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Haiti - Politic : Speech of Martelly to the diaspora of New York
27/06/2011 12:11:16

Haiti - Politic : Speech of Martelly to the diaspora of New York
As part of the "Diaspora Weekend Appreciation", the President Martelly visited this weekend the Haitian communities in Miami and New York to encourage them to invest in Haiti, and thank them for their support to education in Haiti.

In New York, the President was received by members of the Federation of the Diaspora for a business lunch and of fundraising and ended his day at the Sam Dalembert Foundation for a dinner, also of fundraising in honor of Haiti and for the education project of the President of the Republic.

Extracts from the speech of President Michel Martelly to members of the Federation of the Diaspora:

"it is important that you understand, you Haitians, you can not expect that Haiti to be good to go back, [...] you need to put together, you must be the first tourists ... [applause] ... we need investors to create jobs, to have sustainable development, to get out of the assistantship.

... I thank you for the money you send to your parents for decades, perhaps because you do it personally, you do not feel the impact [on the country], but at least , you do something. I suggest you to reach an agreement between you and to identify the projects that you will make [in Haiti] and manage by yourself...

...Nearly 4 million people live in the diaspora, if each day, each person gives one dollar, that's 4 million every day [laugh followed by applause] [...] If I ask you to send this money to the Haitian government, which has yet a Government and the necessary transparency, you can be afraid and tell you that they [the government] is going to steal you. Open an account between you, create an association, a committee and manage it. This will be a pleasure for the President Martelly to inaugurate the "highway" of the Diaspora [applause]. I invite you to do like me, believe that you can change Haiti, enter in the battle [...] we will try to change a system that has been established for nearly 25 years and this will take time ... It will take more time than you think... Five years may not be sufficient to change the system, but five years will be enough for my education program, become a reality [applause]. For this, I say you again, thank you [...]

As President of the Republic, as a leader, I took a decision that I believe good for the country. I asked you 5 cents for each incoming telephone call [HL: 5 cents per minute] and I must tell you, that gives us $100,000 per day... Basically, it cost $100 per student for one year [of school], so it is like we send 1.000 students in school every day [applause].

This program is effective since June 15, the money goes directly to the central bank ... There is also a foreign company, which is there for the audit in order to function in a transparent manner to ensure that each 5 cents that will be spent, will go well in the education program...

... in the two candidates who made ​​the final [election] is not me who had the most diplomas, but I firmly believe that the development of Haiti, so that Haiti out of this misery fierce, it is absolutely necessary to go through the education of our children [applause]. That's why I decided to collect 5 cents per minute, and at the level of money transfers we asked to collect $ 1.50 per transfer. This makes a difference, of course for the small wallet but we have two choices : complain that we give $1.50 or be happy to participate in sending all children to school [applause].

We also did a campaign to reassure investors, foreign and Haitian "Haiti Is Open for Business", we understand very well that when we talk about job creation, it can also be done through the reconstruction, the development of the tourism sector, it can also be done by foreign investors which enter into the country to start businesses. But once again, before they enter the country, it is necessary that you Haitians, don't be afraid to create your own business in Haiti [...] you will change Haiti, taxi, restaurants, boutiques, shops go ahead, because now we will have security. I take decisions at this level, the justice will be a justice for all we will bring order in the country and we have already begun.

We try to focus on the establishment of the Government which is a prerequisite and we had chosen a man of integrity [Daniel Gérard Rouzier, Prime Minister-designate] a person who loves his country, who knows how turn dreams into reality... Unfortunately, the policy has made that he is not passed, this is not critical, we will not enter in the logic of complaining, we will choose another name, but at the same time, we will build a team that can negotiate with Parliament, so that when we propose a new name, we are sure that he pass [applause] We have already started consultations in this regard.

[...] I believe that Haiti has missed an opportunity [...] not to lose time [...] we begin to take decisions to function, even with a government that is not yet in place. Tomorrow we will install commissions in various ministries, including the Ministry of Justice to begin to put the order in the country [applause].

Also, I want to talk you about the CFI, the Investment Facilitation Center, we will strengthen and modernize the center. For example, we will make a single Window (guichet unique) [...] So if you are an investor haitian or foreign and that you want to start a business in Haiti instead of going into 20 ministries, in this single window there will be all the papers [applause] this will shorten the time of creation of companies and quickly get one [driver's license - french lapse] building permit. By talking about driver's license in the coming days, we will start to issue licenses in the provinces as well [applause], that's part of decentralization.

For investors, we will also have incentives [...] example we can speak of tax exemption up to 15 years... we can speak of customs duty that will be allocated... All this to encourage the entrepreneurs. We will also amend the investment code to make it more attractive, for example a person who will build a hotel in Jérémie will have more benefits than if it built a hotel in Port-au-Prince, just to encourage the decentralization which is very important. [applause].

[...] Through a platform that has been offered by the IDB [Inter American Development Bank], which costs $40 million, all Haitians Embassies and Consulates, will be linked to immigration, that means that the time for issuing a passport will be reduced by 50%, the problem of archives where you had to go to Haiti now you can go to the Embassy [applause]

The E-Governance platform that we are building will allow us to be more transparent, This means that a Haitian living in New York, can easily go for example on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and see the projects that are realized in a given location, how much money was spent, how much it remains, why this money was spent. This will help reduce corruption [applause].

On this same platform, we can handle foreign aid, everything will be centralized [...] there will be the project management of the government and NGOs, the management of tenders, and also there will be a dashboard that will allow you to track the index of national life, the progress being made ​... [applause]"

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