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Haiti - Politic : The Minister for the Status of Women wants to transform and rename her Ministry
18/06/2024 09:30:44

Haiti - Politic : The Minister for the Status of Women wants to transform and rename her Ministry
During her installation speech, Marie Françoise Suzan, new Minister for the Status of Women and Women's Rights declared "it is fundamental to deepen the reflection to strengthen and transform our ministry which I propose to rename "Ministry for Women Status of Women, Women's Rights and the Family', before explaining the 6 points that justify this transformation

1- Central role of the family :
The family is the fundamental core of any society. In Haiti, as elsewhere, it plays a crucial role in the education of children, the transmission of cultural and moral values ​​and the emotional support of individuals. By broadening the scope of the ministry to include the family, we recognize the importance of this first place of socialization and learning.

2 - Prevention of delinquency and violence :
Stable and supported families can better prevent juvenile delinquency and violence. By integrating family issues into the Ministry, programs could be developed to support parents, provide family counseling and raise awareness of the rights and responsibilities of family members. This would help to reduce delinquency and promote social cohesion.

3 - Support for women and children :
Women often play a central role in managing the family. By also focusing on family aspects, the Ministry could offer resources and services that help women balance their professional and family roles, thus ensuring their emancipation and well-being, as well as that of their children.

4 - Fight against banditry and the social crisis :
A large part of the banditry crisis in Haiti is fueled by the delinquency of young people in disadvantaged areas. By intervening directly at the family level, the Department could help create a more stable environment favorable to the development of children and young people, thus reducing their vulnerability to criminal activities.

5 - Promotion of Peace and progress :
An integrated approach that includes the family would better coordinate efforts to promote peace and progress. By strengthening families, we strengthen communities, and therefore the entire nation. A robust family policy supports not only the rights of women, but also those of children and other family members, thus promoting a more balanced and harmonious society.

6 - Social cohesion :
The family is often the place where the first social relationships are built. By focusing on the family, the Ministry could play a key role in promoting social cohesion, ensuring that all members of society feel supported and included.

Expanding the ministry's scope of action to include the family will better respond to the complex challenges facing Haiti, addressing the root causes of violence and delinquency while supporting the development of individuals and communities. Which will contribute to the construction of a fairer, more peaceful and more prosperous society."

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