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Haiti - Politic : Words by Ricardo Seitenfus on the political situation in Haiti
30/03/2023 10:29:29

Haiti - Politic : Words by Ricardo Seitenfus on the political situation in Haiti
The former ambassador of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Haiti, representative of the Secretary General of the Emissary Organization, the Brazilian Ricardo Seitenfus (specialist in Haiti) who during his mandate was noticed to say out loud truths what some do not want to hear, dismissed by the OAS https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-1985-haiti-politic-the-oas-would-have-dismissed-ricardo-seitenfus.html for his statements in a Swiss newspaper on the causes of the failure of the international community in Haiti with the blue helmets (in 2010) https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-1963-haiti-social-the-causes-of-the-failure-of-the-international-community-in-haiti.html returns today with the publication of a post, where he carries a straightforward vision, on the political situation of our country, which is food for thought and that we invite you to read and share.

The semantics of exclusion
By Ricardo Seitenfus

"The main objective of the Haitian elite is to exclude the vast majority of the population from the debates and struggles around the destiny of the country. In order to avoid being drowned in an impoverished and considered uneducated mass, she had to fight hard on two fronts: that of action and that of vocabulary capable of obscuring their true intentions.

On the action front, the success goes well beyond expectation and even manages to overthrow the sacrosanct principles of political science. Thus, the concept of “transition” loses its main feature and under Haitian skies becomes “permanent”. These days the country is struggling to survive its twelfth (!) “transition”. Apart from personal dictatorship or the power of the single party, “transition is the most undemocratic formula there is. It is not surprising that it is defended tooth and nail by the voiceless to silence the eternal voiceless.

Along the way, the “transition” crosses, walking in the opposite direction, its monozygotic twin and arbiter of the political and electoral game, which from “permanent becomes “provisional”. Thus the next CEP will be the twentieth (!) It is the only electoral arbiter in the world whose composition appeals to the principles of corporations dear to a certain Benito Mussolini...

Even more remarkable than the facts are the words justifying them. This is what I call "the semantics" of exclusion. Thus, the “transition” must be “inclusive”. Others advocate that it should be “breaking”.

Far be it from me that the election solves everything. Nevertheless, without it, nothing will be solved. In chorus, everyone says they want a good, transparent, inclusive, free, fair, credible, participatory ballot, without cheap votes and so on. Nonsense. These are pious wishes, because each and every one of the 266 (!) political parties only want power.

Finally, we could limit damage and avoid fraud with the adoption of electronic voting. Wasted effort. The deaf nevertheless ferocious opposition of fakers and pranksters Haitians and foreigners to this democratic tool sends the rendezvous between the State and the Nation to Greek indefinitely."

Learn more about Ricardo Seitenfus:
A specialist in Haiti, a country on which he has published several works of historical analysis, Ricardo Seitenfus was the special envoy to the country of Brazilian President Lula before being appointed by the OAS. Degree in political science (University of Geneva 1973), degree in economics and development (University of Geneva 1973), degree in modern and contemporary history (University of Geneva 1978), doctorate at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales (IHEI) (University of Geneva 1980). He was also: Professor at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Latin American Integration (Rila), Director General of the Academic College of Law in Santa Maria (FADISMA), Consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Nations (UN), Vice-Chairman of the Legal Commission (CJI) of the Organization of American States (OAS).

Seitenfus published in May 2015 a book with a preface by Raoul Peck "The Failure of International Aid to Haiti" at the Editions de l'Université d'Etat d'Haiti

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