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Haiti - i-Vote : Results ninth week
31/10/2010 10:56:15

Haiti - i-Vote : Results ninth week
For the ninth week, ranking of the first 4 candidates remains unchanged, however, the intentions of i-Votes widening gaps between some candidates.

Recall that in week 6 the positions 2, 3 and 4 were played in a gap of 0.33% (Mirlande Manigat 13.91%, Leon Jeune 13.87%, Michel Martelly 13.58%)

This week 9, the positions 2, 3 and 4 are played in an gap of 3.08%
(Mirlande Manigat 16.58 %, Jeun Léon 14.61 %, Michel Martelly 13.50 %)

This week shows that candidates are not so regrouped, the head group stretches, and the internet users reinforce their intentions of i-Vote on their star candidate.

Charles Henri Baker (1) continues to lead the pack after three weeks of consecutive decline in the intentions of i-Vote: Week 6 (-0.18%) Week 7 (-0.07%) Week 8 (-0.38%), it strengthens their position slightly this week +0.10%

Mirlande Manigat (2) continues its ascent into the intentions of i-Votes for the 3rd consecutive week: Week 7 (+0.99%), week 8 (+1.01%) and this week 9 she earns still 0.67%, a gain of + 2.67% in three weeks. It reduces the gap against Baker, who was last week 8.56% and 7.99% this week.

Michel Martelly (4) after a blistering start on week 1 (24.8%) seems be stuck for 5 weeks (S5 (13.63 %), S6 (13,58 %), S7 (13.58 %), S8 (13.56 %) et S9 (13.50 %). It seems that the candidate Martelly, after the surprise, does not find its second wind near the internet users.

Leon Jeune (3) maintaining its position in the standings while registering a slight increase of i-Vote +0.37%. Note that this candidate is growing every week for 9 consecutive weeks.

The largest increase for a candidate in the first 4 places is determined by the candidate Manigat (+ .67%)

Pack of candidates:
Led by Baker, the pack of candidates is now split into 4 groups :

Groupe I : positions 2, 3 et 4 candidates clash in a difference of 3.08% for the intention of i-Vote (between 2nd and 4th position) while the previous week the difference was 2.35%, Manigat, widening the gap at the top of this group

Groupe II : positions 5, 6 et 7 side by side, candidates compete in a 0.56% gap (between 5th and 7th postion). 8.75 % separates the top candidate in this group (Leslie Voltaire), from the Group I. The difference between Group II and Group I widens slightly +0.15%

Groupe III : positions 8, 9, 10, 11 candidates compete in a handkerchief, the difference is 0.41 % (between 8th and 11th position). 1.83% separates the top candidate in this group (Jeune Jean Chavannes) dfrom Group II. The difference between Group III and Group II is reduced (-0.03%) and slightly closer to Group II.

Groupe IV : positions 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 , 18 , 19 candidates are competing in a gap of 1.34 % (unchanged) of intention of i-Vote (between 12nd and 19th position). 0.36 % separates the top candidate in this group (Yvon Neptune) from Group III. This group reduced its gap (- 0.16%) and slightly closer in Group III.

For this 9th week: : The overall standings remain unchanged, only the differences in the intentions of i-Votes changing for some candidates

This week, the white vote is 3.18%. The white vote (vote blanc) is used by Internet users to express their disagreement the elections of November 28, 2010 or that none the candidates is appropriate to them.

Nothing is played. The election campaign began Friday, October 15. Some violence and intimidation on backdrop of an epidemic. Candidates are doing few big rally. The few "debates" on television or radio, more like air time where the candidates are promoting their programs... No real discussion of ideas between the candidates... For some, the election is only a matter of "display area" in the country, rather than a question of putting forward proposals to bring the country out of crisis.

Hopefully in the coming weeks things change (in better) in this campaign, which could affect the intentions of i-Vote. There are still 3 weeks (3 other results) that could still see many changes of positions in the standings, gaps for many candidates are sufficiently low, so that positions change.

Get involved and i-Vote for the candidate of your choice. Next results Sunday, November 7, 2010

For i-vote :

Recall that the HaitiLibre.com i-Vote office, lets you vote for the candidate of your choice. I-Vote record the tendency of Internet users, it is not an official vote. They measure the popularity of a candidate or his party, his ability to mobilize and relevance of the candidate, his commitments and his program. You can i-vote once per 24 hours for the candidate of your choice (but nothing prevents you to vote once every day for your candidate or for another if you change allegiance).

Note Note that if the majority of candidates (12) have released their bio or CV (see i-Vote, available links under the picture of the candidates) some are slow to do so for various reasons : the candidates do not answer our requests, information is not available or exists only in English (!!). Concerning the program guidelines, very little forwarded them to us (8), for reasons similar to those outlined above. We recall that in the electoral process candidates have a duty to inform voters about their skills and outline their programs, that of the media is tpo contributing to the dissemination of this information with the public.

Every Sunday we will publish the i-Vote results on the website HaïtiLibre.com I-Votes are cumulative from August 28 to November 21, 2010 inclusive, date of publication of our latest results (one week before the electoral deadline of November 28th, 2010). In the last publication of the results, you will know the number of i-votes for each candidate.

For i-vote :

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