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Haiti - Social : «The dream of Dessalines can not die» (Dixit Martelly - Speech)
17/10/2012 14:46:36

Haiti - Social : «The dream of Dessalines can not die» (Dixit Martelly - Speech)
This Wednesday morning, after having laid a wreath of flowers in Pont-Rouge in memory of the assassination of Dessalines October 17, 1806, the President Michel Martelly went to the National Palace for a Multisectoral Dialogue, with the Youth Haitian around the education.

In this day of remembrance, the Head of State, gave an impassioned speech in the presence among others : of Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, Me Anel Alexis Joseph, President of the Court of Cassation, Vanneur Pierre the Minister of Education, senior officers of police, mayors of the metropolitan area, the rector of the State University, professors and many students...

Speech of President Martelly :
"[...] Today, it has been 206 years since they killed the Father of the Nation, Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines at Pont Rouge, we all know what happened, what he suffered, everything he did to be able to give us our Independence. To get to give us the Independence, the Command in Chief of the Army 'Indigène', Dessalines, brought together all the children of the country, to achieve to break the chains of slavery.

In the Constitution of 20 May 1805, Dessalines had obliged each military department of the country, has a school to give young people instruction. They assassinated Dessalines, without that dream had time to realize. This fight he had conducted, demonstrates the importance he gave to social justice and to the question of the country's economy. Dessalines's dream, this dream who wanted a society where all children have the same opportunity, an opportunity that starts on the bench of the school, this dream can not die.

People of Haiti,

According to the principle of democracy, you have shown me your confidence, when you chose me as President. One of the promises I had made ​​was to send all children to school so they can find their independence of mind and break the chains that connect them to misery.

That, it is the continuation of the dream of Dessalines, and this dream can not die.

The Constitution of 1987 provides that all children attend school free of charge. Presidents have succeeded, governments have succeeded, but this has never been done. By not going to school, children in the country have intermarried with the misery, which means that we uses them for 'Kraze brize', to push them into more misery.

We say NO ! This dream can not die, this dream can not die and he must become a true reality.

Dessalines break the chains of slavery, ourselves with education, we decided that we will break the chains that attach the Haitian people to misery. The chains that prevent you from going to school, the chains that prevent Haiti to move forward.

When we allow 1,287,214 children to go to school for free, we put gasoline in the machine of change of Dessalines. This free school program goes even further, because in the same way that Dessalines, agriculture has an important part in my Government, this is why the government will invest 400 million gourdes, to allow the school feeding program to buy local products, to encourage domestic production and enable 1.5 million children to receive for free, a meal each day of school.

[...] We will not stop there ! To enable children to have a better chance to succeed in life, we have asked the Ministry of Education to establish a program to provide vocational training since the 7th fundamental year. This will enable all children to acquire good knowledge in the professional field, when they will reach the 9th fundamental year. In January 2013, we will start with several schools [20 schools, there will be 12 vocational training centers, and 12 trades taught : plumbing, computer, electrical, painting, masonry, carpentry etc...].

[...] To continue to give life to the dream of Dessalines, we also decided to make a reform in higher education and we will invest in the construction of a new university campus and in the training of teachers and professors.

But the Government will not stop there !

To support the students of of state universities and students of public universities together with the Rector, we decided to give each student a grant of 18,000 gourdes [...] for the grant of 18,000 gourdes it will begin this year , students will receive it from November, but there will be scholarships that the state will provide at the end of October.

Free school program has allowed us to give many parents work in the construction and repair of schools, making benches, chairs, tables, in the manufacture of uniforms and other... And also, we encourage farmers to increase the national production within the framework of feeding program.

When we allow a child to go to school for free, when it not paying the transportation, when it benefits of school kit and school canteen, we allow that the money stays in the pockets of parents, so they can make other expenditures. So education is a development tool.

Our ancestors had used the weapons to make the revolution of 1804, in the Government Martelly-Lamothe, we will make the revolution, which will bring light and education in the spirit of all Haitians. The light that will make you divorce from misery.

YES, the Government Martelly-Lamothe works for youth, for the parents of schoolchildren, for people who are living in poverty for those who live in Port-au-Prince and in the provinces. The Government Martelly-Lamothe, works for children and youth, because they are the hope of the country.

Haitian people, children,

Division and hatred are poisons, the understanding with love for the other this is the life. I request everyone [...] to the promise that one does not leave the other behind.

Dessalines made the Independence with weapons and a lot of pain, today the revolution for the progress and change, we must do it with education and respect.

The larger tools that Haiti has wasted, it is the brain of children. We must be great and strong, when we get together, so that all the country's children go to school.

We must promise to put up a new Haiti.

This challenge, is the challenge of all of us, and we will meet it together Tèt Kale.

Thank you Papa Dessaline,

Vive Haiti"

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