rekòlte Dlo», message from the Ministry
This year, the International Water Day (March 22) is celebrated under the theme : "Place of water in our societies and how to protect it", a theme which follows on from the United Nations decision to decree 2021-2030 "decade for the restoration of ecosystems". In Haiti, the Ministry of the Environment has baptized the decade 2021-2030 "Plante ak Rekòlte Dlo", in order to encourage participation and citizen engagement in the protection of this essential resource for life.

Message from the Ministry :
"Water forms with air, earth and fire the four constituent elements of matter, while being the essential and indispensable element for life. Water accounts for over 80% of the weight of most land animals and plants. It also represents more than 75% of the surface of planet earth across the oceans hence the name 'Blue Planet'.

In addition to its functions of nutrition for all living beings and its importance in the production chain, water ensures, through the process of infiltration, the recharge of groundwater tables and the nourishment of springs and rivers. It is therefore imperative to think about the protection of this fundamental resource in order to ensure its sustainability for future generations. How then to plan this protection ?

Water will be considered protected, when we conserve our water ecosystems, when trees are planted in hydrographic basins, when we develop recharging spaces to limit waste and damage, when we protect our sources, when river banks are treated and wooded, when we change our behavior in relation to this resource, when we stop wasting it in our taps, our tanks and our swimming pools, when we stop polluting, contaminating and polluting it...

Haiti suffers from a problem of access both in quantity and quality, while the waters of most of our rivers flow into the sea and most of the rainwater joins, after having caused damage to the sea. the slopes and in the plains.

Since 1944, Jacques Roumain has posed in 'Governor of the Dew' the problem of water stress in rural areas, due to deforestation and drought, both for domestic needs for agricultural production and for livestock.

75 years later, at the very beginning of March 2019, Cornillon hit the headlines https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-27206-haiti-social-the-digicel-foundation-finances-a-water-catchment-project-in-cornillon-grand-bois.html .

Today, the Government is implementing its program to pump water using photovoltaic energy, however testing our groundwater reserves. The President of the Republic is aware of this and pleads not only for the pumping of surface water, but also for very little water to go to the sea, thanks to dams like what is done today in Marion https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31269-haiti-politic-towards-the-end-of-the-works-of-the-dam-on-the-marion-river.html, the second about 70 years after that of Peligre.

It is therefore right that the Ministry of the Environment baptizes the decade 2021-2030 : the decade 'Plante ak Rekòlte Dlo', in order to encourage participation and citizen engagement in the protection of WATER. By building green fortresses in our mountains, we will bring water back in abundance to our sources and rivers, while recharging our aquifers (lake, ponds, ponds, groundwater) while conserving and enriching our biodiversity. In doing so, we will protect the Nation and the people of Haiti, who have become very vulnerable to natural disasters.

Together, let's go to our 'Plante dlo' mountains."

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