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Haiti - Elections : Justice partisane at the service of INITE ?
17/12/2010 17:38:39

Haiti - Elections : Justice partisane at the service of INITE ?
The National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH) finds that the judiciary is, for some days, initiated in several regions of the country in order to punish alleged perpetrators of electoral violence recorded November 28, 2010 and after the publication of election results. RNDDH, has always supported the fight against impunity, and cannot and could not be opposed, with actions tending truly to punish the authors of infringements to the Criminal law and the Electoral law.

However, RNDDH is deeply concerned about the selective nature of action taken. The prosecution acts only concern so far the opposition candidates allowed to stand in the second round and their supporters or sympathizers. Indeed, if the candidates of the political platform of power, actively involved in many acts of violence recorded on polling day are still not worried and are not subject to any kind of prosecution, it is clear that since nearly a week, supporters and sympathizers of opposition candidates approved for the second round of elections and the candidates themselves, are subject to intimidation, threats, invitations, of arrests and prosecutions. Here are a few cases brought to the attention of RNDDH.

1. The parliamentary candidate under the banner of the platform ALTERNATIVE for the first constituency of Aquin, Jean Robert BOSSE and several of his relatives including Bellegarde FRANCOIS, EdrasFELICIN, Samson Son Felicina, Elton LEDITON, PAUL Sobna are within the scope of a warrant issued by the Government Commissioner at the Court of First Instance of Aquin, Me Saint Julien CHERIMOND for Conspiracy. Police patrols and groups of armed individuals, composed among other of the coordinator of the Board of Directors of the First Section Communale d'Aquin, Apollo HYPPOLITE, Jojo, Ti Manno and Ronald, all working openly on behalf of the candidate for deputy, Emmanuel Fritz Gerald Bourjolly under the banner of the presidential platform INITE, actively seeking the candidate Jean Robert BOSSE and his relation above. They are forced to take cover. Yet, according to observations of RNDDH, serious incidents at Aquin on election day would be rather the work of armed supporters of the platform INITE.

2. In Marchand Dessalines, many supporters of Gracia Delva, parliamentary candidate admitted to the second round of elections under the banner of the political party LAVNI are arrested and translated with correctional on order of the Government Commissioner of Saint-Marc, Me Cina BERNADIN. The latter acts on the instructions of Charles SUFFRARD, his supervisor, representing of the platform INITE in the Artibonite and member of the private room of the President of the Republic.

3. In the constituency of Plaisance, Jean Baptiste RENAUD and Ducheine FRANKLIN, respectively parliamentary candidates under the banners of political parties KONBIT and ANSANM NOU FÒ and their supporters and sympathizers have gone underground due to the fact that the Justice of Peace, Pierre MAXIME, has issued a warrant against them under the charge of conspiracy.

4. In the commune of Grande Rivière du Nord, government supporters gathered up around a armed group called Lame Zo Reken composed of Inopère CHARLES aka Pitopè, Raoul SAINT JUSTE, Wilner CHERELUS aka Bòkò, Tèton and Sonson. Lame Zo Reken, whose stronghold is located at Baz 50, Anba Bouk, is headed by the agent I Garry LORMEUS and is supported by the vice-delegate of the Borough of the Grande Rivière du Nord, Denis PHILIPPE and the parliamentary candidate of the ruling party for the constituency Grande Rivière du Nord / Bahon, Occinjac BENJAMIN. Since November 28, 2010, a climate of terror is installed in this commune by members of this army to the point that even school activities have been paralyzed this, until Tuesday, December 14, 2010. Today, several members of this army ensure the safety of the building housing the Municipal Electoral Bureau (BEC) of Grande Rivière du Nord.

5. In Port-au-Prince, professor, journalist and well known football coach, Pierre Paul Patrice DUMOND was invited by the Government Commissioner at the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince, December 16, 2010, to answer for allegations of conspiracy and attempt to fire the Television Nationale d'Haiti (TNH). He was charged with his alleged participation in a meeting would be held December 12, 2010 at Delmas 22 in order to burn the TNH. Pierre Paul Patrice DUMOND is responsible for communication campaign Mirlande Hyppolite MANIGAT, candidate in ballotage favorable for the presidential under the banner RASSEMBLEMENT DES DEMOCRATES NATIONAUX PROGRESSISTES (RDNP), for having obtained the greatest number of votes throughout the country during the elections of 28 November

6. Maxime Menard, parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Saint Michel de l’Attalaye / Marmelade, under the banner of the political party AYITI AN AKSYON (AAA) and four (4) of his relatives, Yves VILON, Roland DUPITON alias Diapòt, Rony CHARLES and Michelet ANTOINE were arrested on December 2, 2010 and detained in the police station of Gonaives under the charge of fire of the Court of Peace of Saint Michel de l'Attalaye occurred on the night of December 1 to 2 2010.

7. Jean Robert TAXIL, Legal Adviser of the Departmental Electoral Office (BED) of the South, near the presidential platform INITE is appointed Government Commissioner at the Court of First Instance of Les Cayes in the objective acknowledged to attack opponents of power in place, under the guise of serious and unacceptable violence occurred in Les Cayes after publication of election results of November 28, 2010. The new Commissioner is nevertheless within the scope of a disciplinary sanction of the Council of the Bar of Les Cayes for improper conduct in the exercise of the legal profession. His appointment comes as part of a series of appointments, transfers and dismissals orchestrated by the power in place within the judicial and police institutions, since the announcement of elections.

RNDDH notes that these above acts occur after the publication of election results of November 28, 2010 by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) and are made for the obvious purpose of undermining, in some Haitian political leaders, any attempt to take part to campaign for the upcoming second round of voting.

RNDDH regrets that the government Préval/Bellerive, actively involved in the campaign of the ruling party uses the police and judicial institutions to political ends.

RNDDH believes that the Government Commissioners and Justices of the Peace should not line up at the sides of the trouble makers to impose, through unhealthy use of the Act, the silence to the opposition candidates, entitled to take part in the second round of elections and their supporters and sympathizers.

Supporters and candidates of the ruling party should not continue to enjoy official impunity for sow fear among the population and take advantage.

RNDDH believes that all those actually involved in acts of electoral violence and post-electoral must be pursued this, within the framework of an independent judiciary, sound and impartial, because to date, the main perpetrators of violence and massive fraud recorded in the elections of 28 November 2010, identified for the most part, are not worried. This suggests that this is political persecution directed towards the opposition candidates, approved for the second round of elections.

RNDDH vehemently condemns the use of the judiciary for political purposes and said that justice must not be enslaved, or represent a weapon in the service of political power in place to silence political opponents.

RNDDH urged the government to put an end to these acts of political persecution who are in themselves a violation of political rights and freedoms of citizens proclaimed by the 1987 Constitution and enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the American Convention on Human Rights.

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