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Haiti - Education : Inauguration of the University Roi Henri Christophe
12/01/2012 17:42:31

Haiti - Education : Inauguration of the University Roi Henri Christophe
This January 12, 2012the Governments Haitians and Dominicans have inaugurated in the presence of many officials and personalities, the new ultra modern University "Roi Henri Christophe" offered by the Government and business sectors of the Dominican Republic, at a cost estimated at $30 million...

Extract from the speech of President Martelly :
"...Mr. President Leonel Fernández, I take pleasure to address to you my opening remarks to welcome you in our hospitable land, and especially thank you for this wonderful gift that your nation and you have given to the Haitian people. By choosing to equip us with a modern university campus, you show how you participate in our recovery efforts [...] for all that you and your people bring us so warmly, today we express our gratitude, with the most beautiful word in the French language 'MERCI' (THANK YOU) [...]

Inaugurate a university campus, is undoubtedly the gesture, the most stimulating in a term of Head of State. It is open a new door on the future, a space where the society of tomorrow, will develop [...] this achievement speaks for itself in more than one way : first, it is part of the concrete: the generosity attentive of the people and of Dominican government, who are alongside of the sister neighbor Nation, victim of a terrible twist of fate. Generosity all the more appreciable, that in addition to providing immediate relief to compensate for our misfortunes, it invests substantially in an area vital to our community renewal, a sector which had been strongly affected on January 12, 2010 [...]

Secondo, the location of this campus, meets the spirit and standards of the ongoing decentralization. Not only the intelligence of the entire area north will have the means to improve intellectually and professionally by staying in their communities, but also it will attract a Haitian youth eager to learn, who wants to conquer the future [...]

We are conscious today more than yesterday, in terms of higher education as in all areas of community life, that the status quo for us, is suicidal. This university must be a platform, which will allow to repatriate a lot of our brains, our scientists left of our inclement skies so that their value is recognized [...]

My major concern when receiving the keys to this campus, is the student, that is to say the country's future. My hope is to see the university as a real catalyst, to force the modernization of the university system in Haiti. It must be a comprehensive university with a mission of excellence in all areas of knowledge, particularly in the fields of science and technology. It should be a catalyst to promote the development of an integrated system of public higher education at the regional level, open, competitive and accessible to all without discrimination.

The campus is within the heritage of the State University of Haiti, however, to prepare the transition two structures are created. The daily management will be undertaken by an Interim Council expanded, in order to strengthen the local teams that manage the three public higher education institutions in the region. To develop the school plan, a technical committee will be established immediately. It will consist of experienced academics operating in Haiti and abroad who must, within a period not exceeding four months, to validate training programs, the human, financial, technical and organizational means for the beginning of the academic year in September 2012..."

Extract from the speech of the Rector of UEH, Jean Vernet Henri :
After requesting a minute of silence in memory of 300.000 victims and teachers also disappeared on January 12 2010, the rector declared "...Let me remind you that the beautiful buildings and modern facilities that form the campus, are offred to us by the Dominicans at the initiative of its President, His Excellency Dr. Leonel Fernández and dominicain government to rebuild the campus of the State University of Haiti, destroyed January 12 2010. However, the UEH in its concern to begin to realize the great ideas of the ongoing reform, opted for decentralization principle accepted by the former President René Préval. The site of Limonade, was then selected to build the campus on land donated since 2004 by the Mayor of Lemonade [...]

Mr. President Leonel Fernández, the State University welcomes you, it asks to the Dominican offficials here present, to convey to their whole nation, the gratitude of the Haitian people [...]

Dear guest, you can understand and appreciate this gift that we receive today and UEH again thank the President Leonel Fernández and his country.

Excellency President Michel Martelly, the University is at a delicate crossroads, its future is linked to the country and in close dependence, of the orientation program of economic and social development of the Haitian nation. The Executive Council of the UEH, with your determining support and that of the Prime Minister, Dr. Garry Connille and his government, undertakes to add on this campus a esidence for students and with the help of Mrs. Michaëlle Jean, with whom we work an inn to receive our visiting professors. It is also an opportunity to recall with satisfaction that the Government Martelly-Conille committed to provide $30 million this year for the construction of the main campus of the State University : Campus Damien.

For now, we will proceed with the establishment of an office of academic information, an interim board of management, of cells to ensure the security, maintenance and care of this little gem..."

Extract from the speech of the Mayor of Limonade, Jean Delavoix Manguira:
"...Today, we know what word we must use to translate our feelings of gratitude to his Excellency Dr. Leonel Fernández who gave us this university campus, home of the instructs, science and knowledge 'mens agitat molem' [Mind over matter] [...] President Fernández, we are very grateful [...] President Fernández, you have given impetus to Haiti [...] we assure you that in 10 to 20 years, the 72 classrooms you have given will be multiplied by two by three or more... [...] in addition to the President Fernández, we thank the former President of Haiti, His Excellency René Garcia Préval who decided that the campus would be built in the far north [...]" at the end of his speech, the Mayor of Limonade makes of the President Fernández, honorary citizen of the town of Limonade.

Speech by President Leonel Fernández at the inauguration of the University Henri Christophe (in french)

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