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Haiti - i-Vote : Results eleventh week
14/11/2010 10:06:35

Haiti - i-Vote : Results eleventh week
For the eleventh week, the internet ranking of the first 4 candidates remains unchanged, however Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly strengthen their lead in the intentions of i-Vote.

This week 11, the positions 2, 3 and 4 are played in an
unchanged gap of 3.48%
Mirlande Manigat (2) 17.58%, Jeun Léon (3) 14,51%, Michel Martelly (4) 14.10 %). Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly they record both a raise of nearly a half-point (+0.49%) in their i-Vote intentions compared to the previous week while Léon Jeune decrease of -0.26%.

At 7 days of the end of the i-Vote, the internet users reinforce their i-Vote intentions on their star candidate.

Charles Henri Baker (1) continues to lead the pack, however, after declining the previous week and erased his gains for the week 9, it has fallen again slightly this week (-0.08%)

Mirlande Manigat (2) continues its ascent into the i-Vote intentions. Between its lowest score in week 3 (12.84%) and this week (17.58%) the candidate did a jump of 4.74% of i-Vote intention of the Internet users. Winner again this week almost a half point (+0.49%).

Léon Jeune (3) maintaining its position in the standings while recording its first decline in 11 weeks -0.26%. Note that this candidate is growing every week for 10 consecutive weeks and received the largest increase between week 1 and this week (+12.88%)

Michel Martelly (4) goes up of almost a half point this week in the intention of i-Vote, to 14.10% (+0.49%). Only 0.41% separate it from the 3rd position.

The largest increase was obtained this week by the Candidate Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly earning each +0.49%.

Pack of candidates:
The presidential race (on Internet) is still divided into 4 groups:

Groupe I : Always led by Charles Henri Baker, candidates 2, 3 et 4 clash in a gap of 3.48% for the i-Vote intention, unchanged from the previous week in the intention of i-Vote (between 2nd and 4th place)

Groupe II : Led by Jean Henry Céant, candidates 5, 6 et 7 clash in a gap of 0.79% (between 5th and 7th postion. 9.41% separates the leading candidate of this group from Group I. The difference between Group II and Group I is widening again this week +0.47%

Groupe III : Led by Jude Célestin, candidates 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 clash in a gap of 0.73% (between 8th and 12th position). 1.58 % separates the leading candidate of this group from Group II. The difference between Group III and Group II is widening (+0.63 %).

Groupe IV : Led by Joseph Génard, candidates 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 clash in a gap of 0.47% (between 12nd and 19th position). 0.88% separates the leading candidate of this group from Group III.

The winners :

Jean Henry Céant won 1 seat (going from the 6th to 5th position) due to a gain of +0.15% in i-vote intentions in conjunction with the simultaneous decline in i-vote intentions of Leslie Voltaire (-0.14%)

Joseph Génard won 1 seat (going from the 14th to 13rd position) mainly due to the decline of the candidate Chistalin - 0.05% in i-vote intentions. The difference between these two candidates is very small (-0.02%).

The loosers:

Leslie Voltaire lost 1 seat (from the 5th to 6th place) due to a decrease of -0.14% in the i-Vote intention in combination with the gain of Jean Henry Céant(+0.15%).

Yves Christalin lost 1 seat (from the 13rd to 14th place) due to a decrease of -0.14% in the i-Vote intention.

This week, the white vote is 2.93%. The white vote (vote blanc) is used by Internet users to express their disagreement the elections of November 28, 2010 or that none the candidates is appropriate to them.

The electoral campaign that began Friday, October 15 takes place on a background of epidemic and increasing violence and intimidation. Although the investigation of the MINUSTAH has failed to provide proof of delivery of weapons by those in power, the platform of candidate INITE, Jude Celestin, have some and do not hesitate to use them. The observation mission OAS/CARICOM is concerned about the rising of violence.


Moreover, the partisans of INITE massively infiltrate meetings of other candidates to disrupt, as was the case of the last big meeting of Michel Martelly.

Several platforms of the opposition call to boycott elections:


The differences in the overall standings for many candidates are sufficiently low to change positions. The campaign of i-Vote of Internet users enters its final week, the last chance for Internet users of i-Vote for their star candidate. Get involved and i-Vote massively for the candidate of your choice, it's the last week! Next results Sunday, November 21, 2010.

The official election should be held within 14 days, unless a postponement still possible (cholera, floods, violence ...)., persistent rumors circulating about postponement of elections...


For i-Vote :

Recall that the HaitiLibre.com i-Vote office, lets you vote for the candidate of your choice. I-Vote record the tendency of Internet users, it is not an official vote. They measure the popularity of a candidate or his party, his ability to mobilize and relevance of the candidate, his commitments and his program. You can i-vote once per 24 hours for the candidate of your choice (but nothing prevents you to vote once every day for your candidate or for another if you change allegiance).

Note Note that if the majority of candidates (12) have released their bio or CV (see i-Vote, available links under the picture of the candidates) some are slow to do so for various reasons : the candidates do not answer our requests, information is not available or exists only in English (!!). Concerning the program guidelines, very little forwarded them to us (9), for reasons similar to those outlined above. We recall that in the electoral process candidates have a duty to inform voters about their skills and outline their programs, that of the media is tpo contributing to the dissemination of this information with the public.

Every Sunday we will publish the i-Vote results on the website HaïtiLibre.com I-Votes are cumulative from August 28 to November 21, 2010 inclusive, date of publication of our latest results (one week before the electoral deadline of November 28th, 2010). In the last publication of the results, you will know the number of i-votes for each candidate.

For i-Vote :

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