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Haiti - Covid-19 : Daily Bulletin March 22, 2020
22/03/2020 11:46:30

Haiti - Covid-19 : Daily Bulletin March 22, 2020
Sunday March 22, 2020, the number of people infected worldwide by the Covid-19 coronavirus since the start of the epidemic amount to 307,341 (laboratory confirmed cases, official source) an increase of 31,878 cases (+ 11.57%) compared to the previous day https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-30327-haiti-covid-19-daily-bulletin-march-21-2020.html

Since the start of the epidemic 92,383 people have been cured of Covid-19 worldwide (+ 4.67%), or 4,122 more than yesterday.

The number of people infected worldwide (active cases) is currently 201.909 (+ 14.85%) or 26.103 more than yesterday

Since the start of the epidemic 13,039 people have died from Covid-19 worldwide (+ 14.36%) or 1,637 more than yesterday

Since the start of the epidemic outside China 225,948 cases (+ 16.37%) in 171 countries have been confirmed, which is 31,782 more cases than yesterday

9,784 deaths (+ 20.15%) were reported outside China, 1,641 more than yesterday.

List of the 5 countries with the most active confirmed cases :
1st - Italy: 42,681 cases (+ 10.7%) unchanged
2nd - USA: 26,231 (+ 36.5%) ahead 1 place
3rd - Spain: 21,990 cases (+ 16.4%) advance 1 place
4th - Germany: 19,600 cases (+ 21.5%) 2 place down
5th - France: 13.911 enters the TOP 5


United States :

26,231 active confirmed cases (+ 36.5%) or 7,014 more than yesterday. States affected by Covid-19 (active case) among others: New York 12,239 cases (+ 46.45%), Massachusetts 528 (+ 28.1%), Florida 750 (+ 35.87%), Georgia 535 (+ 13.5%), Pennsylvania 397 (+ 28.0%), Illinois 747 (+ 28.79%), Louisiana 743 (+ 42.07%) and California 1.443 (+ 17.99%)… Since the confirmation of the first case, 340 deaths have been recorded in the USA (+ 30.77%) since the day before)

Canada : 1,328 active confirmed cases (+ 24.8%), including among others: 410 cases in British Columbia (+ 22.0%), 225 in Alberta (+ 15.98%), 368 in Ontario (+ 18.3% ) and 176 in Quebec (+ 27.5%). 19 deaths (+ 58.3%): 10 in British Columbia, 3 in Ontario, 1 in Alberta and 5 in Quebec.

France : 13,911 active cases (+ 14.3%) or 1,741 cases more than yesterday and 562 deaths (+ 24.89%).

Argentina: 151 active cases (unchanged)
Bahamas: 4 active cases (unchanged)
Brazil: 1,001 active cases (+ 3.8%)
Chile: 528 active cases (+ 23.3%)
Colombia: 94 active cases (+ 52.7%)
Cuba: 20 active cases (unchanged) 1 death
Ecuador: 522 active cases (+ 25.48%)
French Guinea: 12 active cases (-20%) 3 healings
Cayman Islands: 2 active cases (unchanged)
Jamaica: 13 active cases (unchanged)
Martinique: 36 active cases (+ 16.1%)
Mexico: 197 active cases (+ 23.9%)
Panama: 242 active cases (+ 21.6%)
Peru: 312 active cases (+ 20.9%)
Dominican Republic: 109 cases, (+ 55.7%) 3 deaths
Suriname: 5 active cases (+ 25%)
Trinidad & Tobago: 48 active cases (+ 433%)
Venezuela: 55 active cases (-15.3%) 15 healings


Saint Michel de l'Attalaye in quarantine:
Saturday following the discovery of a new suspected case of Covid-19 at the Chapel, (commune of Saint-Marc, Dept. of Artibonite), Marcel Chatelier Departmental health director of Artibonite announced arrangements to put in quarantine the commune of Saint Michel de l'Attalaye as a preventive measure and to prevent the possible spread of Covid-19 in the department. Samples were taken from the suspect case which was isolated pending the results.

Donald Trump believes in the rapid use of treatment :
On Saturday Donald Trump said on his Twitter account that he expected a drug, used for the treatment of malaria combined with an antibiotic (hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin) to be used quickly and that it was an actual lucky to be one of the greatest turning points in the history of medicine.

In addition Trump referred to a study by a renowned French intectiologist researcher (Didier Raoult), should be published in the international journal of International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents on the first evidence that the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin could be effective in the treatment of Covid-19 after the first clinical tests carried out on 24 patients and the results of which are very encouraging https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-30316-haiti-covid-19-daily-bulletin-march-20-2020.html

California confined :
While Donald Trump excludes for the moment a general confinement of the United States https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-30327-haiti-covid-19-daily-bulletin-march-21-2020.html , the Governor State of California Gavin Newsom on Friday confined 40 million Californians "We must order California-wide order that all residents stay at home and we trust Californians so that they respect this order." The city of Los Angeles has requisitioned nearly 1,000 hotels to house the light sick or the homeless, and school meals are being distributed on the streets. In anticipation of the health shock, the Mercy, the largest hospital ship in the world, will leave its base in San Diego to reach Los Angeles or Seattle.

Until March 29, balcony parties, gatherings in the parks, barbecues in a backyard, customers of a cafe sitting side by side, family celebrations : all indoor or outdoor gatherings are now prohibited in Quebec. This prohibition does not apply to members of the same private residence.

Details of the situation in figures :
Saturday in press conference the Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, confirmed 112 cases since the first case https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-30165-haiti-flash-first-case-of-covid-19-in-the-dominican-republic.html or 40 more cases since the day before. He noted that 37 are imported imported cases, 57 are under investigation and 18 have been transmitted locally.

290 cases are under active follow-up, 57 patients in home isolation and 52 hospitalized, 60% of the cases are women and 40% of men, while 288 samples were taken, the tests revealed 112 positive and 176 negative.

60% of the 112 confirmed cases of Covid-19 are women aged on average 45 years in the Dominican Republic the confirmed cases cover an age group between 2 years and 88 years. The number of deaths has risen to three. The third case is a Dominican bartender (Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, 51) from a tourist area of ​​the country died on Friday in a clinic in San Francisco de Macorís (Prov. Duarte), he had a comorbidity factor.

The greatest number of cases were recorded in the national district with 51 cases followed by Santiago 12 cases and Santo-Domingo 10 cases. Other cases have been confirmed in Samana and Puerto Plata.

Towards a generalized epidemic :
On Saturday evening the Ministry of Health published the daily report on Covid-19 : "112 people have died in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number to 562. In addition, 6,172 patients are hospitalized, including 1,525 serious cases in intensive care "We are rapidly evolving towards a generalized epidemic in the territory" calling for compliance with confinement instructions.

Non-compliance with confinement, new sanctions :
A new formula for sanctions against violators of containment measures has been adopted : 1,500 euros in fines in the event of recidivism over a period of 15 days and in the case of 4 violations over 30 days 3,700 euros in fines and 6 months of maximum prison.

Tips :
Basic advice protect yourself and avoid the spread of Covid-19 as much as possible, in case of introduction in Haiti :

  • Always cough or sneeze into your sleeves or elbow, never on the other person's face or in your hands;
  • Use tissues to wipe your hands or face and then throw them in the trash and then wash your hands;
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap or alcoholic water. You can also use a "sanitizer";
  • Avoid close contact with someone with flu-like illness and invite them to seek treatment;
  • Avoid contact with vulnerable people if you are sick;
  • Avoid greetings like handshakes and kisses;
  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth;
  • Avoid large gatherings as much as possible;

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