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Haiti - Crisis : A first in Haitian history
29/08/2022 10:07:28

Haiti - Crisis : A first in Haitian history
A first in Haitian history, 20 businessmen linked to the largest companies in the country and the most important employers' associations, identifying themselves as "Le groupe patronal haïtien", signatories in their own name of a joint press note , launch 3 calls and denounce the unprecedented deterioration of the socio-economic situation and the living conditions of the vast majority of Haitians.

Note from the Haitian Employers' Association :

"The undersigned, all members of the Haitian employers' sector, duly concerned by the unprecedented deterioration of the socio-economic situation and the living conditions of the vast majority of our fellow citizens, are challenged by our patriotic duty to remind economic and political protagonists of our country their imperious obligations to privilege the national interest and to put an end to their prevarications.

We must all be aware that the current bankruptcy is collective and that recovery requires everyone's commitment. Our first appeal in this regard will be to the businessmen and women of our country regarding the scrupulous respect of their fiscal and legal responsibilities, the observance of sound business practices, transparency and competition. loyalty and the abandonment of unhealthy behavior that is detrimental to the community.

Our second appeal
However, it is understood that the action expected of the State requires sound management of public funds.

The undersigned must also launch a third patriotic and urgent appeal to the political protagonists, in order to transcend themselves by consenting each and everyone to the sacrifices that are necessary to agree on a fair and transparent to the current political impasse.

The hour is serious and requires that the actors cease bringing up on the carpet of the questions which cause the same disagreements and lead to the same failures. None of the parties in conflict has the legality or the legitimacy required to assert its thesis. The country can no longer be held hostage by partisan political interests. It is therefore up to the political class to find a consensus around two fundamental themes:

1) The fight against the terror sown by armed gangs and the restoration of security of life and property in the country.

2) The return to constitutional order following the establishment of structures guaranteeing an electoral process that is credible and acceptable to all parties, the sine qua non of which is a level playing field so that all candidates for elective positions at all levels have the same chances. In this perspective, the undersigned consider it necessary that a sincere and objective reflection on the rules of the political game be included in the menu of this transition, including the opportunity to review in depth certain provisions of our parent law.

It would be important that all the citizens who find themselves in this cry of alarm adhere to this approach by denouncing the unacceptable immobility in which the political actors take pleasure today, which immobility contributes to the aggravation of insecurity.

Once a democratically elected Government, the undersigned and their colleagues from the private sector who are called upon to join them will remain ready to discuss the major structural reforms that should lead to modern governance that ultimately meets the needs of the population.


René-Max Auguste, Edouard Baussan, Pierre-Marie Boisson, Gérald Bouguignon; Stephan Coles, Eddy Deeb, Yonel Elizée, Raina Forbin, Peter Frisch, Geoffrey Handal, Jean-Marc Lebrun, Harold Marzouka Jr., Mathieu Villedrouin, Laurent Saint Cyr, Jair St-Louis, Jacques Villejoint, Ralph Edmond, Raymond Jaar, Georges Cassis, Marc Emile Hechema. »

Reactions :

Haiti employers associations :
Following these calls from the Regroupement Patronal haïtien, the representatives of the employers' associations: Wilhelm Lemke, President of The Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH); Jean-Philippe Baussan, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the West (CCIO); Lionel Pressoir, Secretary of the Tourist Association of Haiti (ATH) and Jean-Philippe Boisson, President of the American Chamber of Commerce of Haiti (AmCham-Haiti), support "[...] this patriotic call to businesswomen and men, to assume their fiscal responsibilities as a starting point towards a modern and equitable society where the State is able to meet the needs and aspirations legitimacy of the people.

We also support this patriotic appeal to those in power, who are also called to an unprecedented self-transcendence, this for the benefit of a healthy, efficient and transparent management of the State attentive to the needs of All.

Finally, we support this patriotic appeal to the political protagonists, asking them to raise their awareness and encouraging them too to adopt a behavior that goes in the direction of the majority of our compatriots rather than these endless sterile quarrels which have not yielded results."

Dominican Republic Business and Development Associations :
Even in the Dominican Republic these calls have been echoed, Presidents Miguel Lama, Ricardo Fondeur, Carlos Iglesias, Juan Bautista Ventura, Fernando Capellán, Sandy Filpo and Augusto Reyes of the main business and development associations of Santiago and Cibao: Asociación de Industriales de la Región Norte (AIREN), the Asociación de Comerciantes e Industriales (ACIS), the Cámara de Comercio y Producción de Santiago (CCPS), the Corporación Zona Franca Santiago (CZFS) and the Asociación de Empresas de Zona Franca del Cibao ( AEZFC), the Asociación para el Desarrollo (APEDI) and the Consejo para el Desarrollo Estratégico de Santiago (CDES) fully support their Haitian counterparts.

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